1. S

    30 yo Looking for Sleepers in CT/New England

    Hi guys, I've always fantasized about sleep play but never had the chance to try it. Would love to play with a sleeper around CT/ New England, PM me if interested.
  2. Ma5520475

    play sleep Asian boy

  3. ligoudan6668

    Chinese drug boy sleepy

    Chinese boy was fed by drugs while sleeping.
  4. C

    Looking for sleep play in Essex.

    Hey! I'm 25, 6 foot and looking for someone I can sleep play with. I want to be playing with your body after you've been drugged or spiked. Message me on here ot I created a kik account in the same name, always feel free to send me pics and vids of you acting or looking unconscious :)
  5. deadlystare

    Sleeping Buddy

  6. H

    Guy in Bay Area Looking For Dealer Selling GHB, roofies, etc...

    Please hit me up if you are in the Bay Area (or California in general) if you sell either GHB/GBL or roofies. Willing to buy and travel to buy as well. Message me or email me at Thanks everyone!
  7. P

    What to use to make a guy sleep and get a boner?

    Need to know. A lot of guys usually drink with me but just as friends. Would love to touch them and give them some love while they're asleep. What drugs could i use and not harm them?
  8. P

    Need a guide

    Hey guys. I need a guide on how get a boy to sleep safely. I usually go to pubs where guys drink a lot usually sleep on the streets. But not in deep sleep, so I can't touch them just watch. Is there any tip for me to get them extremely drunk enough for them not to wake up so easily?
  9. sirius86

    again he was unconscious from drinking so much

    another night, where my friend arrives totally drunk and decides to sleep in my room being unconscious
  10. sirius86

    my drunken heterosexual friend fell asleep

    my drunken heterosexual friend fell asleep in his room, and he remembers nothing of that night
  11. F

    Hello, all. I am Finn.

    I’ve been a lurker for awhile and figured it’s time to introduce myself. I’m Finn. I’m very much into sleep okay and being taken advantage of. Especially while unconscious or while fucked up. Pleased to meet you all.
  12. K

    Looking to get molested and facefucked while asleep

    Looking for hot guy/guys to go under my sheets, take off my pants and do what they want with my body. I'll be having a wet dream :P 21 YO Southwestern Ontario
  13. Huke

    Best drugged asian ever To me, this is the best drugged video ever, good looking guys with nice bodies and cocks.
  14. M

    Muscle Boy fucked while snoring

    I absolutely LOVE these kinds of videos! If you can hear the snoring...even better! :load:
  15. M

    Me drugged (Three videos)

    I don't really remember if I posted all three of these videos but I'll do it now anyway.
  16. K

    sleep friend

    sometimes it is good that a friend stay to sleep at home after a night of many drinks
  17. V

    Role Play Seattle Area

    Hi, so we are looking for another person to join us for a role play as explained below. I just copy pasted the version posted on Craigslist. What we really do is I play dead and the ending will be feet exposed and covered with a white sheet. First the scenario: it would be like a sleeping or...
  18. S

    Great drugged videos collection

    Hey everyone! There is a link with lots of great an HOT drugged guys. They are Japanese and these session are great, believe me. ;) Enjoy them:,videos-best
  19. S

    Any sub in Dublin around 17th of sept for sleep play?

    hey, i'm a fit, tall, 32 years old guy. i'll be in Dublin around 17th of Sept. Anybody for sleep play? (sleep pills) please PM me. david
  20. O


    Hello everyone! New guy here and I love what I'm seeing on here so far. There is a friend of mine who thinks drugging someone and taking things to the next level would be really hot too. He also thinks that if he could get his hands on the right kind of medicine and knew they wouldn't wake up...