1. BBQ_Boysnuff

    Just severed dicks!

    This thread is dedicated to my favorite thing in the world, severed cocks.
  2. Outlaw

    Short Story from me

    I would make him dress up fully in warrior gear and I would make him abuse some prisons to make his testosterone flow in his body. I would make him do some gym practice too to get him bumped up and his manhood musky and salty like manly cock should be... then later in night I would tie him up...
  3. JockMeat

    Home Penectomy - Bored on Sunday Afternoon

    Horny sicko with gutter tats treats viewers with his cock detachment!
  4. S

    Penectomy/castration play

    I enjoy the whole area of penectomy and castration play. Always had a fantasy of a guy taking my cock and balls to make a nice trophy or even hotter a sausage dinner that he would eat in front of me as I serviced his cock. Would be hot to do some sausage roasting roleplay with some guy. Not in...
  5. A

    Michigan - Looking to submit to no limits CBT| Serious/ Real Only| Destroy my manhood

    I am a masculine country boy type looking to meet a real and genuine Sadist who would like to do anything he wishes to all or any part of me. Destroy my manhood and prove why I will not ever be a man again after we meet. Message me or add me to yahoo messenger as
  6. F

    UK ? Use my slim, athletic body for your extreme roleplay

    Hi I'm slim, willing and keen to be your nude victim for extreme roleplay games I enjoy being tied and enjoy being watched. If you like snuff, execution or torture scenarios call me ,South East UK
  7. E

    urethral reroute

    My diy urethral reroute in preparation for my penectomy.
  8. Meatpie

    Priapism and Penile Gangrene Due to Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

    51-year-old man idiopathic ischemic priapism. Total penectomy was performed on the patient and he survivied but lost his entire cock & balls.
  9. JackDrago

    Castration / Penectomy video

    Found this on YouTube and it's SO intense: Total emasculation w/ castration and peniectomy:
  10. roadrunner

    Penectomy - Castrated first then Cock removed later

    Complete penectomy - Balls then cock over 7 year stint. 180 pictures.
  11. Katharsis

    Emasculation with acid

    Some nice poser art. I hope you like it. Free Image Hosting by
  12. ak918sd

    big penis torture and penectomy.

    hello everyone, been here for a while. i have fantasy about torture a big dick since i was a kid.And as i grow up,this desire also grow stronger and stronger. i like extremely penis band, stuff nasty things in the peehole, nothing gets me harder than look at a muscle guy's big dick getting...
  13. cockdonor

    Penectomy & Castration Role Play - Ohio, Boston, anyone?

    I live in central Ohio and LOVE penectomy and castration role-play - I even have a few penis guillotines that I love to jack off in. Love nothing more than to be forced to suck a big hard cock while the stud threatens to cut my dick off if I cum, or don't make him happy. Love it more when...
  14. stuffedick

    Voluntary Penectomy

    I don't know if this will work correctly but here's a short vid of a guy having his dick cut off voluntarily. Enjoy.....and keep your legs crossed !
  15. T

    Snuff me on St. Patrick's Day! (Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa)

    I am looking for a man who wants to go all the way today. I am ready and willing to give it all up to you. Would love to pleasure you, have my cock cut off, and then die at your hands (preferably beheaded). Able to get to Lincoln or Omaha or much of eastern NE or western IA.
  16. D

    Bi Perv Into Castration/Penectomy and Snuff

    Hi everyone. I am a 37 y/o bi perv with pretty much no limits on the things that get me boned. My favs are castration and penectomy but def love other stuff as well. Look forward to some hot chat, pics and vids!!!
  17. L

    Real video castration....very mmmmmm

    just play it.
  18. D

    Choke me to death?

    I'm in Norman oklahoma, and I want to choke to death on cock... I can travel if I will die...