1. Frazeeme

    Sweet 28 Year Old Butt

    Davison, aged 28. Old, probably a repost but still hot.
  2. M

    Man Found Naked, with Signs of Torture.

    (Probably an old post. However, alot of pictures has been deleted so enjoy. ) A man's body, as yet unidentified, was found dead with cruelty, on the morning of Thursday (18), in the village Cable pasture, rural New Church. The victim was completely naked and showed signs of beating. According...
  3. W

    pics of men with fit torsos

    more pictures like this? those with nice ass on side view
  4. W

    more pictures of these men?

    any more pictures of these men?
  5. V

    perverse monsters take advantage of Zack.

    Hi, I have several ideas for my next stories. What do you think of these images and how would you like them to continue? In this image, several creatures hit him on the boy's eggs, which they would like to happen later. while a bee plays with the penis of Zack, a female ant inserts in the ass...
  6. W

    anybody have more photos of this man? nice ass

    nice ass butt
  7. W

    are there more pics of this guy?

  8. A

    rotten ass
  9. W

    two very fit Haiti men with nice ass
  10. K

    Daniel Ross facebook exposed

    This hairy ape is Daniel Ross, he lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What do you think about him ? Wouldn't be fun to rape him under the threat of a gun, make him shoot a big load of fat cum all over his hairy body and then strangle him to death and let the pathetic piece of dead meat in front...
  11. K

    Bear I just killed in a motel

    I met him in the bar of a gay motel. We went Inside his chamber and I fucked this sex beast. After he cumed and drank all his manly milk I put my arms around his neck and broke it, then he began to moan, convulse and piss on the bed ;) Of course I enjoyed his dead ass ;)
  12. K

    Snuffed Bear in the park ;)

    Poor bear, when I met him in the gay cruising area of the park and proposed him to fuck, he did not suspect I was gonna to snuff him, he was so horny ! :hahahahha: He was lying on his back and masturbated while I fucked his round ass and massaged his full balls. His moans of pleasure where so...
  13. F

    Hot sleeping/passed out boys from my personal collection.

    Hi guys, just wanted to share my own personal content with you all , because i've personally enjoyed the pics & vids y'all posted and thought about giving back some. Below I've uploaded a couple of video collections, of different boys being fondled in sleep, have their asses explored by fingers...
  14. K

    Passed out ass

    Love seeing a passed out or sleeping guys ass fondled, played with, or fucked. Anyone have any hot pics or vids to share?
  15. jon_b

    naked buttocks examined

    Fit guy with firm buttocks has his dead ass examined and photographed :aha:
  16. Meatpie

    Boy urinating over dead suicide bomber in Jalalabad

    Dozens of people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan on August 6, 2013. Huge crowds gathered shortly after the blast, a boy urinated on the dead suicide bomber as adults cheered him on.
  17. Meatpie

    Handsome model killed in 2011

  18. Meatpie

    I can't believe I am going to die

    I often take long walks and stare at the sun, pondering when and how I am gonna croak I am in denial of my own death. All your knowledge, experience, memories...erased forever. I strongly believe humans of the future will be able to extend their lives greatly still death will come for every...
  19. BlackWorld

    Hottie brutally murdered with 9 stabs

    Is it just me or this bitch had an orgasm from being stabbed? Open in new tab to see bigger btw.
  20. phyzzique

    Very fit 22 yo Francisco de Sousa assassinado

    Frank got paid today, went out drinking with 'friends'. His body was later discovered in a pool of water, head bashed in. His cell phone, money and bike all gone. All that's left is Frankie's beautiful legs, feet and ass