Older guy looking for younger guys to play dead and roleplaying and more - New Jersey - NE USA


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Oct 8, 2008
Hey there guys........

I am a 56 year old gay man and always looking for hot younger guys (under 30 preferred - but, open to guys in 30's too) to play dead for me in New Jersey......

Please only message me by email - not thru CDG - i will most likely not get your reply here - or contact me thru Motherless (link is below)

Please send me an email at dfngm1967@yahoo.com

Always happy to chat with anyone........ especially if you may be struggling with the kink/fetish........ I am always down to chat it out a bit. I am into real and play dead. I have pics and vids to share too if anyone wants to trade or is looking for something specific.....

I can host in New Jersey - close to Asbury Park - and you can stay over too. I also do travel from time to time too - so, if you like what you see on my links below - contact me - and lets see if we can make something work!

I am not into online roleplaying..... i have done enough of that...... I definitely prefer real meet ups - AND - i am only into younger for play.

I am including some pics of my play here.......... AND...........

you can check out my thread for samples of guys playing dead for me:

and check out my Motherless page - where i have a TON of pics and vids up:



Wish you were in the uk as i would love to play dead for you and let you do as yoy please