1. Meatpie

    Beheading by sword in Saudi Arabia

  2. Meatpie

    War on CDG

    Chineese hackers have been trying to bring CDG down with a DoS attack, they are unrelentless. We apologize for the downtime. Maybe it's that pic from China that we posted that aggravated them, father dragging son in crate. We don't know.
  3. StiffBoy


    Luka Rocco Magnotta aged 29, as well killing of a poor victim, his arms and legs and also sex organs cut on the body, Rape, necrophiliac works carried out, decapitation, the actual feeding associated with parts of the body, and also cannibalism. The images are indisputably, probably the...
  4. Meatpie

    Dead young man in nylon
  5. Meatpie


    Killerluke22 = Rocco Luka Magnotta? :totalshock: Hasn't logged in for two weeks.
  6. K

    Is this pig worthy of all the fuss?

    hes on a lot of these posts
  7. S

    Frat House Massacre

    OMG has anyone else seen this movie? It's so fucking hot - and some of the death/torture scenes are incredibly jackoff-worthy! The very first pledge that gets killed is tied to a rack, stripped and spanked before he's killed. What's even more awesome is how hot the actor that plays him is...
  8. satanic-cumshot

    Cannibal Necro Gay Beheaded a Man ,fuck his corpse,and then eat his ass

    WARNING VERY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING the sickest thing you will have ever seen in your entire life, worse than any of us would ever imagine
  9. E

    My thoughts are with Meatpie today...

    Meatpie, all day today I have been worrying about you, since I heard about the earthquake in Sofia. I just came online. I pray that you are allwright. Please, answer as soon as you can. Your worried friend, eagleeye13
  10. metalmachine

    Short videos of an Autopsy
  11. D

    Pics i collected in the time as cutedeadguys was closed - Some new and some reposts

  12. NecroHeadfucker

    Handsome head of beheading victim

    This is one of the prettiest heads I've seen ever. Would be so great to fuck his mouth. :totally hot: Then there's this image that I found, separate from the rest. Hot. How many of you would go crazy over finding these heads? Seriously. :bj:
  13. ArrowMan

    FAVORITE MeSoHornee slays !

    So love these impaled, gettin' arrowed n' shafted hairy n' horny soldier dude guys... n' so do these here MeSoHornees ... n' howza yahza wowza YEAH