We Support Death Addict in Their Fight Against Censorship


Staff member
Oct 7, 2008
Hi all,

Death Addict are no longer accepting new members due to multiple attempts by unknown forces to take them down over the last couple of weeks they have been through a lot and the site nearly went down.

We have been there and feel their pain. The site is still online and registered users can login but not available to guests and search engines.

As we have discussed many times censorship against gore and necro sites has only escalated in recent years 2019 was particularly hard for many sites in the genre inluding CDG.

We are disgusted by these despicable actions against a peaceful community doing no harm.

Just like CDG they were branded a terrorist site by their attackers a good enough reason for any site to be taken down.

We all have many friends on DA and truly incredible people are doing a wonderful job keeping the site and the community from falling apart.

Keep it up guys and stick together it is a smart decision to stay shut for a while until the community heals.

Good luck and stay healthy!