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Feb 1, 2010
im going to post one story each week about how an assassin kills five college kids that are staying in the woods for a few days. they kiiled another student in a hazing last semester and my organization has asked the assassin to handle this contract. this weeks victim is Drew. and skinny guy who loves nature and is a photographer.

Drew left the cabin an hour after they arrived. He was wearing grey cargo shorts and a plain olive green shirt. He had a school backpack strapped onto his back and a camera hanging round is neck. I stalked him through the trees as he walked down the man path. He was taking nature shoots and turned my way a couple times but the abundance of large plants and tree trunks hid me well. After about an hour of walking on the main path, he went of trail towards the lake area. It took about a half hour to reach the lake. He sat on a log by the lake and took off his backpack and camera. He pulled a magazine out of his backpack and sat up a little and pulled down his shorts. He was wearing tight neon blue boxers that hugged his small tight ass. He laid the magazine down in front of him and started jacking off to it. After a couple of minutes, he started moaning load enough for me to sneak in from behind. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck and covered his mouth with my hand. His yell was muffled under my hand as his hands reached over his head and grabbed at my face. I squeezed tighter and pulled him off the log. He kicked his shorts off and tried to his fingers between my arms and his neck, but his twig like arms and no power behind his pulls. He started to weaken as his hands fell to the ground. His hard cock was sticking out of his boxers. Something hit the side of my head as a sharp pain flared up. I released him as I fell backwards. He got up and dropped a baseball sized rock beside me and started to run away. He was about 30 feet away when I grabbed the rock and threw it at him. It him square in the back of the head. His body crumbled behind the hit and he fell on his stomach and didn’t move. I got to my feet and felt my head. The blow had broken the skin and bled a little but nothing else. I walked over to where drew was laid out. His glasses had fallen off and his arms lay limp at his side. I rolled him over onto his back. His eyes were closed and he was still breathing. I sighed in relief, happy to know that I hadn’t killed him with the rock. My organization’s code required that all assassinations be done close quarters. I check the back of his head. He was bleeding and it may have caused a fracture in his skull. His shirt was covered in dirt, and he had a bulge in his underwear. I pushed his arms over his head and pulled up his shirt. He had a dark brown happy trail lead down to his cock. There was a small and thin ring of hair around each nipple and a small patch in the middle of his chest just below his collarbone. His armpits were hairy as well. I knelled down and kiss his belly button. The hair around it tickled my lips. His skin was smooth and pale. It smelled of sweet cucumber and tasted like soap. He must have showered after reaching the cabin. I dragged my tongue up the middle of his stomach and stopped in the middle of his flat chest. I kissed his nipples and his neck. It was thin and weak. I was surprised that I didn’t accidently snap it earlier. I licked his armpits and savored the tangy taste of sweat as it covered my tongue. He had forgotten to wash his armpits. I kissed his lips gently and pulled on his lower lip. I then pulled down his boxers down and off. His hard cock sprang up, no longer constrained by is boxers. He had a nice patch of pubic hair. His legs were covered in brown hairs as well. I rolled him over and noticed his butt crack was hairy but not the rest of his butt cheeks. Rolling him back on to his back, I ran my fingertips from his sack along the underbelly of his cock to its head. I knelt over his body so that he was between my legs and unsheathed my stiletto dagger from my belt buckle. I slapped his face a couple times to wake him from his slumber. I consider it dishonorable to kill an unconscious person. His head slowly turned as he moaned. His hands reached slowly for his head. His eyes opened slowly till he saw me over him. “What the fuck” he blurted out. He saw the dagger in my hand as I raised it over his body to plunge it into his heart. I held the blade pointing down in both hands and thrust it down. His hands grabbed my waists and slowed the descent, but he was too weak to prevent it from inching closer and closer to his heart. He started begging for me to stop, asking me why I was doing this and that he will do anything if I let him go. The tip of the dagger touched his chest. Tears formed in the corner of his fear filled eyes. He screamed at me as the dagger broke though his skin. It slowly went deeper into his chest. His hands loosened their grip on my wrist and grabbed at my chest. I decided to end it quickly drove the dagger into his heart with one final thrust till the hilt touched his body. His hands fell to his stomach and he let out a final breath as his now empty eyes stared into mine, that fearful look still in them. I got to my feet and looked down at his limp body. Hot cum shoot out of his cock and covered hi upper belly. I pulled the blade out of his chest and covered the wound with his shirt. The dagger was very thin and left only a thin slit in his skin. After the bleeding had mostly stopped, I uncovered the wound and smeared his cum all over is belly and chest before licking it all clean. I kissed his open mouth and stared again into his empty eyes. Their color matched his hair. I walked over to the log and picked up is camera. It was a very nice SLR model that most have cost over 1000 dollars. I turned it on and walked over to his body. Turning on the video model I filmed his dead body to send as proof of completion. I moved his head side to side and got a close up of the wound. I then squeezed his balls as the final piece of evidence. I gathered his clothes together to burn later. I felt his phone in one of the short’s pockets. I turned it on and sent a text message to Mike telling him that Drew had a family emergency and had to go back home. I picked up Drew up by his armpits and dragged him deep into the forest. I gave him one final kiss on the lips, and then pulled a scalpel and cut open his chest and stomach. The scent of blood would bring bears and coyotes here to eat his remains and return him the Mother Nature witch he was so fond of. I hike down to where Drew and his friends parked their cars and use Drew’s keys to drive it over to an abandoned road a few miles away and hike back to my campsite.

any feedback is welcome. this story was wrtten rather quickly so i wasn't as able to into more detail. but he is, in my opinion, the least sexy of the five so im going to do better next week. also, if these stories get enought views, feedback, and high votes or rep points, ill though in a video of one of the victims having sex or masterbating. finally, each of the victims will die in a differant manner, so we will have some variety.

next week's victim is Mike