I'm a gay male living in the north of England and just exploring new
avenues of eroticism, if I can call it that. I'm sure the vast majority
of folk would sooner use the word 'depravity'.

Sort of got to this stage thanks to that nut job Magnotta and his infamous
ice pick, and things have progressed from there really.

At this point I'm not really into the especially heavy stuff (although I do
keep surprising myself) - I much prefer the images of the hot young guys
who's beauty and form can be just as beguiling in death as in life.

I do still wrestle with my conscience to a certain extent and question why I am
here (on this site) and ask myself 'what the fuck is wrong with you?' and wonder
if I need to see a shrink. How long this phase in my life continues, I really
don't know, but this is me at this moment in time.

Well, that's enough rambling for now - I'll try and contribute as much as I'm able
to, although I'm not sure I will ever come by images of the standard required to
post on the site. Where I live is close to the countryside so pics of roadkill
would possibly be the most hardcore imagery I could provide !! (If anyone wants
pics of a squashed pheasant at the side of the road, then I'm your man !!).




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