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    Bound Man Found Burnt to a Crisp in Brazil

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    27-year-old Drug Dealer Murdered in Manaus

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    Brazil Prison Riot Massacre

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    Prison Inmates Pick at Brains and Pluck Eye of Dead Fellow Inmate During Prison Riot

    More than 50 young men were killed during this prison riot in Brazil.
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    Retired Firefighter Shot Dead in Brazil

    Images from surveillance cameras released on July 26 show the moment when retired firefighter José Carlos Prado, 48, is shot dead in Francisco Beltrão, in southwestern Paraná. Footage was released by the defense of the policeman, who responds to the murder case outside the prison. The lawyer...
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    Fit 27-year-old Chased and Shot While Leaving Work in Brazil

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    Couple Found Dead Inside their Home with at Least 79 shots Fired at them

    Young Brazilian lovers were killed with at least 79 shots, inside their house in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre. Initially the police had disclosed that the couple had been shot by 60 shots but at a press conference held late the information was changed to 79. The victims were...
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    Young Man Murdered in Brazil

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    Man who Killed 11-year-old Boy in Brazil Executed Next Day by Drug Dealers

    20-year-old man who robbed and murdered 11-year-old boy in Brazil was found executed the next day by drug dealers.
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    22-year-old Medical Student Murdered Both his Parents in Brazil Then Comitted Suicide

    Guilherme Heringer Cesar, 22 jumped from a bridge after killing both his parents in Brazil on August 4, 2021. A super handsome and athletic medical student killed both his parents in Brazil after overdosing on drugs on August 4, 2021. Information from family members confirm that the model had...
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    Young Man Brutally Stoned to Death on His Birthday

    Happened on 28 July, 2021. Lad was just about to turn 23.
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    Three Criminals in Morgue after Shootout with Police in Brazil

    All were between the ages of 20 and 27.
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    Murdered 24-year-old Examined in the Street

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    Execution by Drug Dealers in Brazil

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    Young Tranny's Head Crushed with Large Piece From a Wall in Brazil

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    Newborn Found with Cracked Skull in Manaus, Brazil

    According to initial police reports the baby was eaten by animals.
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    Brazil Gangster Shows Head of Beheaded Rival

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    Brazil Police Examine Beheaded Guy