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    Man Cuts off Own Cock Then Gives it a Blowjob

    This appeared on my YouTube feed,
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    Pull out the knife

    Hugs. Check out this friend. It's a cool art project made from pine cone and tinted resin. It's lit!
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    2020 United States Presidential Election

    Truth and justice for the win!
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    Sex Doll Fun

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    Hot straight overdose

    That guy would have died if they didn't tell him to stand up and get his blood pumping. Bare chested on the sidewalk in the cold of night and wet from the water splashed on his head. Probably sweating toi. Them good folks saved his life. The panda eyes though. So close to death. He would've been...
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    Sex Doll Fun

    Isn't it actually tofu cos it's made from plastic? 😂
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    fake deadman

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    fake deadman

    Who made this? It's amazing! The level of detail is outstanding.
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    fake deadman

    Is this a person playing dead or a special effects mannequin?
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    stab myself

    Hugs DD 😄
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    stab myself

    That's a lot of blood. You'll need a lot of liver and steaks to replace the blood loss.
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    I Wanna Be Famous Don't judge me. I'm just bored.
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    Fairy Tales, Children and Violence Take your time to read babies.
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    God, what is happening here?!!!

    Oh My God! They've sold their soul instead of saving 'em. They didn't even know it. red one must've been really busy. Cheers!