Also, see http://sinthetics.com/gallery/gabriel-1m/

The major problem with male dolls, is that they are created by heterosexual men. That's why male dolls don't sell well ! They tend to look like superman, batman, boxers, wrestlers or any model or hero that heterosexual men worship. Their aim is to create a face that look like a "man" and not a "handsome man". A fatal error which leads to little sales or no sales at all.

A male doll can't be created without the support of the whole male doll community.

The other major problem is that many manufacturers refuse to create male dolls only because they are obsessed by female beauty and really don't care about male beauty. They are only having fun in sculpting boobs and that's all. They simply despise the idea of creating a male doll. I was the witness of that kind of thinking.

Hopefully some manufacturers are more open minded and clever. they are interested by the creation of male dolls:

_ Sinthetics *
_ Maidlee
_Anatomical doll

The manufacturer who will create one or more stunning male dolls is going to have a high amount of orders that will nearly compete the orders of female dolls.