1. todd00009

    Doctor examines and strangles young jock

    In response to our many is the first in BESTDEATHS new "doctor and morgue" series... In this film, a young doctor examines and then strangles a young fit college jock...
  2. abusaid

    mexican trash

    IS NOT LIFE A 19 year old in a landfill, had disappeared THREE DAYS BEFORE! Minatitlan VERACRUZ Shot through the trash and shot twice nine millimeter caliber, was found the body of the young Juan Carlos Silva Ochoa, who had disappeared three days before "][/URL] A radio base Intermunicipal...
  3. stustustugoo

    soles/noose play/beheading

    anyone want to cum play with us and act out beheading or nooseplay fantasy while having their feet/soles licked, nibbled, worshipped by two masked gallows men barechested, hooded, and barefoot? midwest replies only please
  4. Meatpie

    Dead barefoot soldier forced to eat his boots

  5. R

    Tres jóvenes ejecutados
  6. abusaid

    Carbon monoxide suicide

    An agent of the National Migration Institute took the fatal determination to escape through the back door and killed himself by inhaling carbon monoxide in the solitude of a hotel room At the stroke of 14:30 pm, checked into a hotel in the South East Bypass, rented a room, asked for food, they...
  7. metalmachine

    Killed Barefoot on Christmas

    Paulo Martiniano da Silva, 28
  8. todd00009

    Two Jersey Teens strangle each other at Christmas

    BestDeaths celebrates the holidays the way they do best. In this video a few of our teenage actors created this awesome Christmas video...Each shirtless teens takes a turn at strangling his friend with Christmas lights.... "HOLIDAY DEATH: TWO JERSEY TEENS DOUBLE STRANGULATION!"...
  9. Meatpie

    Barefoot dudes in transit

  10. Meatpie

    2 Barefoot Kills

  11. todd00009

    Toe Tagged Dead Guys

    Hey, all... A few of us film makers at BestDeaths want to make some videos featuring TOE TAGGED Dead Guys... Our question is.. what do you want to see?? Should the guy be dead already? Do you want to see him killed first?.. if so how? Give us some ideas... ok? TODD film maker for...
  12. Meatpie

    Cute NYPD Officer Buys Freezing Homeless Man Boots & Socks

    New York policeman Larry DePrimo was pictured handing a pair of boots to a barefoot man in Manhattan one wintry evening earlier this week. The image was posted on the NYPD's Facebook page and quickly went viral, so far clocking up close to 200,000 likes there alone. The shot was taken by...
  13. A

    execution hanging
  14. D

    Bloodcurdling screams

    Looking for clips where I can hear guys screaming preferably while barefoot
  15. deadboyfeet

    Chicago area

    Still looking for a strangler to play dead. Love real stranglings....good and violent until I pass out. Me naked, barefoot. :-). Stats are 5'3" 135. Size seven feet:hang:
  16. metalmachine

    Guy dies shooted on Barefoot

    Crispim Soares de Olivewira, 27
  17. deadboyfeet

    Older bear in Chicago to play with me

    Looking for older bear in Chicago who'd like to strangle me. Play with my "dead" feet...body. I DO enjoy actually getting strangled for real until I pass out with a belt! Done many times...LOVE to be on my fully clothed...just off to the side standing or...
  18. Meatpie

    Barefoot Russians

  19. deaddirty

    Prince Harry Displays the Arse Royal

    Yes, he's done it - got himself photoed nude in Las Vegas!
  20. Meatpie

    My cousin walks the streets stark naked and masturbates in public

    His cock is huge and hairy. Very hairy. When he gets all boned up he runs outside in the street barefoot pulls out his dick and starts jacking....if someone tries to talk to him he starts yelling "You are shit! You are shit". :facepalm: He has been diagnosed with a severe form of autism...