1. satanic-cumshot

    Civilian Stabbed with knife by Assad soldier and then Stoned by big rock to death

    beaten and tortured with knives on different parts of their body and after killing them beaten stone over their heads Very terrible clip
  2. phyzzique

    Not for the faint of heart....Thailand

  3. satanic-cumshot

    Man Tortured to death by soldier and Take picture with him+ NAKED IN MORGUE VIDEO-

    TORTURE VIDEO naked in morgue with mouth open
  4. satanic-cumshot

    4 Chichen Rebele Killed by FSB Russian Anti-Terrorist in Dagestan[HOT-CUTE-ASS-COCK]

    07/24/2011 in republic of Dagestan killed Wahhabis: Islamudin Huseynov Mehtibek Bashir and his wife Inna Cherenkov.
  5. satanic-cumshot

    Anzor Astemirov Killed by Police of Naltchik-Russia

    one of the leaders of the Wahhabis. Killed 24/3/2010, the FSB officers in the city of Nalchik.
  6. satanic-cumshot

    The Corpse of the scum of the suicide bomber who kill 18 young military student

    Happened in My Country Last Week , a Friend in Military send me this picture of this scum rat
  7. satanic-cumshot

    young Biker Shot in Head-Brazil

  8. satanic-cumshot

    Bulgaria - Ross Kemp On Gangs
  9. satanic-cumshot

    the danger of masturbation
  10. SantaCompaña

    Young egypcian disident, after and before dead

    His name's Khalid Saeed and ""he was brutally murdered in retaliation for exposing police corruption by posting a video showing police officers dividing confiscated drugs among themselves.""
  11. Meatpie

    RAYBIES is back

    Remember that niggerfaggot that used to spam and troll in large yellow font? Well, he is back. I hope no one has been exchanging pms with him, this troll loves CDG. Here are some of his incarnations: Pacific deadjacked Felix77 Garotting etc. Please be careful when you receive pms from...
  12. satanic-cumshot

    UNOFFICIAL: announce death of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, aka The Lazca, leader of Los

    A few moments ago the publication El Nuevo Herald, said his sources had confirmed that shortly after 14:00 pm today, there was a clash between members of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, this in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas . He also noted that in that shootout, was killed Heriberto Lazcano...
  13. SantaCompaña

    Young hot street thief is undressed, cruelly whipped and humiliated

    I found this kind of hot, but sad, vid. A young Southamerican petty thief is catched by other boys and is cruelly whipped whit a wet hose :totalshock: , which makes this macho boy cry brutally and despairingly, shouting and screaming with pain. He is ordered to get naked peace by peace of his...
  14. Meatpie

    Two tortured young men piss themselves shortly before death

    Both were tough gangsta but when it came to dying both men pissed themselves, dudes were scared shitless, didn't want to die young. They were blindfolded, beaten and tortured by rival drug lords in Mexico. Nasty painful deaths for both men, must have been hell on Earth for them. At least their...
  15. satanic-cumshot

    Man Stabbed to Death by Knife-Found Naked-Mexico

  16. doncuffs

    Africa Addio (1966)

    Stills from the movie.....
  17. satanic-cumshot

    i am back

    i am satanic-cumshot ,a old member in cute dead guys , i was banned for unkonow reason , but now meatpie authorized me to return in the forum , i will post ever day some picture of a cute dead dude only for you guys , Let's Startt :Merry Xmas:
  18. Meatpie

    Dead Girls

    Post your dead girls in this thread. Unwatermarked images are available on request from the forum team. Register and send us a pm or use the "Contact us" link below.