1. Meatpie

    Nairobi Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack

    On 21 September 2013 ten to fifteen masked militants from the Somali al-Shabab stormed into a fancy, crowded mall in Nairobi called Westgate and opened fire killing at least 68 civilians. More than 150 were injured in one of the most chilling terrorist attacks in East Africa since Al Qaeda...
  2. Doc

    Handsome naked young guys

    A row of young very handsome guys humiliated by being stripped naked and being forced to move through an angry crowd on their knees with their cocks and balls swinging side to side in view of men women and children some of whom take it upon themselves to whip them with sticks as they move...
  3. s1m.0ne

    Egyptian Vigilantes Hang Thieves In Public

    Two men accused of stealing a motorised rickshaw, hung by their feet and lynched in a crowded bus station
  4. M

    Last hidden cam. ( at the beach)

    This will be my final hidden cam post. Pics from a very crowded day at the beach...
  5. Meatpie

    Living in New York City

    What do you think about life in New York City?
  6. Meatpie

    Epic traffic jams form in New York City after hurricane Sandy floods the subway

    Traffic snarls in New York City on Wednesday, October 31 as residents are attempting to return to their daily lives in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. NYC has been paralyzed for days after the subway was flooded and electicity cut off. Some neighbourhoods are still without power...