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Aug 28, 2015
A story I found a few years ago. Now paste it here)

Sam and his girlfriend Roxy went to gym at night usually. But tonight when they went back to the locker rooms, they were murdered.

Both of them were second year undergraduate student in college sports team. Sam was a snowboarder, a tennis player and Roxy was a brilliant girl swimmer. To win the next varsity against another university, the boys in their rival teams murdered them when they stripped themselves off and prepared for a quick shower. But before their gym outfits left the skin of their bodies, they became dead bodies. Fortunately, however, no blood splashed out. Perhaps neither of them felt any pain when the death happened.

Killing two people in separated locker rooms at 11 PM in gym should not be noticed if the murders bought off the security?

The guys from the rival university wrapped two fresh dead bodies into two separate bags. And carried them onto the van parked at the back door of the gym. The next destination would be a private morgue, with a cremation chamber.

Two bodies in bags were placed on the ground in front of the cremation chamber. The guys unwrapped the body bags and put Sam and Roxy on the beds directly on two iron beds. Narrow, but long enough, though Sam was 1.91 meters tall. Both of them looked like asleep. And both of them had beautiful eyelash.

Those guys wouldn't give up this chance to explore bodies of the sport heroes from their rival university's sports teams.

Their first task was to enjoy the upper body of Roxy. Usually she wore sports bra and tight shorts for gym. Her flat and solid abs could be seen. But the boys were more interested in the parts covered by the sports bra. They removed one side of the bra. Then a well shaped, athletic breast came out. The colour of the nipple was shallow pink while the areola almost could not be seen. A boy massaged that breast with his hand, finding it was a breast stuffed with solid muscles.

But the boys did not expose the other breast. The did another thing: A guy used a knife cut off Roxy's right breast, the one exposed. That would be a good souvenir of their murder task.

Then it was Sam's turn. He was lying on the iron bed with vest, shorts, underpants, sports socks and trainers. Firstly, a boy used the knife cut off the left strap of his vest, exposing his left pectoral. Thin but solidly shaped, with a small, brown nipple standing at the bottom. Then he used the knife cut off that brown nipple, leaving a whole bleeding a little bit.

Immediately, another boy moved Sam's arms over his head so that they could check that boyish smell spreading from that hairless but beautifully sculpted armpits! As a 20 year old boy, it is a little hard to understand why there was so little hair in his armpits. But the most boyish smell came from those stripped feet later. He wore size 45, which means his feet should be almost 29 cm long.

Now time for cremation. Sam was pushed into the oven first. This handsome, good looking and muscular boy was transformed into a few kilos ash after 40 minutes. Then his girlfriend Rox, with only one breast.