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  • Looking for choke-out in Eugene, OR. Sleeperhold, bare hand strangulation, foot choke, sleeper wrestle, etc.
    Hey there. U know who i am. The Arizona foot fetish guy. U can communicate with me on wickr on the sn: snuffmedead
    I want to feel you on top of me, your hands tight around my neck as my naked body struggles against any surrender. One look into your eyes convinces me that death is upon me and soon he will take me. Once my body goes limp and still, your pleasure truly begins, as you will have a fresh body to do with as you wish.
    I owuld like you to squeeze your hands around my neck until my head starts to sway, my eyes roll back and I go limp, totally passed out and ready to use.
    I'm in Chicago often, closest I get to Columbus . But I love to chat about hanging guys. Edc757@yahoo.com
    Hello , I cant write to You , Your mailbox is full :( so im write here :)
    You have fantastic profile and we have the same interests i guess, Im so much love being slowly dying on gallows somwhere , Dangle naked of course , important is very slowly mm ,mmm very slowly and hard as can You are executioner? , See You I hope ;) my mail is kickedboy@wp.pl
    Hey email me at a.crangle20@hotmail.com
    I see your into choking and hang which is right up my ally. Victim here who needs someone to come to my motel and do me right. Travel in your area often, yim- myrider26
    Total strangler or death by other means, Its more about the power of the kill factor in general so strangling is an option, bludgeoning and shooting in head right before i bust is also hot. In my fantasies I expire hot celebrities, young straight guys i stalk on facebook, or unattainable fags within my community all in which i collect pictures of and jerk off to the darkest thoughts. Fuckin rape murder rape again violence. Makes me shoot so many loads.
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