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Oct 7, 2008
Part one of our hugely popular collection here.

We begin in Mexico where a man jumped naked from an overpass and died despite a rescue attempt from eyewitnesses.

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Hamas Mass Killing Israeli Civilians With No Mercy​

New footage has emerged taken from a dead Hamas terrorist's GoPro at the Nova Music Festival massacre on October 7th, 2023 in Re'im, Southern Israel. In this footage we see a group of Hamas terrorists firing in all directions as they hunt for Israeli civilians trying to flee on the side of highway 232. The terrorist filming quickly begins running towards a white SUV that remains in a field as the occupants try to escape the gunfire. Upon reaching the crashed vehicle and seeing survivors the terrorist's gun jams. He calls another terrorist over saying "Come! Come kill them!"Both terrorists then begin shooting at the wounded Israeli civilians murdering them all in cold blood. Before the clip ends the terrorist fires several shots into the already deceased civilians making sure that they are all dead.

Mexican Cartel Member Uses Machete And An Axe To Decapitate Rival​

The cartels do so much killing, you'd think they would keep their machetes sharp. This one couldn't even cut through warm butter.
Naked man coated in red. So hot!
Scooter Rider Crushed in China