death stare

  1. E

    Handsome dead guy examined

    Beautiful death stare.
  2. E

    Hairy man in morgue slab

    He has a nice death stare.
  3. Meatpie

    Death Stare Collection

    Brazil insanity. :love forever:
  4. Frazeeme

    More fascinating eyes

  5. Y

    dead pale beauty

    unknown dead faces from germany.. :Merry Xmas:
  6. J

    Handsome Strangulation Death Stare!
  7. J

    Brutal Neck Break of Beautiful Boy
  8. J

    Good Looking Death Stare!

    From an Indian horror TV series... you can jump at 12:50... and hotness all the way to his death... and his beautiful death stare eyes, specially at the morning when he was still lying on the ground, very goodlooking corpse!
  9. jon_b

    Ex con Sidnei Palomahas great death stare

    31 yr old ex-con Sidnei Paloma fell off his bike dead after being gunned down. Great death stare
  10. R

    Hairy and young

    Nice death stare
  11. ArrowMan

    LOTSA mega fresh horny SyRebs!! really smoothy HOT horny bearded...
  12. R

    hairy death stare
  13. leatherdude97

    First in a series: My Favorite Headshots

    :cute wink:
  14. stonefree

    Visita ao IML scroll down to see the crazy hot morgue shit....
  15. moscowmikey

    Nice Death Stare

    Sorry if this is a repost, but it's a hot CDG from March 2012.
  16. Meatpie

    Dead driver deathstare

  17. ArrowMan

    World War One killed soldier death stare

    Soldier snuffkills had horny death stare back long ago, too This horny wide-eyed KIA snuff stare is from World War One :skull: :skull::skull:
  18. todd00009


    MORE from the archives of the THRILLERMAKER film makers... These are raw complete highly realistic strangulations of talented young actors... THRILLERMAKERS RAW PART THREE
  19. phyzzique

    Two CDGs die in car acidente

  20. JacobFuller

    Stocky Soldier Cut Down by an Arrow and Gutted by an Injun

    I lay waiting behind the tall trees that stood alongside the river which flowed near my ancestral lands. I could hear the gunfire from the grasslands on the other side of the river. It was my duty to keep the soldiers from crossing this river and raiding our lands. The air around me was still...