1. Sam Hennessy

    Anyone Know Where I Can Find The 3 Daydream Obsession Movies?

    Does anyone know where I can watch the 3 Daydream Obsession movies? :yummy::hot: I am dying to watch these films. Please respond...ASAP (if you know). They would be greatly appreciated. :bow:
  2. Sam Hennessy

    College Gerry and the Drunk Jocks

    Anyone has vids of these? Am open for trading... :yummy::teddybear:
  3. E

    hopefully this is not a repeat... but found it hot
  4. W

    fit dead man examined - pants almost down
  5. Sam Hennessy

    Hot Random Guys

  6. Caronte

    What should we do with him now?

  7. W

    two very fit Haiti men with nice ass
  8. W

    Fit Arabic guy under surgery

    I wonder what happened to the guy. He's kinda hot too. And he seems to have a huge cock. The cameraman just can't focus on his cock.
  9. B

    dead Arab hotties
  10. W

    Anyone know who this guy is? Fuck damn he is hot

    :stroke: :load: this guy is the basis for my fantasy:
  11. B

    Ukrainian soldier dead, pants down, blue undies
  12. C

    hello new member from chicago

    friend suggested this site and im hooked.....this site is hot!!! any fellow chicagoans lets def connect.....
  13. Caronte

    Music videos of Hot/Cute guys being resus...

    If you kow any other video like this, don't be shy and post it...
  14. todd00009

    Josh the Teen Nudist Strangled

    This is my new favorite BestDeaths actor... He's cute, but tough... He's Josh The Teen Nudist... In this video he shows how cocky he can be...he begs to be murdered... strangled... stabbed... Then He is chloroformed, stripped naked and strangled...(Its pretty hot!) More pictures and video...
  15. Meatpie

    Dead soldier

  16. todd00009

    Meet Josh the Teen Nudist

    Here's a preview of Josh's new video coming this week on BestDeaths... In the full video is strangled naked... but here's a nice tease on how hot and enticing he can be... Do you like him?
  17. Meatpie

    Hairy hottie lifted

  18. Meatpie

    Handsome model killed in 2011

  19. todd00009

    Who wants to strangle Hunter?

    Our most popular actor is now young cute twink Hunter... He's a good actor, what do you think of his strangulations? This week he's playing a hot young fresh out of college executive intern.... I think he's pretty hot looking :)
  20. todd00009

    Young Executive, Hunter, is molested and strangled for sexting on job!

    This is one of the hottest videos ever produced by BestDeaths... It features a young executive played by Hunter who is chloroformed, molested, and strangled by his boss for sexting on the job...