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    I’m into a lot of things
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    I’ve always wanted to do the same. Sit on a hard cold one
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    Necrophilia Becomes even More Severe and Extreme once you Start Fucking Real Dead Models and Athletes

    I’ve always wanted a 3some and at least one of them dead
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    Goon Perv

    I’m always jerking to things I shouldn’t
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    Serial Killer Fantasy

    Alive so the cutting is easier. I’ll stop to take breaks to masturbate over him. I’d start with taking an arm off. Would you like a bite?
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    Mmm I’d love to know more 😏
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    I’m jerking right now to things I shouldn’t 😈
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    I feel like I have jacked it to everything now. I’m beyond depraved. But I will never stop because it feels so good. I got wickr
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    Nice Bagging Vid

    I knew you were my type of man
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    Jacking off?

    My type of man
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    Jacking off?

    Pretty much every night
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    Cocktail Party of Death

    I've always wanted to attend a cocktail party, all black themed with black dress shirts required. It's in an elegant historical home, with security and privacy. Maybe even make it a masquerade requirement. Beautiful naked men, displayed in death such as chained up over the dinner table. Sitting...
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    Your biggest fantasy with a corpse

    I'd love to enjoy those severed parts, with you :phags:
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    Serial Killer Fantasy

    This sounds beautiful