Hot Guy Chopped Up

So hot. Especially the 2nd video when they had his legs up. I would've bred his hole before finishing him off, all the while his severed arms would be bathing me in that warm blood🤤💦
I've really grown to love this. The dismemberment, the meaty stumps afterwards are initially drew me to this vid. But I'm still new to real life vids and not going to lie, my empathy got to me at the start. I wasn't able to get through the chop and skipped forward or I had the sound muted.

Though after a week of seeing the profound effect these vids have in me. How it excites me, makes my heart skip a beat and my cock hard. I've gone back. Watched it, unmuted. Start to finish. Again and again. And I love it.

I tell myself "I may as well make his death count for something" as I jerk myself off. Then his limbs being cut to short meaty stumps sends me over the edge. I love this vid so much.
It is one of my favorites, but I usually watch with the sound off because all I hear is the yapping of the crowd. Not a sound from the hot victim. He’s so cute and sexy, and I want to hear his pain. His Hell.