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    Crucifixions are beautiful to watch, especially when the asshole is positioned on a spiked dowel.
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    Meet hot hunk Ryan. What would you do to him?

    cut off his cock and balls and carve out his asshole connecting it to the castration wound then shove my arm into the bloody gaping wound to my shoulder, opening my fist and start ripping out his guts
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    My new toy

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    My new toy

    Let's play.
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    A cavity to be enlarged and penetrated deeply with arms to the shoulders until your asshole, balls and cock hole are joined and you're inner void is finally fully filled
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    A beautiful event. I would love to watch it take place. The barbed orange is especially erotic as it will rip up the rectum when plunged in and out of your cunt repeatedly, leaving a bloody gape where your pristine, puckered sphincter once nestled. Once your dick and balls are removed there will...
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    Hello from a Sadist in Pennsylvania

    Sounds beautiful. I love violent sexual interactions
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    Slaughterpigs: next victim?

    Would like to be fucked to death by cocks, fists, pool Would like to be killed through my asshole for an audience. Hole opened with a knife, then fucked, fisted, penetrated by baseball bats studded with nails, then crucified, my dick and balls mutilated before being cut off.
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    Wickr Handles

    Somebody suggested Kik and Telegram.
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    Wickr Handles

    Wickr is shutting down December 31, 2023!
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    I will be tripping, on my back, holding my knees with my legs in the air, presenting my cunt for destruction and my ball sac for cutting. My asshole would be prepared with some cutting into the sphincter. I simultaneously want fists and baseball bats thrusting terminally deep into my asshole...
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    Destroy me through my asshole

    Snuff play: We see how far up my asshole you can push and how wide you can stretch it way past the limits. My soul is my hole which must be mutilated beyond repair. Message me and we can discuss dates and details privately.
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    Anal impalement

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    Anal impalement

    Beautiful - ripping through your bowels lungs and throat - image fucking