Townhouse Barefoot Rape


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Mar 7, 2018
Maryland, USA
Townhouse Rape

He moved into the townhouse next to mine. Young and handsome, he caught my interest. The next day I sat on my deck. My bare feet propped up on the rail, just to get his attention. He came out in shorts, bare chest, and barefoot. His feet were perfectly formed. His toes straight and full as though they had been chiseled from granite by Michelangelo. He began walking around, in the grass. His bare feet called to me. Then he took the hose and began to water his lawn. It seemed that he looked at me and my bare feet from the corner of his eyes. Then he finished, he washed his feet off with the hose, slowly, the water cascading over them. They called to me. I must have them for my pleasure. With a half smile, he went into his house. He knew that his perfect bare feet had aroused me.

My cock hard and throbbing, I decided that I must possess his bare feet or die from the lust that grew within me. I waited until night stripped myself naked and entered his house with my trusty gun and handcuffs. Quietly I crept into his bedroom were he lay naked and asleep. His bare feet were there waiting for me to take them. I jumped onto his bed. He awoke with a scream which my hand silenced. We wrestled. Our naked bodies grinding against each other. Our cocks, hard, pushed each other in the fight. Finally, I was able to push him onto his belly, then I handcuffed his hands behind his back. Now he was mine.

I rolled him over and took a moment to admire his taught body, as he lay silent, staring at me. I felt his chest and belly with my hands as he struggled to escape. I knew then that he wouldn't give himself to my lust so I bound his luscious feet with a cord that I brought, just in case. As he cursed me, I ripped his pillow case and used it to gag him. He was now totally mine.

I started by taking his impressive cock in my hand and stroked it. Evidently he could not help but find my naked body appealing because his cock soon became hard. I released it and it stood fully hard and up from his body. I should have stroked it until he came, but I wanted to watch his cock as I took what I most wanted from him, his perfect bare feet.

With his hands and feet bound, he could only thrash about weakly. I enjoyed watching his bare feet kick helplessly being tied together. I crawled onto his naked body feeling his bare feet against mine, his chest struggling for freedom against my dominate body. I pushed my cock against his, rubbing it until both of our cocks throbbed for release. I pushed my bare feet against his feeling them give way to mine.

I think that he knew what was coming when I sat up and took hold of his bare feet. He knew that he had enticed me with his bare feet this afternoon, but he never suspected that I would be so aggressive as to take him the first night in his house. I started by massaging his perfect toes. At first he struggled but soon he relaxed. His cock now throbbed as though it were ready to release. Then I grasped his heels and rubbed them and his eyes rolled back with pleasure.

Now the time had come. I knew that I couldn't hold back much longer. His beautiful bare feet were now mine to use as I wished. I shoved by rigid cock between his feet and thrust it back and forth. I could tell that he too was aroused because his cock continued to throb, aching to release its pressure as I raped his bare feet. His feet squeezed my cock as it rammed between them. It seemed that he wanted them to be raped.

Finally I came, although I wanted to prolong my ecstasy at having found such a perfect pair of male bare feet. I could no longer hold back. My cock shot its hot cum between his feet and it struck his rigid shaft. The result was that his cock also shot its juices straight up into the air. Both of our cocks shot stream after stream of hot cum to release the pent up lust that had held us both.

Exhausted, I fell on my side. His feet still clutched my cock between them as if he didn't want to let it go. But after awhile, having expended its store of cum, it relaxed and I was able to pull it from the grip of his bare feet.

I stood up. His eyes looked at me as though inviting me for more, but I knew that I couldn't trust him. He could report my attack on him to the police, so I picked up my pistol and pumped two rounds into his belly. His eyes grew wide as saucers, but it was then that his bare feet put on their greatest show. His feet kicked and struggled in their binds trying to get free. I stared in awe as his perfect feet died in front of me. Finally, his bare feet stopped struggling and only weakly twitched. It was then that my cock again got hard. Here was the last of a beautiful pair of feet in their death throes. I stuck my cock between them to feel the tremble of his dying bare feet and came again feeling them die.