passed out

  1. Meatpie

    Brutal Play with a Passed out Guy
  2. Matthew

    Handsome chubby Asian man died face down

    And video of turning him over.
  3. Meatpie

    Beautiful Young Man Found Passed Out in Bed

  4. H

    Guy in Bay Area Looking For Dealer Selling GHB, roofies, etc...

    Please hit me up if you are in the Bay Area (or California in general) if you sell either GHB/GBL or roofies. Willing to buy and travel to buy as well. Message me or email me at Thanks everyone!
  5. sirius86

    soldier unconscious from so much drinking

    a soldier friend, falls deeply asleep after being drunk
  6. S

    Sleep For Me In Seattle

    Experienced, safe, sane, and serious KO Top here seeking guys willing to be drugged to sleep, stripped...and then admired, explored, used, and fondled from head to toes. I might even fuck you if I find you the least bit attractive. Prefer hairy masc guys with big feet. Love passed out feet...
  7. A

    Passed out 23-year-old

    I'm drugging a 23-year-old this Sunday. Dude granted me with video and photo rights (to share in this page). I usually have a little feet-play and then fuck the man. Any suggestions to do him while asleep? :totally hot:
  8. M

    Muscle Boy fucked while snoring

    I absolutely LOVE these kinds of videos! If you can hear the snoring...even better! :load:
  9. D

    Please, I am looking for some sleeping foot worship videos!

    Wanting to trade for some sleeping foot worship videos, clean white male feet only though. non-hairy :) Looking for long home video type videos not videos from myfriendsfeet, ladsfeet, studfeet, gaycreeps, etc. :hat:
  10. M

    Guys drunk

    I have some videos of a guy drunk and passed out.
  11. A

    2 passed out naked guys

    Saw this on YouTube. Posted here before it gets deleted.
  12. D

    Have any of you ever drugged a dude and had fun with his naked, unconscious body?

    :sleep:If so, how did you drug him? What can I do to ko my friend? He's so cute and Hot. Please help me, if I can... I'll put some pictures and maybe videos.:yummy2:
  13. S

    Great drugged videos collection

    Hey everyone! There is a link with lots of great an HOT drugged guys. They are Japanese and these session are great, believe me. ;) Enjoy them:,videos-best
  14. S

    Any sub in Dublin around 17th of sept for sleep play?

    hey, i'm a fit, tall, 32 years old guy. i'll be in Dublin around 17th of Sept. Anybody for sleep play? (sleep pills) please PM me. david
  15. Huke

    Art of searching

    Thx meatpie! Hello everyone, this is my very 1st post. I'm into passout guys videos, and searching those on internet can be cumbersome, since they might not be completed with some adequate description or written in other language. So when I found someone uploaded such video, I go into his...
  16. O


    Hello everyone! New guy here and I love what I'm seeing on here so far. There is a friend of mine who thinks drugging someone and taking things to the next level would be really hot too. He also thinks that if he could get his hands on the right kind of medicine and knew they wouldn't wake up...
  17. Meatpie

    Knocked out with xanax and Gin

  18. Meatpie

    Passed out Asian boy played with

  19. C

    role play,

    Hi, any one in the U K in Southend who would either let me play and strip there dead corpse or/ and do the same to me. If you are interested, please email me. only avalable during weekdays. Thanks.
  20. W

    London UK KO play

    Looking for all those hot kinky guys (especially from germany or eastern europe) in london to come and be ko'd for me so I can have my way with your sleeping body and use you as I please. contact me if interested