death stare

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    Some Dead Men with Eyes Open
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    Dead Arabs in the Morgue

  3. E

    Trying to Revive a Dead Guy with Defib

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    Stiff Dead Guys on the Floor

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    Dead Arab With Deathstare

  6. E

    Flipped Over With Eyes Wide Open

    I love how they move him around while he stares at nothing.
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    Dead Arab Civilians With Deathstares

    These poor handsome guys died from bombings in the city. They were all innocent civilians who were just trying to live their lives, when suddenly death came to them and then they were laying in the morgue with eyes wide open, while getting their dead faces and bodies recorded for YouTube...
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    Dead Guy Intense Deathstare

    They cry over his dead body while he stares at the ceiling. One guy tries to close his eyes but he just opens them again and keeps staring.
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    Eyes Wide Open and Flies On His Face

    He's one of the most handsome dead guys I've seen šŸ˜
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    Argentine Guy Killed in Protest

  11. Meatpie

    Unidentified Dead Bodies

    Welcome to part two of our unidentified dead guys collection. :cheerswine: You can find part one here.
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    Hairy Armpits Dude In Morgue

    I would do anything to kiss and lick those tasty pits šŸ¤¤
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    Tatooed Dead Guy

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    Murdered Man In Robbery

    He was killed in order to steal his car.
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    Handsome dead guy examined

    Beautiful death stare.
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    Hairy man in morgue slab

    He has a nice death stare.
  17. Meatpie

    Death Stare Collection

    Brazil insanity. :love forever:
  18. Frazeeme

    More fascinating eyes

  19. Y

    dead pale beauty

    unknown dead faces from germany.. :Merry Xmas:
  20. J

    Handsome Strangulation Death Stare!