Pirate Island, a story

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Apr 20, 2020
North Carolina
Peter and Miles saw the notice posted on the bulletin board early in the morning at the student union of the small liberal arts college they attended in Ohio, known for its good athletic programs. “Fishing tournament, North Carolina Outer Banks. Free for college students, must be at least twenty-one and show ID. Up to seven days and six nights of fun on the remote Outer Banks of North Carolina, free lodging in primitive cabins on the beach, free alcohol and all you can eat seafood, entertainment provided nightly. Cash prizes offered. Winners announced at final party on beach. Space limited, call now to reserve spot!” It went on from there, giving details like contact information and how to sign up, what to bring, directions. Miles and Peter couldn’t believe it, free lodging, free booze, all you can eat, food, entertainment, cash prizes, it was almost too good to be true, but Miles went online and sure enough it was true. Apparently it is sponsored by a small but very wealthy town on the coast of North Carolina to celebrate the founding of the town by the descendants of pirates stranded by Blackbeard in 1718. It is done once every five years and is a tradition that goes back over two hundred and fifty years.

Miles was captain of the soccer team and Peter was a star swimmer. They decided to take down the announcement and share it with their buddies; they didn’t want anyone else to know about it. Ten guys, all soccer players and swimmers, signed up. Apparently they found the poster before anyone else. One of the rules was that no more than ten guys could come from any one college. It was great timing, to coincide with fall break in mid October.

They left Friday night and drove all night arriving Saturday afternoon in Morehead City. Signs directed them to a parking lot where a group of scantily clad, beautiful young women directed traffic and signed people up. There must have been a hundred and fifty guys there lined up, showing their student ID’s. From talking to some of the other guys they could see most of them were from small colleges in the mid-west, and most were college athletes. Apparently some who came had not signed up in advance and some were not twenty-one. When the final tally was taken 120 were accepted and were directed to vans with their gear. Everywhere they looked there were beautiful girls and women, no men were to be seen among the organizers of the event.

“You must wear these on the trip to the ferry. The location is top secret.” A pretty blonde who looked to be about twenty said, as she tied white strips of cloth around the heads of the guys in the van covering their eyes.

“Doesn’t bother me, man,” one of the guys said. “With what is on the other side, I’ll do whatever you ask.”

After an hour drive the van pulled up to a ferry dock where the young men were allowed to remove their blinds and gather their gear and walk on to a small ferry. When the ferry crossed the Core Sound and got to the barrier island they were met by a group of beautiful young women driving four wheel drive Jeep wranglers who picked them up and took them to their assigned cabins on the beach. The cabins were primitive but well outfitted with a screened porch, bunk beds, kerosene lanterns, port-a-john, cold showers, coolers full of beer, water and soft drinks, and a fully stocked kitchen complete with kerosene stove. Main dinners would be served on the beach to the entire group, but snacks and breakfast could be made in the cabins.

“This is just too cool.” Miles said, looking around the cabin where there were bunks for ten guys. After they unpacked and settled in their cabins everyone was instructed to meet on the beach under huge white tents set up for the occasion.

“Welcome, to the Pirate Island Fishing Tournament and Celebration.” A very attractive woman who looked to be about thirty-five said from a white podium under the tent. She wore a loose fitting white gown. Behind her sat a group of older women wearing similar clothes. There was one man sitting behind her. He looked to be about twenty-six or twenty-seven. He wore sandals, no shirt, and long baggy white pants. He looked like a surfer with long blond hair that hung to his waist. He had an almost perfect body, tall, slim, ripped and hard with eight-pack abs and perfect muscle definition. He looked like he spent a lot of time on the beach and working out. He had a deep tan and wore black sunglasses.

“You are participating in a tradition that dates back to 1718 when the pirate Blackbeard stranded part of his crew in Beaufort Inlet when he grounded the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard had a big crew on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, including about 20 women, and he wanted to downsize, so he grounded the larger vessel in Beaufort Inlet, and left with a few of his most trusted men in the sloop Adventure for Ocracoke Island where in November he was killed and beheaded by soldiers sent by the Governor of Virginia.” She continued. “In the meantime the men and women he stranded made their way to shore. Most of the women had been taken from ships the pirates had raided and were sex slaves, though some were members of the pirate crew. Once on shore they made their way to what is now Beaufort and the women went their separate way from the men. Most of the men joined the crews of other ships. The women organized themselves led by one of the pirate women named Circe. They continued inland with several bags of gold dust that they stole from the ship. They eventually bought land that was surrounded by marshes and it became known by the locals as Pirate Island. The name stuck. Over time they bought more land and more land until they owned much of the county including most of what is now the Core Banks and the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Since the pirates did not join them, and they needed men to keep their community growing, they decided to have a fishing contest to attract some local men to their settlement. Ever since that time their descendants have had a fishing contest every five years to commemorate that first contest that founded our community.” She took a drink of water and cleared her throat.

“That is why you are here today. You will all go through a process of elimination. There are twelve teams of ten each from a different college. Who ever catches the most fish wins the contest. Each night we will eliminate two teams and they will be escorted off the island the next morning. We have a special arrangement with the park service to have exclusive use of the island during this week. We reserved that right when we sold it to them. Now go out and have fun and enjoy. May the best men win.”

“Oh by the way,” she continued, “the last team standing this year gets to share a million dollars cash prize. All others will receive $10,000 when you leave the island for taking part. To participate you all must sign a waiver of liability form and a non-disclosure form promising that you will never discuss any of the details of your involvement in this contest. Since the local hospital is one of our charities we also ask that you sign an organ donor form in the unlikely event that something happens to you during your stay. An attendant will pass out the forms. If you do not sign, you will be escorted off the island. Is that understood?”

“Hey, I don’t have any problems with these conditions.” Miles said as he signed the forms provided by a pretty blond twenty year old without reading them.

“Me too,” Peter said, “and even if you don’t win the grand prize you get $10,000 just for taking part. That is a no brainer.”

That night was cool and cloudless. They could see more stars than they had ever seen, including the Milky Way. There was no light pollution or any other kind of pollution for that matter. The girls fed them a seafood feast on the beach cooked on large grills under the white tents on the beach. Grilled shrimp, seafood kabobs, grilled fish, hush puppies, French fries, slaw and all the beer they could drink. There was also a big bonfire with folding tables and chairs scattered around and lots of blankets spread out on the sand. When the men finished eating the women passed out cups of a blue vodka drink that they said was their specialty.

“The wang is on the move,” Peter said, after he finished his blue drink. He looked down and saw his awesome member swelling into a giant erection.

“Hey, mine is too.” Miles said, he was not as well endowed as Peter, but his was nothing to be ashamed of. “There must have been something in that drink.” He said.

“Do you think it is a Viagra drink or something?” Peter asked, “as if we needed any help in that department.”

After the drink had taken effect on the young men, young women, all looking to be about twenty, began to appear as if from nowhere and join the young men. Almost without speaking they began to unzip and untie the shorts and bathing suits of the young men gathered and began to pull out their swollen members. First they took them into their mouths then they took their clothes off and began to strip the young men and led them to the blankets on the beach to make love.

“You know you didn’t need that drink with a bunch a horny college guys.” Miles said to the pretty blonde twenty year old he was with after they had made love.

“I know, but we want to make sure. You all are only here for a short time and we don’t want to waste a minute.”

“What is your name?” Miles asked.


“Am I imagining things, or are all of you girls about twenty years old?” He asked.

“You are right. All of us tonight are twenty years old and born in the months of July and August. Other nights you may meet some women who are twenty-five years old and if you stay long enough, even some thirty year olds. “

“Cool. I can handle that.” Miles said.

“My friends and I will be your escorts tomorrow and we will meet you all in the morning at 7 a.m. to take you on the beach for the first day of fishing.” She said with a smile then she got up and put her clothes on. “I want you to do well tomorrow so you can stay. Get plenty of rest so you can catch lots of fish tomorrow.”

He saw that the others were finishing up and putting their clothes on as well. He looked around and Ellaina was gone.

“I guess that is our cue.” Miles said to Peter who was getting up and putting his clothes on, as his girl slipped into the night.

“That must have been our ‘nightly entertainment’ as the poster said.” Peter said, packing his hefty member into his pants with some effort. “I sure hope it is ‘nightly’ as advertised.”

“According to my girl we are supposed to be visited by more women each night, different women if we stay long enough, some twenty-five and some thirty.” Miles said.

“I’m game.” Peter said. “But what’s with this five year interval thing. I could have sworn all these women were the same age.” He said, “all about twenty.”

“My girl, Ellaina, told me that they are all twenty.”

“Do you think it has something to do with this fishing tournament?” Peter asked.

“I’m beginning to think so, but I think it best not to ask too many questions at this point, don’t want to bite the hand that feeds!” Miles said, as thy walked back to their cabin in the dark. “Now let’s get some sleep so we can be ready to catch some fish tomorrow. I don’t want to be the first team off this island.”

The next morning Ellaina and group of women drove up in their Jeep Wranglers with the doors and tops off. It was a gorgeous day, almost no clouds and about seventy degrees at 7 a.m. They picked up the guys and their gear. They also provided coolers full of ice, water and beer and lots of snacks.

“We are going to leave you guys alone, but will check with you around noon when we bring you lunch.” Ellaina said, “Have a great time and remember to catch lots of fish.” Miles thought that perhaps Ellaina liked him. She was a beautiful blonde with a great body.

The guys baited their rods and them put them in PVC pipes in the sand. Right away they started catching Blues, of all sizes, pulling them in two and three at a time.

“Man this is great. We must have gotten into a school of blues.” Peter said. “Blues like cut bait, best and they actually like the flesh of their own kind.” Peter then began to cut up one of the smaller blues and bait his hooks; a blues rig with four hooks in all. Miles and the others followed suit and soon they were pulling in the fish in droves. The daily limit was 15 per person, with no more than 5 being 24 inches or more so they threw back the smaller ones. By mid morning they had filled a cooler full of blue fish.

“I think Ellaina knew this was a good spot. She wants us to stay a few nights.” Miles said, smiling.

“Dream on buddy. It is just blind luck.” Peter said. “But I do think we will stay on the island for at least another day with this haul.”

Things began to slow down a bit. The fish hits came less and less often as the school of fish continued down the beach. It also got hotter. The guys took their tee shirts off and sat in the bag chairs and started to drink beer. One cooler was full of an assortment of ice-cold canned domestic beers.

“The wang’s loose,” Peter declared. Miles looked over at his friend who slouched in the blue nylon bag chair, wearing dark glasses and knee length black and white checked surfer baggies, big swimmer’s legs splayed out, and sure enough the Velcro fly was open and his massive member drooped out hanging over the edge of the nylon chair. It was almost ten inches long, smooth white skin with one prominent vein running the length of it, and a big purple circumcised head the size of a child’s fist. “Sunning the wang.” He said, looking up at the sky. “This is the life if I must say so.”

“Hell why don’t we all strip down,” one of the swimmers said.

“I’m with you.” One of the soccer players said, and they all took off their bathing suits. It was hot, the sun was great, no one was around, why the hell not. Miles looked over at this buddies slouching in their nylon chairs. All of them had great bodies, the swimmers were tall with very little body hair, wide shoulders, firm butts, and flat well defined abs. The soccer players were also well built, but a little shorter; they all had flat stomachs and good definition. They were in the prime of their life. In the wang department they were not lacking either. Peter, was by far the best endowed, but one of the soccer players came in a close second and Miles had a good nine incher when erect. The others were more in the six, seven and eight inch range. When the fish pretty much stopped biting, Miles fell asleep in the sun, with his head drooped back on the head rest of the comfortable chair, his muscular thighs spread out with his ample penis laying between his legs, its uncircumcised head hanging over the seat of the chair.

Miles dreamed about Ellaina’s mouth around his penis, sucking it with her soft lips, then he opened his eyes and there she was; it was no dream. When he opened his eyes she looked up at him with his penis in her mouth and smiled. She took it out and said. “Waking up? Lunch is ready.”

The guys laughed as they watched the look on Miles face when he woke up. They could have been embarrassed about being naked, but the girls did not make them feel that way, and after all they had just made love to these same girls the night before. The girls liked it and seemed to take note of the differences in the guy’s endowments.

The girls brought sandwiches and potato salad and slaw. The guys showed them their catch of the day and the girls were impressed.

“I don’t think you will have any problem staying on the island for another day.” Ellaina said winking at Miles. That afternoon they added to their catch and about 4 p.m. the girls arrived to pick them up.

That night after a wonderful seafood dinner two of the teams were called up and told that they must leave the next morning. That left eight teams. After the announcement the blue drink was passed around and a new group of girls came in. This group all looked to be mostly twenty-five years old, but some who were other ages, all in their twenties, and they were all very attractive. The guys who lost were still able to participate in the “entertainment” that night and did not leave until the next morning where Miles could see them packing their bags and heading to the ferry.

The new group of girls picked them at 7 a.m. and took them to a new spot. Peter decided to rig his rod for drum and sure enough he soon caught a twenty-four inch red drum, an Outer Banks favorite. The limit was one per person per day, so after the others had caught one, they changed their lures to catch other fish. They caught Spanish mackerel and flounder. Once again, when it got hot enough the guys stripped down and when the girls came they were naked. Soon they were beginning to get a total body tan. After lunch Peter and Miles decided to take a siesta. When Peter woke up his penis had gotten sunburned.

“The wang’s on fire.” Peter said, slathering some sunscreen on it and then he began to jerk it in front of the others using the lotion as lubricant. They watched in awe as it rose to its full twelve-inch length with the girth of a beer can.

“Damn that thing looks like a fire hose,” one of the guys said with admiration and envy.

“Some have it and some don’t.” Peter said nonchalantly.

Since the guys, with Peter’s experienced hand, pretty much caught their legal limits, they were assured another night and day on the island. Monday night two more teams were told they must leave. That night the twenty year olds returned and Ellaina went straight to Miles.

“Miles, I have something that I want to talk to you about. At the end of the week, not only does the winning team win a million dollars, but what has not been said is that the women select one man to stay on the island for five years until the next celebration. All of his needs are taken care of and his one job is to keep the women on the island satisfied, sexually that is, to keep the population growing by providing seed to the women who couldn’t participate in the five year celebration and for the women who did not have girls. Though most of the women prefer women. At the end of five years and after the final ceremony he is free to leave and we give him $10 million as compensation so that he never has to work again. Are you interested?” Ellaina asked.

“Interested, my God who wouldn’t be?” Miles said with excitement.

“There are conditions and other things you need to know before you make a final decision, but I wanted to know if you were interested, because I want to recommend you.” Ellaina said, also excited.

Miles remembered the surfer dude at the initial meeting with the leadership of the island. “Is that surfer dude behind the podium Saturday night the guy who was picked the last time?” Miles asked.

“Yes,” Ellaina said. “His name is Adonis. He is our king for five years. We gave him that name, just as we call our leader or Queen, Circe, though that is not her real name. She is selected to be our Queen for ten years. Women are eligible when they turn thirty. The older women who sat behind her are the Elders or the women who have served as the ten-year Queen in the past. Adonis lives with Circe, but he is available to all of us. This is the end of his term. After the ceremony Saturday night, he will be free to go and we will name a new ‘king’ who will serve another five years.”

“Are there no other men?”

“Other than the king? No.”

“Surely boys are born to the women?”

“Yes, but they are put up for adoption at birth. We do not tolerate men in our community, other than the king who shares his seed with us and the men at the fishing tournament who refresh our gene pool every five years.”

“Do you target the colleges that you invite to come?”

“Lot’s of research goes into that. We prefer colleges with strong athletics.”

“Surely you need men to do work?” Miles asked.

“Day labor only with strict controls. Increasingly with improvements in technology and automation, we don’t even need them. When they disobey our rules they are dealt with severely as are trespassers.” She said.

“This is interesting. Whatever I need to do, count me in.” Miles said. “But hey I have one more question. You have seen Peter, if sex is what you need, why didn’t you pick him?”

“He is built like a horse for sure, but he is much too big for us, we would much prefer a man like you, with more modest endowments and a more gentle person who can fit in much better here. Peter is so full of himself. He would not fit in. He is better suited for other purposes.” Ellaina said with a wry smile.

Miles did not know what ‘other purposes’ Peter was better suited for, but he had just been invited to be king for five years, have all the sex he wanted day and night and come out of it with ten million dollars. He didn’t want to be too inquisitive at this point, he just wanted in!

The next morning Ellaina took them to a place on the beach that she told them was known for its good fishing. Again, they caught their limits in Flounder, drum, and blue fish assuring them another night and day on the island.

It pretty much went like that all week, great food and great sex at night, great fishing and total body sunbathing on the beach by day until it came to Friday night when there were only two groups left. At the nightly celebration the women had kept track of how much fish the two groups had caught and the winner was announced. It was Peter and Miles and their group! One million dollars to be spread between the ten of them. The only bad thing was that they were to leave the next morning.

That night as they were packing up Miles told his friends.

“I have been invited to stay. Ellaina asked me the middle of the week if I wanted to and then the women voted me in, sort of like that surfer dude we all saw the first night. My job will be to satisfy the sexual needs of all the women on the island for five years til the next celebration. After that they will pick a new guy and I will be free to go.”

Ellaina told him everything, even what happens the last night of the celebration. He had given it a lot of thought and decided to stay. He did not tell his buddies everything. He couldn’t, there was nothing he could do to stop the inevitable. The men were basically the prisoners of the women. The women would have their way one way or another. For Miles he knew it was either now or later. Even if he told his friends there was nothing they could do to escape the inevitable. And then there was the money!!!

“Hey, man, how can you say no to that!” Peter said, envious, but also a little sad that he wouldn’t see his friend for five years. “But hey when they are finished with you call me. I am dying to hear about it, I want details man details, you lucky dog.”

Peter and the others packed up their gear and the girls took them to the ferry where they walked on. When the ferry landed they were told to go into a large white metal warehouse like building. On the island they had showers but only cold showers.

“Here you can have hot showers and really get cleaned up for your trip home.” A middle-aged woman told them as they entered the air-conditioned building. It was hot so they gave the guys ice-cold lemonade in tall glasses and some snacks before they went to a locker room to change and shower.

“Man this feels good, “ Peter said, soaping himself down in the steaming hot shower. “I forgot how much a good hot shower feels, almost as good as sex.” Then he looked down; he was starting to get an erection. “I just said sex, and the wang’s on the rise.” He looked around and the same thing was happening to the other guys. Then he started to feel a little strange like he wasn’t quite himself. When they rinsed off they were given towels and told to dry off. Instead of going back to the locker room where their clothes were, they were asked to go into another room, with tables topped with stainless steel and glaring lights overhead. Several women greeted them in white lab coats and rubber gloves. They were told to climb on the tables and lie down, which they did without resisting. By now they were all feeling really good and would have done whatever they were asked. Peter’s erection was so hard that it hurt and it throbbed. He looked around and saw that his friends were in the same condition. This is funny he thought and laughed. After they had all been securely strapped onto the tables. The attendant took a syringe and stuck Peter under his balls and around his penis. Soon the pain and the throbbing of his erection went away; in fact he couldn’t feel it at all.

“Thank you man, I thought the wang was going to pop it was so hard.” Peter told the attendant working on him. He looked down and his penis was still rock hard and throbbing, but he could not feel it. “That’s strange, looks like the wang is still happy, but I can’t feel it.” Peter said. “But hey I’m just along for the ride here, right.” He said, under the influence of the drug that was put in his lemonade.

Peter lay back and relaxed, almost falling asleep. The attendant worked steadily over his crotch. First she inserted a catheter into his urethra until it hit his bladder and pee flowed into a bucket beside the operating table. Peter felt pushing, pulling, tugging, and saw her using various medical instruments, needle and thread and a little cautery tool which when used caused little puffs of smoke to rise above his crotch. Peter was in and out of sleep and didn’t have a clue what was going on until the attendant slid his erect penis off the catheter tube, with the blood sealed in it by the cautery tool, and scrotum and balls attached to it with some length of red root behind the scrotum, and placed it in a large stainless steel tray on a table beside him. Peter looked around the room and saw the same thing happen to his buddies as their penis and balls and whole packages were lifted off the their bodies and placed in metal trays beside them. “The wang is gone.” He thought, looking at his huge penis and balls lying in one piece in the stainless steel tray, looking larger than life in their disembodied state. The huge head of his penis hung down over the edge of the stainless steel tray as if winking at Peter. “Long live the wang,” Peter said.

The attendants then spent some time stitching up and repairing his empty crotch. Peter then went to sleep again. When he awoke he was riding in a van heading into the entrance to his school in Ohio. He put his hand in his pants and felt nothing between his legs where his treasured wang had been. When the guys were let out of the van they were led to their dormitories and apartments and told to rest and given written post-op instructions. Their things were brought to their rooms. Drivers also brought their cars. When they opened their bags they each found cashier’s checks in the amount of $100,000.00 made out to them. When Peter went to the bathroom to see what had happened, in place of his once proud penis was a Y shaped scar and a little piss hole where his balls had once been.

“Hey you know what this says?” Said Peter when he read the paper work that he had signed. “This organ donor paper says we give our junk to the women, NOW, not when we die! So much for reading the fine print!”

The guys decided not to tell anyone about what had happened to them. It was too embarrassing. They did take their money and pay off loans and invest it. Though they had lost much, the money made it a little easier to take. Peter wondered what would happen to Miles. He also wondered if Miles knew what had happened to them.

Back at the Core Banks on the beach Saturday night Circe was master of ceremonies. All the women were in attendance, young and old. There were only two men in attendance. King Adonis, who sat on one side of Queen Circe and Miles who sat on her other side. Both were naked.

All the flat iron grills were fired up and ready to go. There was shrimp and fish galore. Laid out in several ice filled coolers were over 100 full sets of male human genitals, most of them harvested the week before, but others had been harvested from locals who had been caught for various offenses against the women of Pirate Island over the past five years, poachers and trespassers on the community’s many land holdings and kept in freezers for this special occasion.

Before the ceremony when the feast was first being laid out Circe walked down to check out the male packages. Miles asked if he could join her. She was to pick out one set to preserve and mount in a glass case where the Queen kept trophies dating back to the first fishing tournaments in the1700s. The first ones were money pouches made from the tanned skin of the male parts, later the trophies were tanned, stuffed and mounted. One of the newer methods of preservation is to freeze dry the specimen, paint and varnish it. They were looking into a new method called plasticination, a process developed in Germany to preserve human body parts.

Miles wanted to see if he could find Peter’s wang. He found it half way down the aisle lying on a bed of shaved ice, just as big as he remembered it. He picked it up, held it in both hands, and inspected it. The meat was cold now. It must have weighted close to two pounds. The smooth skin of the shaft of the external penis and its big purple head was a full twelve inches long, the blood had been sealed inside when it was taken to keep it erect. Halfway down the long shaft dangled the scrotum and balls, which had also been sealed in their pouch. He rolled the balls around in their sac, which hung very loose. The shaft continued beyond the scrotum and external penis to include the root of the penis, the part that connected to the pubic bone and anchored the external part. The whole works were quite impressive. He asked Circe if she would want to preserve and mount Peter’s wang.

“No, it is too big, and too much good meat to waste. I imagine that it will be a dinner for two. Ellaina told me about it, but we prefer more modest endowments.” She said admiring Mile’s ample package hanging between his tanned athletic legs.

Now he knew what Ellaina meant by ‘other uses’ for Peter’s wang. He felt a bit of regret, he knew how proud Peter was of it, but he could not have stopped it from happening. All he could do, even for himself, was delay the inevitable.

She then picked up a smooth well formed nine incher with a big head and fulsome balls in a low hanging scrotum.

“I think I will take this one.” She said examining it. Miles could have sworn it belonged to one of the swimmers from his college. She then handed it to an attendant who would take it to be preserved and mounted on a walnut stand for her collection.

“Miles, Ellaina has told you about the rules the king must obey.”

“Yes, and about what happens at the end of your reign?”

“Yes.” He said.

“It is my job to give you a new name. I have decided to call you Apollo after the ancient Greek God. From now on you will not be known as Miles in the community but Apollo. Is that agreeable to you?”

As if he had any choice in the matter, he thought. “Oh course it is. I am happy if it pleases you.” He said with deference to the Queen.

Soon a line formed of women with plates in hand, starting with the young women who had taken part in the tournament. Each one picked out a full male package and took it to the chefs at the grills to prepare them to order. Miles noticed one young woman pick up and inspect Peter’s wang, then she turned to the girl beside her, they decided to share it. The first one picked it up and coiled it on her plate, Miles could see the big flared head hanging over the side. When the women took the meat to the chefs they first removed the scrotum and testicles, stripped the outer membrane off the tender testis and put them in a big boiling pot for testicle soup then cut up the scrota and put them in deep fat fryers to make scrotum rinds like pork rinds for snacks. Next they prepared the penis and its root to the taste of the individual. Many women wanted them grilled like sausage and the suggested way was to take a sharp filleting knife, start at the piss slit and cut down the length of the shaft through the urethra splitting it open and laying the open side down on the grill to cook until done after salting and seasoning to taste. At another station the chef cut off the head of the penis, the best part, then sliced up the shaft into one inch medallions and put them into a pan with peppers, potatoes and onions for a delicious stir fry. A variation on this was to make a teriyaki stir fry with Chinese vegetables. At another station the cook rolled the penis in batter and pan fried it in a skillet. Others sliced it up and made a shish kabob with the pieces interspersed with roasted vegetables. This is how the women who picked Peter’s wang prepared it. Still others speared it on a grilling fork and roasted it over an open fire or a charcoal grill. There are so many different ways to prepare penis. The women made a great feast of it.

After the women had finished eating, Circe stood and addressed them.

“Now for the main event of the evening. The retirement of our dear Adonis and the appointment of a new king.” She turned to Miles. “Apollo will you come forward.” Miles stepped forward, naked and tanned, both he and Adonis had been rubbed down with oil before the ceremony so that they would literally gleam for the ceremony.

“Ladies I introduce to you Apollo, the new king of Pirate Island for five years. May his reign be fruitful.” She raised a cup to Miles and everyone toasted. “To king Apollo.”

“Adonis, would you please come forward.” Adonis walked forward. He was truly an Adonis, perfect body, well-endowed, long blond hair to his waist, he was a truly beautiful man. But he had a tired look in his eyes, like he was almost relieved for his term to be coming to an end. “Adonis you have served our community well these past five years, but all good things must come to an end and tonight is the end of your reign.” She raised her glass to toast king Adonis. “Hail king Adonis!” she said and the crowd likewise hailed him.

Adonis had just finished one of the blue vodka drinks so he had a healthy erection. Circe took his hand and led him to an altar like structure and he climbed onto it and lay down. A few minutes earlier an attendant had given him several shots in the groin so he would not feel the pain. With her back to the audience she stretched two thick rubber bands over his penis and balls, banding his entire package, leaving a quarter inch between the two bands. His penis was now quite erect with veins bulging. She then inserted a silver rod down his urethra, one that had been used by the community since the 1700s, when it reached his bladder it spewed urine, she hid this from the crowd standing between them and his prone body. There was a brazier with hot coals burning beside the altar and out of it she took a very sharp fish filleting knife and turned around to face the crowd. The knife glowed red hot.

“We take the organ of the king as it was taken by our ancestors over two hundred and fifty years ago, with a glowing hot knife.”

Miles looked at Adonis and saw his chest rise and fall. Perspiration beaded on his forehead and sweat beaded on his finely sculpted abdomen as it rose and fell. He thought surely Adonis must be apprehensive, but instead he saw calm and surrender on the face of the man who was about to lose his male parts.

“Take it Circe, I am ready.” Adonis said, calmly. Then Circe took his throbbing erection in her hand and sliced through the flesh between the two bands, cutting around the silver rod with ease. When she finished she turned to face the crowd and held it up for all to see. There was very little blood as the band kept it in and the knife had cauterized the wound. But it was a magnificent package, known to most of the women present, erect with big purple head, and long slender shaft, balls fulsome in their sack. Adonis winced when the final cut was made, but then he smiled. He seemed to almost be relieved to lose it. Surely it had gotten more use in five years than most men get in a lifetime. With it gone, he was now free to go and with the ten million dollars he was well compensated for his loss. An attendant helped Adonis off the altar and took him to be patched up properly in the medical tent. Miles watched closely as he knew that this would be his fate in five years. Maybe he would feel like Adonis by then and be relieved to be losing it, but it was hard for him to imagine it now.

Circe then took the parts and placed them on the altar. She removed the scrotum and testicles from the shaft of the penis with the filleting knife and put them in the brazier where the flame flared up to consume them.

“For the Goddess.” She said, referring to the testicles in their sac.

Then she placed the penis on a charcoal grill that stood beside the brazier. She rolled the flesh tube on the grill with a grilling fork until grill marks criss-crossed the darkening meat. After it was fully cooked she speared it with the grilling fork until juices dropped steaming onto the coals beneath the grill. Then she took the cooked penis and put it on a tray, cut off the plum like head and sliced up the shaft into bite sized pieces that she speared and started to eat.

“For the Queen.” She said, savoring the grilled meat. Then she speared the swollen head and sliced it in two and ate the tasty morsels that tasted like roast pork.

After this Miles began his five-year reign as king of Pirate Island. His $100,000 was already in the bank.