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Oct 7, 2008

What do you think about life in New York City?
I LOVE New York city, especially the Manhattan area. I wouldn't live there though, because pretty much all of my friends and family are here in Minnesota. I'd get lonely. So I'll just stick with visiting the area instead.
there is nothing like it, the energy, the hope and dreams of people from all over the world, but its a bit expensive and hard to get ahead financially
So only rich people live around Central Park? Is this the most expensive area of NYC?

I posted this thread because I was stunned when CNN showed people from Staten Island literally crying and beggin for help on TV in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, most were African-American and they said NYC mayor only cared for residents of Manhattan.

Is this true?

I would really love to hear more from someone who lives in the area.

it seems that the richer neighborhoods like many parts of manhattan get taken care of first no matter what. staten island is actually majority white but working class so staten islanders of all races were affected
I've been to Staten Island, it's great but very quiet and different from Manhattan. I'm used to Downtown Manhattan and almost never go above Midtown. Since I'm from Brooklyn I'm used to living there and don't have any desire to live in Manhattan but I like to go to walk around, shop, etc. It's overpriced for my taste but so is my neighborhood which has become overpriced due to "gentrification" When the Manhattan crowd starts to spread into nearby neighborhoods because they're more affordable. Now we have cool shops too and I have less reason to venture into Manhattan. I have family in the Rockaways Queens, a beach neighborhood also majority working class whites, that was devastated by the hurricane. I don't know how they're doing because we lost touch years ago. Hopefully they're okay.
In Manhattan what's your favourtie place? When you have a date with someone where do you go?

Union Square is always very crowded, rain or shine seems to be a favourite place for lots of people...and I suppose that's where most people have their dates?

Herald Square also very busy insane amout of shoppers.

Why? Is it because of Macy's or the whole area is popular for retail?
Absolutely love New York. Have visited many times and have met some great friends there, who come to visit me here sometimes in Scotland. There is a great atmosphere and buzz about the city which i love. Amazing restaurants and bars. Something for everyone. You don't have to be rich to have a great time there. That said its always good to come back home to Edinburgh to recover.
The rich always receive services first. The mayor of NYC is a multi billionaire.
The rich always receive services first. The mayor of NYC is a multi billionaire.

Rich come before poor, always have always will.
Especially if they're black ,it's go to the end of the queue.
Staten Island has always been neglected. I think it's because they are the least populated area of the city so politicians have nothing to gain by focusing on their needs. The Bronx is the second least populated area in NYC but its 1.6 million people have more political power during elections than Staten Island's 500.000. There are many people in Staten Island who want to secede from the city.
lived in New York and was working 3 jobs, still not getting ahead and doing what i really wanted to do there.
expensive to live by yourself and as a man with a need for privacy the room mate situation does not work for me.
I just came trough there a month ago and heard some folks still had no heating after Sandy.