Russo-Ukrainian War Video Collection

Wagner are sending twenty military trucks loaded with the wooden coffins of Ukranian soldiers killed in the battle of Soledar back to their relatives.

More dead and stiff Ukranian soldiers in Soledar.

Trench warfare.


Good morning.

A new video being circulated on social media appears to show the murder with a sledgehammer of a former Russian mercenary who fled the Wagner mercenary group while fighting in Ukraine, in a clip similar to that which showed the killing of Yevgeny Nuzhin in November last year.

In the video published by the Grey Zone Telegram channel, which is linked to Wagner, a man identifies himself as Dmitry Yakushchenko, 44. In the clip the agency reports that facing the camera in a seated position, Yakushchenko appears to recite his name and year of birth.

“I was in the streets of the city of Dnipro where I got hit on the head and lost consciousness, I woke up in this room and was told I would be tried,” he said. He then appears to be killed by an unidentified figure wearing camouflage clothing.

We don't have the uncensored version has anyone seen in anywhere yet?
Ive searched a lot but I couldnt found it. Probaly the oficial video is censored. I hope not. Hope appear the uncensored soon
Morgue only for dead Russian soldiers. Some sources say they were all Wagner but I am unable to verify with high level of certainty.

Two Ukranian Soldiers Killed in Ambush Near Kreminna

Wish those two dead soldiers had been Russian - and that I had been the one holding the gun.

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Execution: Last cigar

Bat treatment: A Kick and s Spit

Another Pissing Video (Im check for the original one without that horrible music)

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