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  • Hey, my name pretty much says it all and I want my face to be blue for a while. I have VERY few limitations, and if ur interested in choking me, hit me up here or on yahoo (Nirvanafan201) I'm really easy going and LOVE to be choked as much as possible!
    Hey Warrior, just found this site and you ! awesome, for the first time in my life i now realise what i really wanted to see in those cowboy movies !!

    Thank you for such awesome sexy pics, mindblowing ! would love to live ur scenes
    Def, bro !! BACK in the SADDLE again!! Feelin' better after the fall and the left shoulder blade fracture, three fractured ribs, too.

    That Rx I was on was really STRONG painkiller and it jolted up
    my mind n' bod for six weeks.

    But I stopped takin' IT, takin' another NOT at all in the same class as it and mending, bro, sure am. And gettin' a hardon rise in my hairy pubed crotch again, you sures bettchas thinkin' about all these here CuteDeadGuys who keep on a cummin' to this place, populating IT up somethin' FIERCE !

    Hot n' horned to hear from yous, let's get ta ridin' n' jackin' HARD


    :heart love::heart love::heart love::heart love::heart love:



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