U.S. Gun Laws


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Dec 10, 2022
New Jersey
Every year gun restrictions are loosened in every state.

At the same time last month Canada totally banned possession of private firearms, with insignigicent exceptions.

U.S. gun laws? We basically don't have any. Go in, buy a few guns and start shooting.
What an embarrassing circus!
It's not the gun, it's the people! Clearly we have a mental health problem, as anyone who goes into a school and shoots innocent children and strangers is suffering from mental issues. The gun is merely the tool. No matter how tough the gun laws, only people who obey the law will be impacted; criminals will always get theirs! Some of the states with the most strict gun laws have the most shootings.
The USA has the most guns AND the most shootings. Add it up. You say guns aren't the problem? You need a gun in order to shoot someone, so yes, the guns ARE the problem.
Another U.S. state passes legislation to permit any citizen to purchase as many pistol's as they like and to carry them for self-defense openly or concealed 24/7.

Considering there are over 400 million guns owned by Americans, I think all of the things have been too late, too little.