1. S

    Any satanic perv wanna be my cyber-stalker?

    I love to feel in danger...
  2. C

    New guy here 32 MO USA

    Hello all. I've browsed the site for awhile, and finally decided to join and post. The name says it all, I love chokes, especially wrestling sleeper hold and MMA style chokes. I'm a tall and slim. I'm usually into guys close to my age and build. I'm always down to chat so hit me up!
  3. Meatpie

    Young guys tortured, gutted, forced to suck their own dead cocks and buried naked

    Burglars in Haiti come to a sticky end.
  4. D

    Bi Perv Into Castration/Penectomy and Snuff

    Hi everyone. I am a 37 y/o bi perv with pretty much no limits on the things that get me boned. My favs are castration and penectomy but def love other stuff as well. Look forward to some hot chat, pics and vids!!!
  5. S

    Rand Paul blocked at airport after refusing TSA pat-down OMFG! Not another TSA hand screening problem again! I mean this type of problem is SOOO EASY TO FIX! And I'm not talking about radical stuff like getting rid of the TSA or anything. Let's face...
  6. depravpervers

    New mmber from FRANCE

    Hello everybody From France Depravpervers Real Sadist interested in snuff 46 yo
  7. S


    Hola, Aussie, 25, dominatrix. Asexual save punishing. I'm a psychopath with a proclivity for classic literature, gore and all things morbid. Tired of being normal and need a release. So here I am, do your worst :aha:
  8. J

    My Manips

  9. Luuvalo

    Nice to meet you!

    I am young lady from Finland. I'm happy to find this place, it's like heaven. ♥
  10. B

    New from the Deep South

    New member from Alabama. Been a lurker for a couple of months now and have just started posting some stuff of my own. I'm a pretty tame fetishist but have enjoyed this site tremendously and look forward to contributing as much as I can. Cheers.
  11. platinum


    I'm quite pleased with how this turned out, I like the punchy graphic quality and the guy is so cute! I can see a theme developing, if people like it I will do more.
  12. D

    Evan's hot death scene (shirtless blonde guy) in Final Destination 2

    He is so hot when he died, he is to pretty to be killed off in a movie...
  13. Meatpie

    Perv gay dude licks his big toe and releases precum from pleasure

    Anyone else tried it?
  14. N

    Hi all. New Member here

    I just thought I'd drop a note to say hello. Name is Nifty and love this site. 31 tall, goodlooking, unassuming pervert from NYC. Very much into blending in by day, perving by night. I already added a bunch of pics to one of the groups and plan on sharing a lot more of my pics to all of the...