Your biggest fantasy with a corpse


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Oct 22, 2022
What is the craziest fantasy or desire you would like to do with a corpse ?

For me, what I'd love to do is, one evening, choose a handsome corpse from my friend's funeral home, and not have sex with him there as usual. I would love to take him home, put him on my bed, and have sex with him, both of us comfortably settled on the bed.

And after having sex with him, put him under the duvet with me, hug him and fall asleep next to him, against his body. A whole night curled up with my one night lover.

And unfortunately having to bring him back early in the morning to the funeral home.

Yes I have cravings that may seem strange, and it may seem like a bland fantasy, but I am simply a romantic guy lol :love forever:
I would not bring him back, keep him in my bed for several days and nights, no limits what I'd do with I’m ... NONE