I’m 27, I majored in global studies / maritime affairs and I specialize in regional conflicts. I have traveled all over the world and love what I do.

The flip-side to all this is it’s hard to study conflict without dealing with a whole lot of death, and in documenting the conflicts that I cover I have amassed quite a collection of photos, videos, etc. relating to this subject.

Now believe it or not I’m actually heterosexual (just trust me on this one) but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on by the pictures I have seen of dead young guys, especially their feet.

I guess that’s why I’m drawn to this site –

1) I’m always looking for more material to supplement my research (and yes there is a legitimate side to my research and I have published a thesis on it) and what better place then a forum dedicated to death

2) This site allows me in a way to explore my own interests, meet some like-minded individuals, and maybe even come up with some answers.

On a personal note I would like to mention that sadly a lot of regional conflicts involve youth, and this is actually the focus of my thesis. I’ve seen a lot of dead kids and I hate it with a passion but I document this as well with the purpose being to force people to get their heads unstuck out of their asses and realize what’s going on in those parts of the world that we choose to ignore.

I actually used to be one of those people with my head up my ass until I accidentally stumbled on some pictures out of Palestine (and I won’t say what they showed – if you want to know send me a private message) and my life has never been the same. I was actually in high school at the time and ten years later I have never gotten over those images.

What I saw filled me with a lot of anger – anger that people would allow such things to happen – and I went to college to learn more about why stuff like that happened. Today I’m one hardened soul who can walk the streets of the shittiest places on earth and not even flinch but I still find myself with a glass of whiskey in hand every now and again simply thinking “what in the hell happened?” And that is who I am…

Regional Conflicts
United States
Global Studies / Maritime Affairs


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