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25-04-18, 05:13 PM
Hi all,

Several popular gore and death websites were shut down by police in Europe in the last couple of days including deathinside and watchpeopledie.

ZambianMeat will go down next month also due to new internet censorship laws in the USA.

theYNC are also having major problems and they are currently moving all their files to an unknown location most likely in Europe.

Deathaddict.com was unavailable all day yesterday but we were unable to confirm if they were being censored as well.

Screenshots below are proof.

Frontpage of deathinside.com today

Frontpage of deathaddict.com yesterday

Frontpage of theYNC...this message has been on their site for over a week now

We continue to monitor the situation.

If these extreme levels of censorship against gore and death websites continue most likely we will too be forced to become a closed forum available only for members like ogrish was in the last couple of years before it died. :th_smiley_eh:

Russia has been actively trying to shut us down for over a year now we lost a lof of money justing fighting their attacks.

In the end people will be left with facebook which sell and exploits user data and reddit which is also getting increasingly censored.

CDG is very special place but freedom on the internet now comes at a great price so there will be changes for our community as well we will be affected by the new censorship laws passed in USA and Europe.

30-04-18, 07:53 PM
This bothers me a lot.

I can understand the censorship on Facebook, Twitter etc, because "everybody" use them. But in places like this...
If a persone visit a gore site, is voluntarily, because he want see it. Is not easy to arrive in a gore site accidentally and nobody forces to see it

I think it's worse, if someone want to watch an online movie or serie, always appears annoying porn ads.
And that happens every time I put cartoons online to my niece. I have to distract her, make her play with something so she do not see the screen.

02-05-18, 01:17 PM
Posting on an uncensored site on the internet is now becoming a luxury. The new owner of deathaddict.com Joe claims they are uncensored and unbiased but they quickly ban people who dare speak their mind on their forum just like the previous owner did. Their mods spam heavily on reddit and are desperate for clicks as they now display porn popup ads every time a person clicks on their shit forum.

Joe had a falling out with his wife after he purchased deathaddict for undisclosed amount but my sources told me deathaddict was sold for several thousand dollars.

Comments on BestGore are also heavily moderated and censored by Mark so hundreds of their members left and started a new gore blog called rigoremortis.

GoreGrish.com also has new owners who implemented their own rules and are very fond of banning "faggot" members.

21-05-18, 10:49 PM
:wtf sign:

21-05-18, 11:03 PM
Several thousand dollars was a price modest enough to have attracted all manner of unqualified buyers. No wonder they ended up with an unsavory new owner.

22-05-18, 11:15 AM
Reddit is known and popular for its lax attitude towards graphic content still links to cutedeadguys.net are not allowed as the site was too graphic for them.

Here is a screenshot from a message I got from one of their mods as I said censorship against gore websites is everywhere. I get banned several times a month there for just posting links to CDG.


22-05-18, 04:14 PM
The mod who composed that message has let his position of relative power go to his head. He's enjoying throwing his weight around and telling you what to do. No doubt he would be happiest if you answered "Yes sir, and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of obeying your every command." Reddit can keep its stupid ban and shove it up its arse.

22-05-18, 04:28 PM
They will remove it in five days.

27-07-18, 09:00 PM
:wtf sign:

09-09-18, 05:08 AM
Are we still having this issue? Is that why CDG has been down so much lately? I think it's pretty ridiculous to get rid of sites that people only go to when they are actively searching to see the content. Like it was mentioned before, censorship on Twitter and Facebook is understandable. It's social media. People and children are on Twitter and Facebook. I know that if I come to this site, I'll be seeing gore. There's no need for censorship when I want to see the content. Some human beings don't have any common sense, I guess.

09-09-18, 12:56 PM

CDG hasn't been down and so far we remain censorship free although at much higher cost which has impacted the whole community in a negative way.

12-09-18, 07:03 PM



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11-12-18, 10:32 PM
Back in the day (yes, I'm old enough to say that legitimately), gay bars in more close-minded areas would have a front section, where the more conservative customers and casual on-lookers would see, and back section, where the more risque guests would venture. Would something like that be useful? Keeping in mind that I don't a lot about your infrastructure, I'm thinking along the lines of a primary site, that is open to the public, and a secondary site that requires a password that is relatively easy to come-by. The secondary site would not be crawled by search engines, so it would be more difficult to "accidentally" come across, while the primary site could provide sufficient content to entice new members and visitors... also, if it came down to it, the primary site could be shut-down without interrupting your regulars.