1. C

    Wickr or kik

    Hey all. I've just downloaded wickr and kik to make it easier to communicate. I'm typically a killer and love the idea of killing and raping. My username is colunut on both apps, feel free to message me or drop your username below and say what you're looking for :)
  2. H

    Guy in Bay Area Looking For Dealer Selling GHB, roofies, etc...

    Please hit me up if you are in the Bay Area (or California in general) if you sell either GHB/GBL or roofies. Willing to buy and travel to buy as well. Message me or email me at jbui685@gmail.com Thanks everyone!
  3. AnonymousPH

    Drug personality found stuffed in a suitcase in Bacoor, Cavite

    It happened in Brgy. Niog 2, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines today, May 5, 2017. He is unidentified as of now. Here's the description: - Isang Maleta ang Nakita sa Niog 2 ( Niog Road ) kaninang 5: 30am Isang Residente ang nakakita nito at Daling Tumawag sa Brgy. Niog 2. Daling Pumunta si Kap. Alex...
  4. AnonymousPH

    Unidentified drug personality found summarily executed in Santa Maria, Bulacan

    An unidentified man who was found shot and stabbed in the chest to death in Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines on May 31, 2016. He also had his mouth taped, and his feet and hands tied. Beside his dead body is a placard with the inscription: "WAG AKO TULARAN HOLDAPER - PUSHER AKO!!! [Do not...
  5. Huke

    Best drugged asian ever

    https://openload.co/f/8amzfQPQr0Y# To me, this is the best drugged video ever, good looking guys with nice bodies and cocks.
  6. M

    Me drugged (Three videos)

    I don't really remember if I posted all three of these videos but I'll do it now anyway. http://www.4shared.com/folder/UgJ6y6Zd/ME_online.html
  7. AnonymousPH

    Philippine Drug War Collection

    Reference: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3710940/Harrowing-pictures-brutal-truth-Philippines-war-drugs-s-seen-300-killed-just-one-month-president-ordered-police-bars-ground.html
  8. A

    Many chinese drug handsome guy!!

  9. G

    Smooth asian young guy is passed-out and will be fucked

    really exciting,and if you want to see more,contact me plz:Welcome buddy:
  10. Art Of War

    Should Countries Be Allowed To Ban Homosexuals Entry Into Their Country?

    Gulf states to start ‘medical tests’ to ‘detect’ and stop gays trying to enter country http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/10/09/gulf-states-to-start-medical-tests-to-detect-and-stop-gays-trying-to-enter-country/
  11. Meatpie

    Handsome drug addict twitches for several minitues then dies in public toilet

    Vid first appeared on the internet in 2011 but we couldn't find any info now I have confirmed from a police website that this handsome young man actually dies in the video, watch carefully looks like he just passes out.
  12. jon_b

    Helio de Lara

    40 yr old Helio was found with his feet tied, his clothing removed and a single bullet hole in his head. Helio was a known drug user :dunno:
  13. Meatpie

    Dismembered Young Guys in Mexico with Hairy Cocks

    I love them hairy Mexican cocks! :tognue2:
  14. Meatpie

    Drug addict slut of a mother gives birth to baby with umbilical cord strangulation

    Neighbours called an ambulance but it didn't arrive for over 40 minutes and poor baby turned blue and suffocated while his slut mother watched. :frown:
  15. Meatpie

    31-year-old rugby champion shot dead stark naked on street in Odessa, Ukraine

    Alexei Zybalo, 31 former rugby champion of Ukraine was found dead stark naked on a street in Odessa yesterday. Police said he was shot several times. http://vz.ua/kriminal/prestupleniya/golyi_taksist_naiden_mertvym_na_okraine_odessy
  16. deaddirty

    Bizarre death - cobra and condom

    Bizarre case, not made easier by Google translate from Thai. this guy was found dead apparently from cobra bite, but wearing a condom on his dick! Explanations on a postcard please! ..!! Big news so far, newspaper headlines this morning June 9 hueha as. "Young Ayutthaya was the Cobra...
  17. G

    Edjavan Lucio Rendrex Vieira da Silva, 13 yo

  18. Meatpie

    Adrien Anigo, son of Olympique Marseille's sporting director shot dead

    The adult son of French soccer club Olympique Marseille's sporting director was gunned down in the street on Thursday, police said, in the latest gangland-style killing in France's crime-ridden second city. The killings are drawing attention to the ruling Socialists traditionally weak...
  19. stonefree

    Cute dead drug dealer on slab

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRIG1TlKmig I cannot find unmodified version, what a shame
  20. G

    18 yo. Death from a drug overdose