1. soundpunch

    Man Floors His Truck With a Rope Around His Neck Tied to a Tree

    Sorry if this is a re-post, but it's one of my favorite photo sets and I couldn't find it.
  2. O

    Dead play in Stockholm

    Chubby guy here in Stockholm who is looking for anyone interested in playing dead. I like to play dead for someone and i also like others to play dead for me. Fantasy and talking will make us cum together.
  3. Q

    Some Bears from my collection this month[9 pics]

    Sorry for these pics maybe posted. Hope you will enjoy it!:happy banana:
  4. B


    hi everyone. i am bob. i am kinda new to this thing. I am into chubby guys and recently i have this thought of eating chubby dead guys. but i am not sure how to turn this fantasy into reality. thanks to the internet i found this website and it has a special thread for chubby dead guys. this is...
  5. Halford

    Chubby policia shot dead
  6. Halford

    Cute chubby found dead in rigour

    Antonni Michel Almeida Lima was 31 y.o.
  7. S

    beheading chubby guy (my draw)

    give me some comments about it, thank you :)
  8. jon_b

    Everton - Ejected from car

    31 yr old chunky Everton died instantly when he rolled his car and was ejected by the impact :shock:
  9. jon_b

    Big Boy Executed inside car

    For those who have a liking for Chunkier guys - this large guy was a trader who was 'hit' while still inside his car :shock:
  10. Meatpie

    BRAZIL DRAMA: Wife caught cheating lover escapes through window

    A crowd quickly gathered and taunted the lover.
  11. jon_b

    19 yr old dead in bed

    Francisco Diego da Silva age 19 was found dead in bed after a heavy drinking session :dunno:
  12. R

    Sexy and hairy
  13. C

    Gagged and Killed

    Young chubby dude gagged with his own t-shirt. Sorry for any reposts.
  14. seawz999

    Three men put to death in Kuwaiti

  15. K

    Kill me in Kansas Coty

    Chubby 30-something looking to die in the Kansas City or surrounding areas. Ideal scene would be to have my dick cut off and then be beheaded, but might be up for something different (dismembered a little, cock off an bleed to death, etc.).
  16. metalmachine

    Wonderful 18 Years Corpse

    maycon charlisson de mendonça, 18
  17. metalmachine

    Beaten to Death. Mexico

    Gabriel García, 35
  18. jon_b

    Killed at road block

    This guy tried to run a police roadblock - a single bullet through his wind-shield brought the car to a stop - and his life to an end :shock: If you look carefully - you can see the bullet hole in the glass - and in his chest.