1. Meatpie

    Two Motorcycle Thieves Killed During Shootout in Thailand

  2. Meatpie

    Construction Worker Killed in Thai Crane Collapse

  3. Meatpie

    Fall from 39th Floor of Darel Wayne Davenport in Thailand

    Back in 2016 Darel Wayne Davenport, a 54-year-old American living in Thailand locked himself out of his apartment in a high-rise. He told his next door neighboor that he had forgotten his keys and asked the owner if he could try and climb into his place from the outside of the building through...
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    Motorcyclist Crashed into a Truck in Thailand

  5. Meatpie

    Thai Guy Goes Crazy, Beats Three Women to Death, Hangs Self

  6. Meatpie

    Swedish Longboarder Found Dead in a Bangkok's "Ghost Tower”

    December 2014 - Bangkok, Thailand. A 24-year-old Swedish longboarder was found dead at an abandoned skyscraper. He had hanged himself at one of the top floors. The abandoned skyscraper has gained notoriety as the “Ghost Tower.” Despite being officially off-limits to the...
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    Motorcyclist Slams into Car in Thailand and Dies

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    36-year-old Thai Found Dead

  9. Meatpie

    Fourteen Workers Burnt after Van is Hit by a Truck in Thailand

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    Thailand Road Accident

  11. AnonymousPH

    Harald Schmidberger found dead in Thailand

  12. AnonymousPH

    Markku Antero Auvinen found dead in Thailand

  13. Meatpie

    British Man, 24, Decapitated after Falling from the Hilton Hotel in Thailand

    In the early hours of May 29th, 2014, police and medics were called to the Pattaya Hilton Hotel, situated above Central Festival Pattaya Beach, to investigate reports of a British man who had fallen from a high floor onto a 2nd floor balcony. The dead man was identified as George, 24, from...
  14. AnonymousPH

    Drowned Thai man

    I don't clearly see any waters nearby, but according to Google Translate he drowned.
  15. AnonymousPH

    Man killed with his head slashed I believe this was an accident. Sorry if I cannot embed that video properly due to its content, so I give the link instead.
  16. AnonymousPH

    Dead old man being prepared for a funeral

  17. AnonymousPH

    Dead Thai man found next to the forest

    Sorry for the quite poor quality because they were recorded live. I am not sure if he committed suicide because the author did not post any details about this case. Since the second video cannot be embedded properly due to its graphic content, go here instead...
  18. AnonymousPH

    Thai man found dead inside the canal

    He was killed the day before. Rescuers spent overnight searching for him before they were able to recover his body the next day. There are three previous live videos about this case, but they show his dead body.
  19. AnonymousPH

    Crime scene of a dead Thai man on FB live