Young Guy drunk gets stripped completely naked !!



He is straight and love female but is an open guy love also to experimente

I love his feet and will make video
To show u how i strip him
Socks as last one with underwear
Feet inspection between his toes
And also his Hair
Maybe an idea to shave off his public Hair but then he will notice
So I would live to have organizing a party with 3 maybe 4 people
i call him over playing poker and each time anothrt shot of booze if ge leaves for the toilet to puke or piss i put a small ghb tablet in his drink After he comes back he take one Two shots and 10 minutes he Will be down

We dragg his lufeless corpse clothed body to the bedroom
We slap his face soft and have a eyecheck
Maybe fir Fun we draw on his forehead then we strip him
After toe check and completely naked exposed we put him in humiliated poses arms and legs wilde we play meanwhile with his cock and also have a ass check
We Finger him a bitt
And i also Will jerk him off
i want to see the videos!!!


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Feb 24, 2013
Add some viagra to his drug cocktail to get him rock hard. Strip him naked and suck him till he's hard as a rock. While you stoke his hairy dick, finger fuck him up the ass and massage his prostate. Jerk him till he blows his wad all over his belly. Then straddle him and slide his still hard cock up inside you so he has no idea he's fucking his buddy up the ass.
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