playing dead

  1. phoenix_orochi

    Dude playing dead in Brazilian short film Iguaria.

    Hope you like! :grin: :redface: </code><code class="html clickselect undefined xml" style="-moz-tab-size: 4; display: block;"><code class="html clickselect undefined xml" style="-moz-tab-size: 4; display: block;"><video width="720" height="405" controls...
  2. johnny1743

    【Playing Dead】Asian guy dead by suicide with head shot

    "I'm sorry to everybody. This is how my end" a guy said. Then he use his gun and suicide himself. Hope you like it. Enjoy it.
  3. johnny1743

    victim in Taiwan, Play online at Skype

    Hey there. I looking for someone can play rope play online with me. I'm 27 years old. A little fat. Very tall. Add my Skype, QQ, Wickr and kill me. ps: I also can be a killer. If you are 100% victim. I also welcome. Skype : johnny19920121 QQ : 2509025400 Wickr :johnny1743
  4. johnny1743

    Greetings form Taiwan

    Hi guys. Well. I have been here for a long time but active lately. Allow to introducing my self. I'm from Taipei, Taiwan. And I really to playing dead. And also like to be a "killer". I't mean that I like to be the killer and the victim. Most of my playing death's pictures was took at 2011 and...
  5. Meatpie

    I accidently injured myself while playing dead naked

    The other day I turned the kitchen into a morgue, I had a steel table set up with hose, knives, instruments - everything. Just as I bathed my naked corpse the table become slippery and I lost my balance and stabbed my hand deep on a big sharp knife. I was quickly covered in blood like a real...
  6. M

    Skype victim or killer

    19 yo guy here, looking for victims up to 35 years, I love long stranglings and the reactions of the body post mortem, if you are interested in playing dead for me PM me for my Skype, I can play dead for you too if you have charm haha.
  7. livingdeadman20

    Dead bodies can MOAN...

    i'm pretty sure a lot of people here might have heard of this but i've heard in this videos that dead bodies can actually moan due to air being trapped inside of the lungs: (the video is not of a dead body, it's of a man explaining it): i...
  8. H

    Give me ideas for news photos ^^

    Hey guys, after fews months off, I'm back, and I want to do again some photo where I play dead, but I don't have idea some please help me I just can't do pics out of my appartment, I don't show face, and I don't have sextoy or plug ^^ Don't hesitate to take a look at my album and I wait your...
  9. M

    Video Roleplay

    Hey 19 boy here, interested in playing dead for you, I can send you videos of scripts that you send to me, I use Kik and Skype, I am beefy but not muscular, not fat either, somewhere in between, If you are interested just ask for my skype or kik below.
  10. tempra

    A Group For Who Loves Play Dead

    A new private group for who loves play dead. To join this group you need send at least 03 photos about yourself or someone (man or girl) playing dead in morgue with toe-tag. You don´t need show your face or full nudity. If you no answer in 05 (five) days the membership request will be...
  11. G

    18 yo. Death from a drug overdose

  12. G

    Playing Dead Morgue Play in the LA area

    Looking for guys into dead morgue play (washing & oiling the body, etc.) and other creative scenes. Open to new ideas. In the Los Angeles area. Hit me up if interested. Thanks guys!
  13. C

    London Gay Passive

    Hey Guys, looking to chat with any Active guys interested in exploring the darker side of sex and relationships. Bondage torture drinking blood, playing dead, execution role play master/slave, especially guys into hunting and pig sticking etc :-)
  14. tempra

    Playing Dead in Morgue

    I know we have some women in this community. Some woman to play with me? I like to be the corpse or the medical examiner.
  15. metalmachine

    Playing Dead in the Morgue Slab

    Source: Flickr
  16. Leon

    Victim in Melbourne?

    Hey, Anyone in Melbourne wanna have some fun? drunk, be drugged and great massage etc! victim prefer =]
  17. K

    Connecticut Guy Loves Strangulation, Smothering, Neck Breaking Play

    I'm in central Connecticut, and I love acting out killing scenes involving strangulation, smothering, and neck breaking. I usually play the victim, but also enjoy playing the killer. I especially like wearing only short shorts, underwear, or being nude. When I'm the victim, I love playing dead...
  18. N

    Anyone into playing dead in SF Bay Area?

    54 yo GWM in SF Bay Area looking for submissive buddy into regular playing dead (love to be a CSI discovering your body) or KO scenes.
  19. slpplay

    Two guys playing dead

    Just waiting for someone to play with their dead, limp bodies.
  20. tempra

    New Yahoo Closed Group to All Members of This Site - Men and Women

    New closed Yahoo Group exclusively for who loves morgue play. Only those who submit photos of yourself playing dead in the morgue may join the group.