1. sirius86

    young drunken sleeping Peruvian soldier

  2. jaksonne

    His last bath

  3. H

    Guy in Bay Area Looking For Dealer Selling GHB, roofies, etc...

    Please hit me up if you are in the Bay Area (or California in general) if you sell either GHB/GBL or roofies. Willing to buy and travel to buy as well. Message me or email me at jbui685@gmail.com Thanks everyone!
  4. P

    Need a guide

    Hey guys. I need a guide on how get a boy to sleep safely. I usually go to pubs where guys drink a lot usually sleep on the streets. But not in deep sleep, so I can't touch them just watch. Is there any tip for me to get them extremely drunk enough for them not to wake up so easily?
  5. sirius86

    soldier unconscious from so much drinking

    a soldier friend, falls deeply asleep after being drunk
  6. sirius86

    again he was unconscious from drinking so much

    another night, where my friend arrives totally drunk and decides to sleep in my room being unconscious
  7. sirius86

    my drunken heterosexual friend fell asleep

    my drunken heterosexual friend fell asleep in his room, and he remembers nothing of that night
  8. H

    SF BAY AREA: Playing w/ drunk & passed out cute Filipino guy tonight, hmu for details

    SF BAY AREA: Playing w/ drunk & passed out cute Filipino guy tonight, hmu for details Hey guys, I am planning on messing around this this handsome Filipino guy who is looking to get drunk and passed out tonight in the SF Bay Area (closer to East/South Bay). He got us a hotel and everything...
  9. Sam Hennessy

    College Gerry and the Drunk Jocks

    Anyone has vids of these? Am open for trading... :yummy::teddybear:
  10. AnonymousPH

    29-year-old Mark Jamito Perpetua found dead under the bridge

    It happened in Basud, Camarines Norte, Philippines yesterday, January 23, 2017. Here's the full description. ISA NA NAMANG BANGKAY NG LALAKE NATAGPUAN SA ILALIM NG TULAY SA BAYAN NG BASUD Natagpuang wala nang buhay ang nakahandusay na katawan ng isang lalake sa ilalim ng Calambusing Bridge...
  11. P

    Passed-Out Boys After the Party

  12. Huke

    Best drugged asian ever

    https://openload.co/f/8amzfQPQr0Y# To me, this is the best drugged video ever, good looking guys with nice bodies and cocks.
  13. M

    Muscle Boy fucked while snoring

    I absolutely LOVE these kinds of videos! If you can hear the snoring...even better! :load:
  14. Waratplay

    Ginger Night

    This story is not illustrated. If anyone would like to add suitable illustrations/photos, please do. It was a game that I always enjoyed. Now that it was semester break there was not as much prey about and the guys who would come and play had mostly left for the summer. This time the game would...
  15. Meatpie

    Drunk man crossing a highway hit and killed by car in Russia

  16. D

    Please, I am looking for some sleeping foot worship videos!

    Wanting to trade for some sleeping foot worship videos, clean white male feet only though. non-hairy :) Looking for long home video type videos not videos from myfriendsfeet, ladsfeet, studfeet, gaycreeps, etc. chiico21@yahoo.com :hat:
  17. M

    Me drugged (Three videos)

    I don't really remember if I posted all three of these videos but I'll do it now anyway. http://www.4shared.com/folder/UgJ6y6Zd/ME_online.html
  18. sirius86

    Drunk Guys Latinos

    I had the experience of meeting a hetero guy who likes to take to remain unconscious and get to take your body .. 1st Night
  19. M

    Guys drunk

    I have some videos of a guy drunk and passed out. http://www.4shared.com/video/jTIkBvmSba/VID_20151122_072943411.html http://www.4shared.com/video/5lb0BSgCce/VID_20151122_073037719.html http://www.4shared.com/video/K98DJkb-ba/VID_20151206_151514337.html...
  20. A

    Many chinese drug handsome guy!!