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    Young Delivery Guy Murdered in Myanmar

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    Two Murdered Men Hanged from a Bridge in Durán, Ecuador

    News link: Early Monday morning, residents of Durán woke up to a disturbing scene: two men hanging on a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the city, in the downtown area. The...
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    Murdered Lad in Brazil Cut up Naked

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    Two Headless Men Discovered in the Trunk of a Car Covered in Cocaine

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    Young Man Shot in a Bar

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    Mexico Collection

    Remains of three beheaded and chopped up young men were found dumped wrapped in plastic bags near Almoloya de Juárez.
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    Homicides Collection

    Fit 26-year-old found beheaded and chopped up in Brazil. Video here.
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    Brazil Video Collection

    26-year-old was found beheaded and chopped up.
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    46-year-old Shot Dead During Football Game of his Son

    His wife was also killed. More details on this case here.
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    Man and his Three Sons Found Executed in Mexico with Throats Slit

    Old case from 2015.
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    Man Shot Dead Outside his Drugstore in Brazil

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    Murdered Very Fit Unidentified Young Man Examined in Brazil and then Placed in Morgue Tub

    The model was almost decapitated with machete.
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    Big Brazil Collection

    Seeet Brazil. :love forever: 42-year-old was found murdered inside a toilet in Manaus.
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    Beautiful Young Man Gunned Down by Two Criminals Riding a Motorcycle in Brazil

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    Murdered Man Found Dumped Naked in the Street in Brazil Shot and Stabbed Multiple Times

    A note from a rival gang was left stuck to his chest as a warning. Age of the dude not clear yet.
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    Young Man Shot Twelve Times in Brazil

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    Bodies of Three Dead Teenagers Found Dumped on Popular Hiking Trail in Brazil

    Two boys one girl. This is the second time dead bodies were found in the same area. All three were brutally murdered one boy had his throat slit.
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    42-year-old Murdered by Colleague in Russia

    Stabbed multiple times by a colleague after the two had a conflict at work in Khimki, a city 18.25 kilometres northwest of central Moscow.
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    Elderly Store Owner Hacked to Death with Machete in Brazil

    On the afternoon of 26th October 2021 in Arataca, Brazil a 71-year-old store owner was hacked to death with machete inside his store.
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    Murdered Young Man Found Nearly Beheaded