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  1. Handsome guy newly arrived!
  2. Dead athletes for Christams
  3. Shot dead by Brazilian police
  4. Chinese morgue
  5. Drug traffickers shot
  6. Nice looking 27 yo Clécio de Souza executado
  7. Everywhere you see "young & fit", here goes an old and fat dead dude for you.:)
  8. Tárcio ou Cigano executado
  9. Young man murdered
  10. A collection
  11. Hot "Pitbull" dead
  12. Fit hairy 29 yo Vitor Pereira da Luz executado
  13. 23 yo very handsome, very fit Paulo de Almeida Ferreira executado
  14. Pakistani security forces kill dozens of Taliban insurgents in Peshawar
  15. Young guy found dead naked in toilet
  16. Young guys die in car wreck days before Christmas
  17. Washing dead young guys in morgue
  18. Young death...
  19. Dead Body of Ismaaiyl Brinsley, NYC Cop Killer
  20. Sudden death
  21. Morgue ass and dead feet for Christmas Eve
  22. Boy killed and couple hurt in car accident during sex
  23. Christmas Autopsy Barbecue
  24. Dead and naked on massage table
  25. Dead feet for Christmas
  26. Theif shot dead in Brazil
  27. Possibly Cutest Dead Guy of 2014 ??
  28. Morgue in Russia
  29. Stitiched up dead model on morgue table
  30. Handsome motoboy Domingo Miranda Caceres morto motociclista accidente
  31. Overdoes of Two Asian Guys
  32. Four young guys murdered on Christmas, meaty brown cocks exposed
  33. Naked bathtub suicide with electricity
  34. Young lean lad gets his brain extracted in morgue
  35. Young lean murdered lad received in morgue in yellow body bag
  36. Killed by a sickle wielding attacker after a simple argument
  37. Right to the heart
  38. Man shredded in Ukraine explosion
  39. Islamic State behead man with huge sword in Raqqa, Syria
  40. Dead Islamic State Fighters near Deir ez-Zor, Syria
  41. Handsome 18 yo Allan Davy de Oliveira morto acidente
  42. Islamic State Christmas Mix
  43. 28 yo Carlos da Silva executado
  44. Isis trash
  46. Fit 32 yo Jose Gomes found dead on beach
  47. Five die in road accident outside Moscow just days before New Year's
  48. Fit 22 yo Wagner Araújo shot to death then stabbed in the back
  49. Cute teen Alan
  50. Good-looking 17 yo Motoboy Rafael Teles executado
  51. Duplo Homicidio in petrol station
  52. Long and Lanky good-looking 20 yo Motoboy Arleandro Mendes executado
  53. Cutest Dead Soldier of 2014
  54. Skinny lad found dead in bed
  55. Spoils of War
  56. Fascinating exhibition: Körperwelten
  57. Handsome Hairy CDG stabbed to death
  58. Good-looking 26 yo Diogo Barros executado
  60. Chechen rebels shot dead by FSB
  61. Naked Male Corpse in Morgue
  62. Casket HD
  63. Skin HD
  64. Cutest Dead Guy of 2014 is 24-year-old David Miller from the Channel Islands
  65. CDG in Yellow Shirt executado
  66. Young guy nice feet
  67. Mother and son shot dead in Brazil
  69. FSB wipe out chechen rebels
  70. Face peeled off in morgue
  71. Road accident boy reconstructed in morgue and prepared for funeral
  72. Dead young model received in morgue for autopsy
  73. Handsome 23 yo Motoboy Adedi Machado de Carvalho executado
  74. 23 yo João Carlos Sarmento executado
  75. Autopsy on young athletic models
  76. Train surfer kills himself in Kiev metro
  77. Alexander Bednov nicknamed Batman killed in Ukraine
  78. How young is this executioner?
  79. Two young guys kill themselves in road accident two days into the new year
  80. Entire family hang themselves on new year's eve
  81. Somebody Sew
  82. Dead mexican soldier
  83. Motorcycle thief lynched
  84. Vintage stiff bandidos
  85. Model soldier and firefighter doesn't look himself during funeral
  87. Handsome 21 yo Manuel Florêncio da Silva drowning victim
  89. Asian dude eletrocutado not executado
  90. Murdered dudes set on fire, both get their meaty dead cocks roasted
  91. Handsome Hairy Dude with Bedroom eyes executado
  92. CDG in grey shorts
  93. Bound and blindfolded then executado
  94. Handsome Fit Bad Boy shot dead by policia
  95. Fit 17-year-old killed
  96. Handsome Boyfriend Mitchel Kennedy Pereira assassinado
  98. 20 yo Bad Boy Aldair das Neves Felix executado
  99. Leandro flashes his dead todger
  100. First image of dead hostage inside Paris supermarket after dramatic end to standoff
  101. Handsome and fit 21 yo Adjair de Souza executado
  102. ♥♥♥Nice looking 23 yo José Albérico de Andrade Silva morto♥♥♥
  103. Concert cancelled due to murder
  104. Two young Bad Boys morto shot dead by policia
  105. Bus flips and crushes young pedestrian wearing brand new white sneakers
  106. Dead body of Amedy Coulibaly
  107. Handsome Jose Luis dead in socks
  108. Stiff Elias stripped of his shoes
  109. Vintage dead soldier
  110. Good-looking 24 yo Rogério Freire da Silva executdo
  111. ♥♥♥Three Bad Boys morto....killed by their intended victim. Fourth Bad Boy escapes♥♥♥
  112. Jose Jailton dead in luggage
  113. Banditos morto
  114. Man stabbed in the chest then stitched up by attacker
  115. One of my favourite cdg - young model and athlete decides to kill himself [REPOST]
  116. 19 yo Paulo Ricardo Augusto da Silva assassinado
  117. Islamic State behead two men by sword in Homs, Syria
  119. A few finds from Brazil....
  120. 20 yo Handsome babe morto acidente
  121. Construction worker dead with socked foot
  122. Air Asia Plane Crash
  123. Young model killed in Donetsk
  124. Old man killed in a traffic accident
  125. Tripoli suicide bomber
  126. Handsome young man killed in Libya
  127. Fresh kill fom Dagestan
  128. Handsome 18 yo motoboy Bruno Soares Custódio and gf morto acidente
  129. Big pictures omg!
  130. Old man beaten to death in a suspected robbery
  131. dismembered body
  132. Murder in the Jardim Jupira
  133. Three on a BIKE ?
  134. Security man shot in the face
  135. Workers face smashed
  136. Nice looking beefy 21 yo Joelson Silva de Araújo executado
  137. speed kills 200km/h
  138. 31 yo cute motoboy Maicon George Moreira morto acidente no bull well yeah it was bull
  139. Islamic State Behead Iraqi Soldier in Baiji
  140. Nice looking 18 yo Lucas Mendonça da Silva executado
  141. Acapulco muertos
  142. Hot...yet cold dominicanos
  143. Good-looking 21 yo Jhonatan Willian Perico de Abreu executado
  144. ISIS fighters throwing gay men off the roof with crowd watching
  145. Young cute Emerson de Melo executado
  146. Fit 27 yo Rogerio Moraes Neres executado
  147. Fit Motoboy morto acidente
  149. Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by Islamic State in Diyala, Iraq
  150. Murdered stiff boy
  151. Teen with throat slit
  152. Two men burn in house fire
  153. Cute car corpses
  154. Handsome hairy Francisco shot dead
  155. Some suicides
  156. Young guy commits suicide with blue poison
  157. Autopsy on man with extensive melanoma
  158. Islamic State hang three men upside down from bridge in Syria
  159. Man decapitated in bomb explosion
  160. Islamic State fighters killed by Peshmerga and bulldozed into mass grave
  161. Islamic State behead man in Deir ez-Zor
  162. Handsome young man shot multiple times dead with mouth and eyes open
  163. Fit and hairy young man drowns fish eat his face to the bone
  164. Nice looking 21 yo motoboy Weldes Diego dos Santos morto acidente
  165. Many dead and injured kn Recife jail riot, Brazil
  166. Great-looking fit 21 yo Robson Oliveira Silva executado
  167. Fit young man shot in the head naked corpse dumped on highway in Mexico
  168. Handsome young guy killed in Donetsk
  169. Battle for Donetsk Airport Leaves Many Dead Ukranian Soldiers
  170. Thirteen civilians killed in shelling of Donetsk trolleybus
  171. Handsome dead chechen rebels in latest FSB operation
  172. Robson 12 bullets - 13 stab wounds
  173. Pescador Luciano Paulino drowned by his catch
  174. 22 yo Cícero da Silva assassinado
  175. Good-looking 32 yo pharmacist José Carlos Ribeiro morto
  176. Bandidos Morto
  177. Ukraine Dead Soldiers
  178. Dead and naked Islamic State fighter left to rot outside Mosul, Iraq
  179. Shot out side his house
  180. shot dead by a taquero guy
  181. Lean motorcycle boy kills himself in accident
  182. Construction worked impaled on metal rods after fall
  183. Train Suicide
  184. bad time to take a walk
  185. Islamic State Beheadings and Executions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria
  186. Dead Islamic State Militants in Mosul
  187. Naked corpse of Nazi Franz Ziereis hung on fence
  188. shot in his bed
  189. gang members killed
  190. rebellion in Complexo Prisional
  191. took the short way out
  192. Fit 20 yo motoboy Edvanilson Pereira da Silva assassinado
  193. Two teenagers shot in the heads
  194. Nice looking 18 yo Matheus Morais Ferreira executado
  195. Findings today
  196. In a league of his own
  197. beautiful kid ended his life
  198. Man hit by 2011 Ford Ranger at high speed
  199. Hungary Uprising 1956
  200. Special Action Force members killed
  201. 24 yo fit motoboy Ivsson Diego de Souza falls to his death
  203. Scared Ukranian soldier doesn't look himself after execution
  204. 23 yo Jonas Conceição dos Santos executado
  205. Islamic State fighter shot in the brain by Peshmerga
  206. Morgue in Donetsk Piles of Dead Guys
  207. Fit 18 yo Ediglei Guilherme Lopes executado
  208. 33 yo Luiz Pinheiro Moreira assassinado
  209. Tall lean dead guy vs obese lady in morgue
  210. 24 yo Francisco de Assis Ribeiro executado
  211. a nasty fall
  212. Handsome roadkill
  213. Pubic Grave
  214. Hit by a truck
  215. two young men got shot at their home
  216. Never Before Seen Pics of Dead Ukrainian Soldiers
  217. ♥♥♥Very good-looking and fit 20 yo Mateus Calleb da Silva Azevedo executado♥♥♥
  218. 28 year old shot multiple times in the head
  219. More civilians killed in Donetsk, body parts litter streets
  220. Brazilian necrophile executed
  221. Chopped up corpses rolling around in Baghdad garbage dump
  222. Islamic State behead two young men
  223. Morgue in Ukraine
  224. Dead guy dragged through a street in Iraq
  225. AirAsia Flight 8501 Victims Pulled form the Ocean
  226. Maras from Central America
  227. Splendor in the Ass
  228. Islamic State launches surprise attack on oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk
  229. Man hit by a car gets his brain ejected, entire leg ripped of
  230. 19-year-old shot in the face
  231. Two dead in road accident
  232. Young man run over by bus
  233. Young guy received in morgue with gunshot wounds
  234. Police officer shoots himself in the head inside his car
  235. Young man beheaded in San Manuel, Mexico
  236. Fit 25 yo motoboy João Paulo de Lima executado
  237. Two young guys die hugging each other both run over and dragged underneath truck
  238. Kenji Goto Beheaded by Islamic State
  239. Young man shot dead in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  240. Islamic State throw gay man off building then crowd stones corpse
  241. Fit motoboy Jose Prazeres morto acidente
  242. Handsome 19 yo lad Kênio da Silva morto car acidente
  243. More beheadings and executions carried out by Islamic State
  244. Police officer killed in motorcycle accident, entire arm ripped off
  245. Handsome 31-year-old cook jumps from a building in Baku and dies with mouth open
  246. 12-year-old boy shot dead on beach
  247. 17-year-old shot dead
  248. Fit murdered guy undressed and examined
  249. Soldier kisses dead comrade in Donetsk
  250. Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh burnt alive by Islamic State [GRAPHIC IMAGES]