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    fake deadman

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    fake deadman

    Who made this? It's amazing! The level of detail is outstanding.
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    fake deadman

    Is this a person playing dead or a special effects mannequin?
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    stab myself

    Hugs DD šŸ˜„
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    stab myself

    That's a lot of blood. You'll need a lot of liver and steaks to replace the blood loss.
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    I Wanna Be Famous Don't judge me. I'm just bored.
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    Fairy Tales, Children and Violence Take your time to read babies.
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    God, what is happening here?!!!

    Oh My God! They've sold their soul instead of saving 'em. They didn't even know it. red one must've been really busy. Cheers!
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    Hmmmm..... Love you Meatpie

    An Episode from "The Good Wife". The things I have to do to keep Meatpie happy. So Meatpie, what do you think? Good enough for you? Dreams can show up on the monitor?! The freaky stuff starts around the time, 1:24 - 2:16...
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    Hugging Booth - Place where our brothers and sisters give hugs to each other.

    There needs to be more love around here. Not kinky sex. But love between our family. Clean and pure. What is more innocent than a hug and a 'smooch' on the cheeks. Here we give support to our siblings that need our attention, so people can request for hugs here and not be judged for attention...
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    What would be your view of a happy way to live?

    The forum has a thread that says, "What would be your favorutie or wanting way to DIE?" I don't know what favorutie suppose to means. Pavarotti or something? So I came up with this post, Then verlup1 says, So... Do people here have any idea...
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    Making sense of humans...

    Humans are weird. They are capable of good things, and terrible things with layers upon layers of psychosis. What even stranger is their interests and fetishes! I'm glad I don't have kinky fetishes like most members of this forum but I do try to make sense why some of you brothers and sisters...
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    History... Herstory... I'story... and what are you on about?

    Meatpie and his friends were spending time at the bit of unused council plot behind my house. They play cards and sports and junk. Stuff that guys do. I just watched at them from behind the fence because I had nothing better to do. There was nothing on TV and all the housework that was needed to...
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    Just wondering... if anyone bothers anyway

    Hi brothers and sisters. I constantly wonder what the monkeys I'm doing here (before you all judge me just hear me out). I came across this forum late last year when I was looking for a specific picture to help me visualise a scene in a story I was writing that was a death scene. I was so...