1. D

    Cute asian motorbike boy

    I love him and want to get his remains
  2. H

    Guy in Bay Area Looking For Dealer Selling GHB, roofies, etc...

    Please hit me up if you are in the Bay Area (or California in general) if you sell either GHB/GBL or roofies. Willing to buy and travel to buy as well. Message me or email me at Thanks everyone!
  3. J

    Asian cutie Jaime Ong executed

    Police identified the victim as Jaime Ong Bayaca, a 40-year-old Chinese-Filipino from Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, who resided in Tikay Malolos, Bulacan. He was found along R10 bridge in Tondo, Manila with multiple stab wounds. His face was wrapped in duct tape and he had a metal wire around his neck...
  4. J

    Strangled by octopus man!

  5. A

    Unconscious hunky Asian

  6. Electroboyuk

    Shark attack - By Sparkie

    Here you go then .. just for you horrifically weird people that love a good Vore moment. Here's my attempt at what to me is pure horror, but I know it'll be hot to some :D Enjoy .. if there's any amount of 'likes' for this pic I may do other angles .. I have several already rendered that are...
  7. J

    Let's catch 'em sleeping in South-east Asia too, in all their tanned gorgeous glory..

    South-east Asia is just chock full of wonderful, beautiful and glorious tanned beauties. So so sexy and irresistable. Let's start by catching a sleeping one... :winner:
  8. cdgfcy

    Horny Asian Selfie

  9. B

    Great Checking
  10. Huke

    Best drugged asian ever To me, this is the best drugged video ever, good looking guys with nice bodies and cocks.
  11. BloodFullOfPain

    Asian car crash [Full set]

    Maybe not unique thread , but nice pics to share.
  12. A

    Asian looking for fun

    Hey, I see a lot of you got an fanstasm on asian. And is hard to find a person who got the same interest as me in my town. Just asking who are would like to play with my slim body. I didn't try a lot so it will be my first time. Learn me how to obey the master.
  13. asiansnuff

    what u want do with me

    im at ur mercy we r alone in a cabin deep insdie a forest no one can hear me scream or cry u have all kinds tools n weapons wat will u do =D limits: incest toilet ageplay girls
  14. C

    Young Asian Drowned in China just found on Youtube...
  15. A

    Many chinese drug handsome guy!!

  16. J

    link for Naked Body of Asian Youth Killed in Labor Camp

    Click on this YouTube link to see this sad scene...
  17. R

    asian passed out collection

    Let's share
  18. todd00009

    Cute Asian Doctor Strangled by Angry Patient

    More pictures and video are at
  19. steambun

    Amazing video showing a cute asian examined in morgue! [COCK+FEET+ASS]

  20. stonefree

    Java Heat 2013 Washing a fit dead Asian male 48:00