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    Russian Dude Who Hung Himself in Turkish Hotel

  2. secretchamber78

    Short and nice execution

    This is from my collection. When I read this one, I visualised the guy being executed as the one in the photo. The battle finished at 4 PM. I led a small team destroyed an important communication hotspot of the enemy. But due to a technical mistake, my team shot a mate in the neighbour group...
  3. secretchamber78

    Me and the girl

    [From collection] After a failed battle, I was ordered to accept the death along with all other 5 mates. The execution happened at midnight. To make it easy, we would be killed in the workout area, the gym. My mates who were excluded from the death penalty would execute us. Interestingly...
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    Hanging man art

  5. secretchamber78

    Simple medical test after frequent noose hanging

    I felt chest tightness during the sleep quite often in the past two weeks. Perhaps the reason is that I had too much training in the university sports team (fencing, rowing and frisbee); and due to the unlucky competitions recently, I was always in the team that were punished by the rival guys...
  6. secretchamber78

    London 25 - 27 April

    I will be in London during 25 - 27th this month. Any young hangmen here can play?
  7. secretchamber78

    Death scene of a teen spy novel

    Below is the final scenarios of a novel I collected many years ago. The plots of the whole novel are like this: Four high school kids with ages from 15 - 17 completed many daunting tasks for the government; but finally their identities slipped during a task and the dark corporations knew the...
  8. secretchamber78

    Most powerful guy on noose I have ever seen

    My fencing team had a paintball game last week. We divided ourselves into two groups; as we did before the lost group members were punished by being shot by the wining team with upper body exposed. But that day the group captain, a 18 yo boy who is also a rowing athlete, insisted he should be...
  9. secretchamber78

    Experimental results of hanging my friends

    In the past three weeks, me and another 2 roommates invited 3 friends to do noose hang challenges in the shared bathroom in our flat. During these challenges, we made some records with details. There is the information of these 3 brave challengers: Guy A 24 years old, a rowing athlete, 188 cm...
  10. secretchamber78

    Intensive hanging after swimming

    I went to the sports centre to swim with my teammates (we are fencers). After jumping into the water, one of us came up with an idea of competition. There were 6 of us, so we were divided into 2 teams with each 3. Unluckily my team lost. So we deserved hanging punishment as promised beforehand...
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    rapist public hanged

    Don't know if anyone posted this yet. A rapist and murderer of a 7 yo girl public hanged. http://theync.com/rapist-and-murderer-of-a-girl-of-7-old-year-hanged-in-public.htm#
  12. secretchamber78

    Execution Lorry

    2:30 am in the morning. My team, totally 5 young soldiers, were asked to leave the accommodation immediately and arranged with a secret task. Within 2 minutes, we all dressed up with combat kit. But the officer asked up to wear nothing on our upper bodies. We were confused, but did as he...
  13. secretchamber78

    Watching two friends' noose challenge

    Two years ago I took part in a sport training summer camp. And during that fortnight, I got to know two friends Mikka and Luukas. I was in fencing session and they were good swimmers. One day afternoon after training, some other guys in swimming training team told us that Mikka and Luukas would...
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    Want to be hanged

    21 yo Chinese guy from South Wales, UK. Any hangman here in the UK who have experience playing noose game?
  15. secretchamber78

    Suffering the pain

  16. secretchamber78

    Secret execution

    One day I was informed to have a regular physical check of the athletics team. The location was in a room below the audience seats of the stadium. As what I did for previous physical check, I started taking off my clothes before ECG assessment. However, when I just stripped off my upper body...
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    Hot hanging

    Want to be hanged in jeans, handcuffed. In a special way . A hanging (by lifting) every 10 minutes . We start with 10 hangings of 10 seconds. All 10 hangings we add 10 seconds. So thereafter 10 hangings 20s . Then 10 30s etc etc ... You want it to stop before or after my death ? :)
  18. secretchamber78

    Experience of being "executed" secretly

    I played this game with friends last year in summer. And my friends took some photos of the process We gathered 10 people to play paint ball. Each team was made up by 5 boys. Unfortunately, my team lost the game. As agreed before the game, the team who lost would be tortured when went back to...
  19. secretchamber78

    My health exam today

    I got an erotic health exam today. As required in my fencing team I had to get a health exam (especially a heart exam) today. A flatmate accompanied me there. The doctor asked me to remove all my clothes except the shorts. Before the heart check, he checked the external shape of my chest. One...
  20. secretchamber78

    Where can I try noose hanging in Aachen?

    Hi I will spend August in Aachen, Germany to learn German. And is there any places (for example, some underground clubs) where I can try being hanged by noose?