1. phyzzique

    Handsome 24 yo shot to death

    Good-looking Jarlens Ramos, 24 anos was shot numerous times and killed
  2. ellis82774


    a hit man gets his pay.
  3. Meatpie

    Murdered 16-year-old with deathstare

  4. phyzzique

    Rodrigo de Mota 18 years morto

    Roddy was shot in face
  5. Meatpie

    Pale, handsome and with deathstare

    Amazing new morgue videos in our Secret Room this week, don't miss, total hotties! :bj:
  6. Meatpie

    Dead, alive or in a coma?

    :noidea: To me this dude is not breathing. Please vote.
  7. Meatpie

    Suck my big TOE, please!!!

  8. jon_b

    Chased & Shot

    He was chased by 2 men on a motor bike and shot dead :shock:
  9. D

    Passed out dude sure looks dead

    This guy's limp body being carried by his buddy.
  10. Meatpie

    Bloody murdered dude with deathstare
  11. Meatpie

    PLEASEEEE, NOooooooOOO!!! My handsome brother, nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Why so young and handsome?! Nooo!!!
  12. ArrowMan

    Horny primo deathSTARE

    Horny primo manKILL stare :horny:
  13. Meatpie

    Chehen reb shot in the face

  14. Meatpie

    Motorcyclist Shock

    Shot in the head, looks like his attackers surprised him. Awesome deathstare. More crazy pics like this with no watermarks in our Secret Room section,new July collection!
  15. 94elmwood

    Superhot Guyz CDG great deathstare

    A lot of CDG guys here see my other post for today..Guy with the deathstare if you prop him up he would appear alive still... Too bad for him..too bad someone killed him :shock::shock::shuffle::teddybear::teddybear:
  16. J

    Two dead bandidos are better than just one

    Maybe a repost:
  17. R

    Past and present

  18. Meatpie

    Deathstare and mouth wide open

    Murdered young guy.
  19. 94elmwood

    CDG deathstare super hot and3 dead guys in a car accident

    Another guy in trouble well was in trouble Dropped where he stood ..Also a bonus 3 guys in a auto accident all these guys need a good hosing off and they will be squeaky clean
  20. Meatpie

    Murdered tall and handsome dude goes with a deathstare

    No one botherd to close his eyes. Full set with no watermarks only in our secret room.