1. barryds

    Lionel Messi

    Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi is an Argentine footballer who plays as a forward for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. He serves as the captain of his country's national football team Born: June 24, 1987 (age 26), Height: 5' 7" (1.69 m) Salary: 12.7 million GBP (2012)...
  2. jon_b

    Gustavo age 25

    Gustavo age 25 died when men broke into his home and fired 3 bullets into his head and another 2 into his abdomen :shock:
  3. Meatpie

    World War II: Liberation of Czechoslovakia

    Stock color footage from the allied liberation of Czechoslovakia. April/May 1945. Part 1 Part 2
  4. todd00009

    Montage of BestDeaths videos starting in October...

    This week we introduce cute pizza boy and model "Pablo"... Hunter's videos continue with him playing a hot young executive who gets in big trouble for Sexting at work... Dead Boys Club continues with more strangulations of teenage actors... More Strangling of Boy-like Deathbot Jay... A Western...
  5. todd00009

    Which Actor do you want to see strangled naked?

    BestDeaths is producing a Halloween special video where a trick or treating young man is lured into a psychopath's house, who knocks him out, strips him and strangles him naked... Which actor would you most like to see in this scene? 1) Alex the Underwear Model? 2) Tim the Innocent Student 3)...
  6. jon_b

    Márcio Menezes de Macedo age31

    Good looking Márcio Menezes de Macedo age 31 lies dead in a bar from multiple bullet wounds. If you look carefully you will see one of the bullets just under the skin of his forehead :dunno:
  7. Meatpie

    2010 Baghdad church attack

    The 2010 Baghdad church attack was a terrorist attack on a Catholic cathedral in Baghdad. It started during Sunday evening Mass on 31 October 2010. The attack left 60 Christians dead and more than 100 had been taken hostage. The al-Qaeda-linked Sunni insurgent group the Islamic State of...
  8. jon_b

    Antonio age 22

    Antonio shot dead aged 22...for the interest of our CDG members this pic has had the exposure and colour tweaked in PS to help us see this hot young guy better :yes:
  9. Meatpie

    Anorexic boy received in morgue skin and bone

    Morgue in Russia
  10. UnconsciousSole

    Dead guys in entire movies and plays

    I was wondering, are there many films where a guy is dead throughout the entire film, and there's a bunch of dead body role play? I suppose there's 'Weekend at Bernies' and it's sequel, and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Trouble With Harry', but I can't think of any others. Also I was wondering if...
  11. Destroymykok

    Am still seeking that medievil style death

    Quite simply I should be secured upside down spreadeagled. The executioner should then place an old but effective saw between my legs & start cutting down the length of my body. Although wracked with pain I should according to research remain alive & alert until the saw blade cuts the heart.
  12. todd00009

    Teenage Nudist begging to be Strangled...again

    This teenage nudist (19) loves to walk around his dorm room naked... his room mate can't stand it... so decides to knock him out and strangle him to death once and for all.... more pictures and video on BestDeaths...
  13. B

    Looking for a young guy like myself to watch me hang play and tell me what do

    Looking for a guy around or close to my age that is at least 30 or younger to watch me in a video chat and tell me what to do, I really wanna do some hang play or what ever hit me up if you want
  14. B

    Texas Victim here Looking for other Texas people to chat with

    Hey Im looking for people who would like a Roleplay victim, Im willing and ready to mess around if your the right age lol well see ya soon btw I like Hang play chokeing and being helpless
  15. B

    New Color and Design

    Just wanted to say I really like the new color and design of the board! A nice change!
  16. todd00009

    Strangling a teenage nudist

    Don't you wish you had a naked teen running around your house? In this video, the teen nudist's room mate is fed up with him... so he knocks him out and strangles him... This is a HOT video! More pictures and video available on
  17. stustustugoo

    under 18 years of age

    i think it's time that CDG as a community adapt a new mandatory rule of no postings of any guy under the age of 18. we owe this to ourselves as a community as well as for our own safety and well being. lets consider that a person DOES NOT have to be in the nude to be considered pornographic ...
  18. jon_b

    Fabiano age 25

    Fabiano died of severe head trauma when he was invovled in a car smash :dunno:
  19. Meatpie

    Boy badly injured in Syria War

    The carnage in Syria continues with more and more kids shot, gassed in their sleep, bombed in school, burnt alive in their thousands while Obama is too scared to interfere.
  20. Meatpie

    Super sweet fit and cute hairy model dead and pale in morgue

    Intense morgue photos of this deceased model available now in our Secret Room. Alive photos, info, age of the dude, manner of death, dozens of uncensored morgue images, video - all in our Secret Room! Crazy stuff we don't post every day, dude is a one of the most devastatingly handsome dead...