1. Toetagboy21

    Fit 21 year old for Skype

    Fit 21 year old corpses send your Skype account and I’ll add you x
  2. Toetagboy21

    Finally got my toe tag

    Firstly I was in icu tubes and wires on me then after CPR I was pronounced dead After I was tagged and bagged I ended up on an autopsy table all night nude cold and my feet were tagged my boy body was used and my insides were turned out. Was an extremely good experience for me!
  3. Meatpie

    Big dead feet in morgue

    Dude was tall and strong...want to see his naked dead body on morgue table? Join our elite club for hundreds of exclusive morgue photos.
  4. Meatpie

    MorbidTech Collection 2014

    Josh Reed, suicide by hanging. Please vote for this thread if you like and feel free to discuss the dudes there is no censorship on our forums.
  5. cadaverico

    hello from Rome !

    hi guy and sorry for my bad english..i live in Italy (near Rome) and i like play dead..i love morgue scene and i have many photo of me in a morgue pose,full nude,toetag etc..if someone is interested contact me..soon i post an album with photo of my corpse and other from my collection and from...
  6. ArrowMan

    ToeTag dude

    He's really airin' them fresh owned ripes before his check-in to Maggot Manor. :yes::yes::yes: :stroke:
  7. BlackWorld

    Desirable dolls

    almost as good as a corpse, or even better, but with a price. Hell still I think I'm so gonna start saving to buy one :aha:
  8. P


    Hi there! just found this site recently. Nice to see so many with this interest. I prefer to be the victim more than the killer - mostly having fun in the morgue with my body from unzipping the bodybag, undressing me & putting the toetag on the having his (or her) way with me. I also like bodypiles
  9. C

    toetag me

    I like play role play cute nude toe tagged corpse lying on a mortuary slab being bathed and prepped, washed and groped and thoroughly appreciated in discrete privacy by a horny necrophiliac mortician. location SW Florida
  10. Meatpie

    What a way to kick off the New Year - Young Handsome Guy Killed a Few Hours Ago

    It's ubelievable but the firs cdgs for 2011 are already arriving, even I didn't expect them so early. This handsome young drug lord with awesome sneakers got gunnded down on a steeet in Mexico just a few hours ago! He will ring in the new year with a toetag and relaxed cock, stark naked in...
  11. Meatpie

    Morgue Party Hot hanged guys in morgue. :hang: If you prefer DailyMotion or the Vimeo link doesn't work click the one below: