play dead

  1. C

    why did him die by this pose?

  2. phoenix_orochi

    Burak özçivit handsome turkish actor killed by a haunting demon in "Musallat" 2007 movie

    "Musallat" or "Haunted" in english title but the correct traduction would be "The lair" or "The den" is a movie about a guy that has alucinations about a demon that chases him and finally end his life. Played by hot actor Burak özçivit its very interesting because it has a very hot muslim...
  3. B

    23 year old tranny in the uk who'll play dead for you <3

    hey my names faye, im a 23 year old transgender girl and i wanna be the prettiest corpse there is ! im really into playing dead for other guys or girls or whatever. ive done it a few times before with people on here but its been quite a while since then now. i really really adore morgue...
  4. Meatpie

    Gay Necro Morgue Game with Hairy Athlete

  5. qwerty

    Real plays

    I'm searching for real plays: morgue, dolcett, bondage or other fetishes with me as the victim. I'm open for your fantasies, as long as it is without injuries. Also pics can be made during the plays.
  6. Meatpie

    Hospital Worker Sucks off Dead Young Man

  7. Meatpie

    31-year-old Beaten and Raped with Baseball Bat

    Fresh from Russia. Real blood. Extreme fetish not something we see every day.
  8. B

    trans girl in uk into morgue scenarios + playing dead

    Heya. I'm a 21 year old pre-op transgender girl and I'd loveee to play dead for someone. I'd be willing to play dead for entire nights while you explored and had your way with my body. Being a bpdy in morgue/embalming/funeral scenes are some of my favorite things if thats something you'd be...
  9. Meatpie

    Eduardo Mafalda Full Frontal in Corpo
  10. B

    trans girl in the UK will play dead for you

    Hey. I'm a 21 year old pre-op transgender girl and I'd loveee to play dead for someone. I'd be willing to play dead for entire nights while you explored and had your way with my body. Please get in touch if you're genuinely interested. I live in east anglia in the UK but am good to travel around...
  11. Meatpie

    Young lad playing corpse at home

  12. U

    The last words of the soldier

    Hi, guys I will record a death video of soldier and I have a plot but need replies. You can write the replies and send them to me. here's the script: it's a monologue video in which I speak to my killer i will be in army gear and will wear "bulletproff" vest First I will tell to the killer to...
  13. K

    Group Play in Toronto

    Looking for both "killers" and "victims" for roleplay in Toronto. Against any real violence, death or anything illegal. Just looking for hot guys to play fight and roleplay death scenes with. I'm 34 gay dom top and play "killer" and i'm looking for guys to play with. You can either be another...
  14. Meatpie


    1. A Late Discovery
  15. D

    Seeking "Victims" for roleplay. Skype or in person

    Hello, I'm 32, gay male, dom top. I love to play killer in role-play. Any hot guys like to struggle and play dead? Favourite method is stabbing, but also like shooting and choking. I have toy gun and knife. I'm looking to either play on Skype with video or in person (Toronto based...
  16. veryblah214

    Devon's Many Deaths

    This thread is a sampling of my buddy Devon's many deaths, which I was fortunate enough to document. Unfortunately, he has not been heard from in a while, so one can only suspect he has finally died for good. Guess we will find out. Many of these pictures are part of larger photo-sets and I...
  17. Vandome

    Dead girl founded in her room (Me playing dead)

    Well, it's just me playing dead, that's all
  18. Meatpie

    Multiple Stab Wounds

  19. Meatpie

    Hairy dead young guy in Budapest

  20. Meatpie

    Dead in jeans and barefoot