The Zoo Killer


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. The Start of it all
Twenty-three-year-old Powerlifter Ryan was one of the happiest people around. He was in a committed relationship with the girl of his dreams and life was good for the well-known social media influencer. He’d just recently graduated from Ohio State and just returned from competing in the IPF University worlds where he took third place and got a bronze medal.

Many of Ryan’s friends were proposing and getting hitched to their girlfriends and the young man was planning a surprise for the love of his life.

His girlfriend loved animals and Ryan had the best idea to hire out part of a zoo and propose to her there.

Times were tough at the Maddox County Zoo and wildlife park. Zoo visitors were not in decline but overheads for the Zoo were increasing. The two biggest expenditures were staff wages and food for the animals. The monthly cost of meat alone was over twenty thousand dollars and . Both of these couldn’t be cut as the zoo needed its staff and animals.

That’s why when Barclay received the call from Ryan asking if he could hire part of the zoo for an hour to propose to his girlfriend he listened, and when Ryan said he was willing to pay up to a thousand bucks Barclay jumped and made the suggestion. Ryan told him he’d drop by later that day to sign the paperwork and pay the deposit of half the fee up front.

Later that day Ryan now stood in front of Barclay who in turn was struck by the muscular physical athlete that stood before him. Ryan wore a white wife beater that showed off his strong powerful arms whilst the outline of his pecs cradled the white fabric as a pair of grey trackbottoms covered what Barclay guessed was a pair of powerful legs.

Ryan did a brief tour, happy with what he saw the young man prepared to pay. He put his phone down and grabbed the cash from his wallet. Barclay and Ryan shook hands as Barclay promised to have everything prepared at the weekend.

Arriving home Ryan walked through the door of his apartment, tired after a long day at the gym and running errands. He saw his girlfriend sitting on the couch, engrossed in a book. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then collapsed onto the couch beside her. "Hey babe," he said with a sigh. "How was your day?" she asked, looking up from her book. "It was okay, just really busy," he replied, running a hand through his hair. They chatted for a few minutes about their days, and then Ryan got up to jump in the shower. He pulled off his top and took off his track bottoms, as he did, he fell for his phone and couldn’t find it. He put on a pair of shorts and went to check his truck. With the phone not being there he tried to remember where he left it. He played the day through in his mind and remembered putting it down on the side at the zoo. Opening the door to his apartment he told his girlfriend that he’d be back shortly and jumped in his truck to drive over to the zoo.

On pulling up at the zoo Ryan noticed the place was closing and they weren’t letting anyone else in. He then saw the all access pass he’d been given earlier, grabbing it he jumped out of his truck and walked up to the window.

“Sorry we’re closing for the day.” The attendant behind the glass said barely looking up from their phone.

Ryan showed her the pass and told her he was here to see Barclay. She gave it a glance and shrugged her shoulders as the shirtless hunk entered the zoo.

He made his way to the back offices and opened the door unaware he had just tripped a silent alarm that sent an alert to Barclay’s phone.

The zoo had been suffering from some thefts from the admin offices, so the silent alarms had been installed and protocol was to set it when the last person was leaving an office. Barclay grabbed a hammer from the side and crept back into his office, he saw a shirtless figure bending over his desk and crept up behind them. Seconds later he brought the hammer crashing down on the unsuspecting thief’s head. A sickening crack echoed around the room as the unknown figure let out a groan and slumped over Barclays desk.

Barclay stood there, panting heavily, his fists still clenching the hammer, he could feel his heart racing in his chest. The adrenaline coursing through his veins, leaving him feeling both exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

As he looked down at the thief who was still clenching the mobile phone he had grabbed, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in himself.

A pool of blood was forming on the desk around the thief’s head and Barclay decided he wanted to see who had the nerve to try and rob him again.

He grabbed the shirtless thief’s shoulder and turned him over before taking a step back in shock when he saw that the person, he had attacked was Ryan and the phone he was holding was his own that he had come back to get.

“Oh shit. Fuck fuck fuck.” Barclay announced as he dropped the hammer and immediately checked for a pulse. Ryan’s vacant eyes looked up at him as he checked for a pulse and then put his head in his hands when he couldn’t find one. Barclay looked at the door and sat down at his desk as the realization finally hit, his heart began to race, and his palms grew sweaty. He could feel the weight of his mistake pressing down on him, suffocating him with guilt and panic. His mind raced, replaying the attack over and over again, as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. The sheer magnitude of the error was overwhelming, and Barclay couldn't help but feel like he had made a terrible mistake that would have irreversible consequences. Would he be sent to jail? Would people believe him? What would happen to the zoo? With each passing moment, his panic grew, and he began to feel like the walls were closing in on him. His breathing became shallow, and he struggled to keep his emotions in check, knowing that he had to face the consequences of his actions. Or did he?

A thought had just occurred to him, and he stood up and looked down at Ryan’s muscular body. No one had to know what happened. What if he just made Ryan’s body disappear?

The zoo was full of animals that ate meat and Ryan’s meat was no different to the dead horses and cows that the zoo spent a fortune on.

At that moment there was a knock at the office door.

“What’s up?” Barclay snapped from behind it.

“We’re just finishing up are you ok for the staff to go.” The voice from the other side asked.

“Yeah sure. I’ll lock up.” Barclay replied, knowing he wouldn’t be going home for a while yet.

He waited and checked the computers to ensure all the staff had signed out and then dragged Ryan to the room where they prepared the meat for the animals. Littered with many carving and butchering knives it was the perfect place to harvest the meat from this unfortunate young man’s body.

Ryan was laid out on a large metal table and a photograph taken of the dead young man as Barclay wasted little time in dismembering the fine muscular that lay before him.

He removed Ryan’s head and then cut both arms off followed by both legs. The sexy powerlifters body now lay in six parts.

With so many animals to feed Barclay put all the big meat eaters into a random picker and made the decision that it would be the best way to see which animal would eat what part.

Ryan’s head was first up, and it was thrown to the Hyena’s, these scavenging creatures ate both bone and flesh alike and Barclay watched as a couple of them fought each other only to see other members of the pack swoop in and devour it. He watched as the creatures’ powerful jaws bit into the head sending skull fragments everywhere. Within a couple of minutes, the head was reduced to sprinters of skull, blood and some hair.

All the flesh was cut from Ryan’s thick right arm and the meat fed to various carnivores at the zoo. His left arm was thrown to the Piranha’s who removed the flesh within seconds as the stripped bone sunk to the bottom of their tank.

His athletic torso was fed to the pack of lions who with their Strick hierarchy allowed the pack leader to feed on the fine meat before the rest of the pride consumed what remained including the bones.

Barclay now prepared to feed the meaty powerlifters legs to some animals. He cut both meaty thighs away just above the knee. His right thigh was fed to the vultures whose sharp beaks made light work of the tender meat whilst the Komodo Dragons fought each other to devour the thick left thigh. The remaining part of his right leg was thrown to the wolves who demolished and left very little whilst the Hyena’s consumed the left leg. Whatever bones remained and Ryan’s right hand were left for some of nature’s cleaners the bearded vultures who feast predominantly on bone.

The fine 6’2” frame and 235ilbs of pure muscle and bone now rested in the various bellies of the zoo animals as no trace existed of Ryan apart from some bone shreds, blood stains and the odd scrap of hair.

Barclay drove Ryan’s truck and dumped it in a car park a little away from the zoo and went home doing he had got away with murder and disposing the body. He felt some remorse but also satisfaction that he could feed the animals he loved so much at the zoo.
Chapter 2. Feeding the New Addition
As Barclay walked into his local gym, he immediately noticed that something was off. The once quiet and peaceful gym had turned into a loud and bustling hub for influencers, with people taking selfies and filming their workouts all over the place. The gym members were no longer focused on their fitness goals, but instead were consumed by their social media presence.

Barclay was taken aback by the change in atmosphere. He had always enjoyed going to the gym to clear his head and focus on his own fitness journey. But now, with the influx of influencers, the gym had become a chaotic and shallow place.

He watched as one young man posed for his camera while doing squats, barely even breaking a sweat. Another man took multiple selfies while lifting weights, flashing a fake smile for each one. Barclay couldn't help but roll his eyes.

It was at that moment that he decided to take advantage of the situation. With all the influencers preoccupied with their social media, they were easy pickings for his zoo and Barclay knew he could pick the odd one off every now and then.

There was one influencer that Barclay kept finding himself being drawn to. At first, he tried to turn his attentions elsewhere as Joe had been one of the few influencers that gave the regular gym goers the time of day. But as Barclay watched Joe did some poses that showed off the veins in his arms and fantastic legs and the more, he watched he knew that Joe was going to be the next victim to feed the animals.

Barclay didn’t let Joe out of his sight and watched as the attractive influencer rolled up his top to reveal his fine athletically toned body.

Joe was going to be Barclays next victim and he now settled down to stalk the young man.

It was a hot day and Barclay sat in his car, feeling the sun radiating off the hood in front of him. He was lost in his thoughts when he saw a shirtless Joe walking towards him. Joe was only wearing a pair of patterned shorts with a towel sling over his shoulder as his body was glistening with sweat.

This was the first time Barclay could get a great view of his potential victim whose chiseled abs and bulging muscles were on full display. Barclay couldn't help but feel envious of Joe's perfect physique but looked forward to at least one of his lucky zoo animals devouring it.

As Joe walked past him, Barclay couldn't help but stare. He was in awe of Joe's confidence and how he seemed to revel in the attention he was getting from everyone on the street.

Barclay started his car and drove a little further down the street, this time when the shirtless hunk approached Barclay was waiting and flung a chloroform rag into his face, Joe put up some initial resistance as he dropped the towel, he was carrying but soon succumbed to the fumes as Barclay pushed his body into the car and drove off.

Back at the zoo Barclay contemplated which lucky animal was going to be devouring Joe. He pondered for a while and then remembered the latest addition to their collection.

Barclay couldn't believe his luck. An expedition had finally captured the elusive reticulated python he had been searching for, and she was a beauty. A massive, 150-foot-long serpent that he had named Veronica.

Barclay was still in awe of the sheer size of the snake. He had never seen anything like it in his life. The reticulated python was the longest snake species in the world, and Veronica was easily the largest he had ever seen. Her scales glimmered in the light, and her eyes glistened as she slithered around her new enclosure.

As he watched Veronica move around, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. His zoo was already home to some unique and exotic animals, but Veronica was something truly special. And he knew that visitors would come from across the world to see her.

Barclay had always been fascinated by snakes, and reticulated pythons were one of his favorites. They were powerful, yet graceful and had a mystique about them that he found alluring.

But even as he marveled at Veronica's beauty, Barclay was fully aware of the challenges that came with owning such a massive snake. Feeding her was a daunting task, and he would need to make sure her enclosure was secure and well-maintained. Veronica was not a pet, and Barclay knew that he would always need to respect her power and strength.

He also knew that a snake this size needed a heavy meal and with his latest plans she would only be fed the finest specimens of male, and Joe was to be the first as Barclay wasted little time in stripping Joe down to his underwear and prepared to release Veronica.

A groggy Joe rubbed his head as he slowly came round unaware that he shared a room with a large reptile that took a keen interest in him. Barclay watched as Joe stood up as his mind tried to comprehend where he was. He took a step forward and was stopped in his tracks as Veronica’s head darted toward him her jaws open wide, she moved with incredible velocity as she clasped onto Joe’s left shoulder pulling him down to the floor. Joe was unaware as to what had happened until he saw the large Python clasped on his shoulder. He shouted for help and tried to get up to run, but Veronica wrapped her large body twice around Joe’s body. He screamed and begged for help as Veronica tightened her grip and squeezed her body tighter around him. Barclay was not going to help; he was only interested in one thing. Joe’s upcoming death and watched as Joe tried desperately to fight the large Python off. Veronica had wrapped herself around the middle of his torso just below his abs and the second coil began just below his waist. Joe’s legs were thrashing about as he tried desperately to get loose, his face going bright red as he was unable to breathe as Veronica was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked for help as he tried to gasp his last breaths and Barclay watched as his legs dropped down as death overcome him. His right arm was out straight, and his left arm had fallen onto Veronica’s scaly body. Barclay then watched as Veronica loosened her grip and slithered away releasing Joe’s hot corpse.

Veronica opened her mouth wide and disconnected her jaw and moved towards Joe’s head. He stared at Barclay his eyes penetrating him in his death stare. Veronica began to slowly swallow his dead body. Barclay watched as she swallowed him headfirst and was amazed as after swallowing Joe’s head, her jaws opened wider as she began to swallow his broad shoulders. Barclay grabbed Joe’s arms and lay them alongside his body. He observed Veronica’s fangs help her to ease Joe’s corpse into her mouth, as she moved her head forwards her fangs would drag Joe further into her mouth. Barclay watched as his solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, as Veronica moved onto his lower body, every inch of Joe’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which lay halfway between his thighs. Veronica continued to eat Joe, after just half an hour of swallowing Joe all that remained where his shins and bare feet. Barclay observed as his shins slowly disappeared into Veronica’s mouth. He watched as a bulge moved further along Veronica’s body on its way to the stomach. Finally, Joe’s bare feet vanished down the snake’s throat and Barclay watched as Joe’s corpse was slowly pushed along Veronica’s body until the lump stopped. By the looks of its Joe had finally reached her stomach.

Barclay stood up as Veronica moved slowly towards a corner of the room to rest and digest her large meal. Barclay hoped she would like the tasty young man as future plans depended on it. He knew that it would take between seven to nine days for Veronica to fully digest Joe and then she wouldn’t need to eat for weeks or months. Barclay looked at the lump in Veronica’s tummy and there was no way you could tell a human lay in there.

It wasn’t until 10 days later that Barclay saw that Veronica had finished digesting her meal as her stomach returned to normal size. It looked like Joe had agreed with her as the snake had only regurgitated some hair, the underwear Joe wore along with his earrings and jewelry he wore. These were the things Veronica couldn’t digest.

Chapter 4. The Abusive Boyfriend

Barclay walked into the canteen at work and noticed one of his employees, Michelle, sitting alone at a table sobbing quietly. Concerned, he walked over and asked if everything was okay. Michelle looked up and after a moment of hesitation, she burst into tears.

Through sobs, Michelle told Barclay that she couldn't cope anymore. Her boyfriend, Gavin, was gradually becoming mean and abusive towards her. She was afraid, confused, and didn't know how to deal with the situation. Barclay listened intently, his heart breaking for Michelle as she slowly revealed everything.

Barclay reassured Michelle that she wasn't alone. He gave her a list of women's shelters and domestic violence support groups that she could go to for help. He also advised her to speak with a therapist and to consider leaving the relationship for her physical and mental safety.

He’d met Gavin before and remembered he was a young man with a cocky demeanor and a pompous attitude. He always thought the world revolved around him and that everyone should bow down to him, regardless of the situation. He was selfish and self-centered, and the people around him could barely stand to be near him.

Gavin had a habit of talking down to everyone he met and belittling people for fun. He loved making crude jokes and putting people in their place, even if it made them feel embarrassed or angry. His friends and family found it hard to be around him, and he seemed to revel in their discomfort.

Gavin was the kind of guy who always had to be the center of attention, and he loved nothing more than showing off his wealth and status. He would often brag about his flashy car or elegant apartment, and he would make sure everyone within earshot knew how much money he made.

His friends would often confront him about his behavior, but Gavin would just shrug them off with a snide remark. He believed himself to be untouchable and never listened to anyone's advice. Even those who tried to help him, he would push away without a second thought.

Barclay knew that he needed some more meat for the zoo and guessed he had just found it with Gavin.

Barclay had just left the zoo when he decided to pay an unplanned visit to his employee Michelle's boyfriend, Gavin, in an attempt to confront him about his abusive behavior towards her. After driving to Gavin's house and parking his car, Barclay walked over to the backyard and found Gavin swimming leisurely in the pool.

Without a second thought, Barclay approached Gavin and began to discuss Michelle. He reminded Gavin that he had no right to treat her poorly, and from what he had heard from Michelle, Gavin had been nothing but disrespectful and cruel towards her.

Gavin rolled his eyes and laughed at Barclay's suggestion to stop the abuse and be kind to Michelle. "What are you, her savior now? Mind your business," he taunted as he splashed water in Barclay's direction.

Barclay was taken aback by Gavin's attitude and lack of accountability for his abusive behavior. "Your behavior is unacceptable, Gavin. You're putting Michelle in danger, and that's something I won't stand idly by for," he firmly declared.

But Gavin just shrugged and said, "Michelle's a big girl. She can handle her own problems."

Barclay sighed in frustration as he realized Gavin just wasn't ready to listen. He took a deep breath and tried to reason with him once more. "I implore you to change your ways, Gavin. Michelle deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. Don't be the reason she suffers any longer," he pleaded.

But Gavin just scoffed and dismissed what Barclay was saying. "Whatever, man. You should go now. I have better things to do than listen to moral lectures from you." Gavin turned his back to Barclay and swam to the other end of the pool, disregarding the conversation entirely.

Feeling defeated, Barclay turned around and pondered his next move. He felt angry and frustrated that Gavin had refused to take responsibility for his abusive conduct and just signed his own death warrant.

Barclay couldn't believe how arrogant and dismissive Gavin had been during his visit. He wasn't quite ready to leave yet and stood by as Gavin climbed out of the pool and made his way over to a sun lounger where he laid back, lit a cigar, and kicked up his feet.

Barclay watched from a distance as Gavin took a few puffs from his cigar and let out a cloud of smoke. He felt anger rising within him as he couldn't believe that Gavin was acting so carelessly after what he had just been confronted about.

Barclay took a few steps toward Gavin and spoke in a low, firm voice. "Gavin, I think it's time you take what I said seriously. You can't just dismiss Michelle's pleas for help."

Gavin gave him a nonchalant glance before muttering, "I don't know what you're talking about. Michelle's just being dramatic."

Barclay's frustration was at its peak when he heard those words. Gavin's callous disregard for Michelle and her safety infuriated him. "She's not being dramatic, Gavin. As her employer, I have a responsibility to look out for her well-being, and I will not tolerate any abuse towards her from anyone, not even you," he firmly stated.

However, Gavin merely snorted and took another drag of his cigar. "Whatever keeps you up at night, old man. But I don't think a little love tap here and there is considered abuse," he quipped with a smug grin.

Barclay knew he should walk away from the situation before it escalated any further but knew what his plan was. He took one last look at Gavin before turning around and picking up a heavy rock from behind Gavin and bringing it crashing down on his head. Gavin let out an “oomph” and blood splattered as Barclay rained blow after blow down on him, after around fifteen blows Gavin lay dead his face unrecognizable but his fine body still intact.

Barclay had no guilt over killing Gavin, he was an arrogant son of a bitch that wouldn’t be missed and wasted little time in dragging the body back to his pick up and conveying it back to the zoo.

When Barclay arrived back at the zoo, he was relieved to see Michelle's face. He walked over to her and was surprised to find her beaming with happiness, much different from how she was earlier in the day.

"Hey, Michelle. You seem to be in higher spirits," Barclay said with a smile.

Michelle beamed even wider and replied, "I am! After you left, something amazing happened. I just had this amazing feeling not so long ago that the abuse was going to stop!"

Barclay was intrigued and asked her to explain.

"I went to the coffee shop around the corner and on the walk back heard someone telling me it was all going to be ok" Michelle explained, her eyes glistening with hope.

Barclay couldn't have been happier as he smiled to himself, the abuse was definitely over, and Michelle was going to be free.

"That's fantastic, Michelle. I'm glad you feel like that." he replied with a gentle smile.

Michelle nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, it was incredible!"

Barclay could see the difference in Michelle's demeanor almost immediately. She had a newfound confidence and was ready to take on anything that came her way.

“I have an important meeting so make sure I’m not disturbed please.” Barclay said as he disappeared into his private quarters and removed Gavin’s body from the truck.

Gavin was laid out on a metal table as Barclay grabbed some knives and began the process of dismembering the young man’s body.

With the task now finished Gavin lay in six parts, his head, two arms and legs and his torso. Barclay had already decided that the other big cats minus the lions and tigers would be the receivers of Gavin’s flesh.

Once the zoo had closed feeding time had begun and he conveyed Gavin’s torso into the Mountain Lion enclosure and watched as the two beasts conveyed on the torso and began to pull chunks of flesh from it as they gorged until they were full.

The flesh from his limbs was cut away and into large chunks that was thrown to the zoo’s other big cats whilst Gavin’s head and remains were given to the Hyena’s who wasted little time in devouring what remained of the arrogant young man.
Chapter 5

Sean was a man of contradictions. On one hand, he was the epitome of sex appeal with his chiseled physique and tattoos covering every inch of his body. He owned an underwear brand and worked as a model for several well-known companies, so it wasn't surprising that the camera loved him. However, despite his physical perfection, Sean had a personality that often left something to be desired.

He could be abrupt with people, especially his employees, and often came across as obnoxious and arrogant. His tendency to be demanding and push his team to the limit could make him appear nasty, but he claimed that he was simply a perfectionist who wanted the best for his business. His rough exterior might have been off-putting to some, but there was no denying that there was something undeniably sexy about his unruly nature.

Despite his tough demeanor, Sean was a man with a soft spot for his girlfriend of six months, Lena. The two of them had met at a photo shoot when she'd been the makeup artist on set. Sean had been ensnared by her beauty, and they'd hit it off immediately. Lena had a calming effect on Sean, and he found himself opening up to her in ways he hadn't with anyone before. She was the yin to his yang, and although he could be challenging at times, she loved him for who he was.

Together, Sean and Lena navigated the ups and downs of running a business and balancing a relationship. Even though Sean could be a handful, he did everything he could to make sure that his girlfriend felt loved and appreciated. He might have been tough on the outside, but he had a heart of gold and was fiercely protective of those he cared about.

Despite his flaws, Sean was a complicated and intriguing man. His tattooed exterior belied a complex personality, and he was never afraid to push boundaries and take risks. He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there was no denying that he was undeniably sexy and fascinating to watch.

The morning of the photoshoot had arrived, and Sean was a nervous wreck. He had spent weeks planning this shoot, which was going to take place at a local zoo. He had hired out a section of the zoo that was normally closed to the public, and he planned to use the animals as a unique backdrop for his underwear line. It was an ambitious project, and Sean was worried that something would go wrong.

He had an early start to make sure that everything was set up before the models arrived. Sean woke up before dawn, his mind racing with thoughts about the shoot. He checked his phone, hoping that his team had arrived at the zoo and that everything was going according to plan.

As he got dressed, he couldn't help but feel anxious. This was a big deal for his underwear brand, and he wanted everything to be perfect. Sean had put all of his time and money into this project, and the pressure was mounting. He tried to shake off his nerves and remind himself that he was capable of handling anything that might go wrong.

Before leaving the house, he took a moment to kiss his girlfriend Lena goodbye. She was still sleeping and didn't stir as he gently stroked her hair. He hoped that the shoot would go well so that he could come back home and celebrate with her.

As he made his way to the zoo, Sean's nerves began to settle. He took deep breaths, reminding himself that he was in control, and that everything would go according to plan. He arrived at the zoo and met with his team of models, who were all excited but nervous about the shoot.

Sean was a perfectionist, so he had gone to great lengths to ensure that the shoot would run smoothly.

As the owner of the zoo, Barclay was nervous about the photoshoot. It was the first time they had allowed such an event to take place, and he was anxious about how the animals would react. He had instructed his team to be extra careful and to ensure that the animals were not stressed, but he couldn't help but worry.

On the day of the photoshoot, Barclay was present to oversee everything and make sure that everything ran smoothly. However, he overheard two of the models discussing their outfits for the shoot, and they were concerned about how erotic the clothing was.

Barclay listened in, unsure of what to do. He knew that he had given the go-ahead for the shoot, but he didn't want anything inappropriate to be happening in his zoo. After some contemplation, he decided to talk to Sean, the CEO of the company, and voice his concerns.

He found Sean in the midst of a heated discussion with the models. They were upset that they weren't told that the shoot would be so sensual, and they were now refusing to wear the underwear that had been provided for them. Sean argued with them, insisting that they knew what they were signing up for, but the models weren't having it.

Barclay stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation, but Sean was seething, angry that the models were jeopardizing the whole shoot. He argued with them, trying to convince them to stay and finish their job, but ultimately, they all walked out along with the photographer, leaving Sean all alone.

Sean was left fuming, but he knew that he couldn't do anything about it now. What he did know was that he could model the underwear, he ‘d done it before, and he’d have to do it again. The only problem was finding a photographer at such short notice. There was however one option and Sean now turned to Barclay and asked if he would do the deed. Barclay told Sean there wasn’t a hope in hell. But Sean countered with money again Barclay wasn’t interested until Sean offered him a thousand bucks. This was an offer Barclay couldn’t refuse.

Barclay had never taken photos professionally before, but he was game to give it a try.

Sean quickly changed into a pair of blue briefs and walked over to a rock where a brown bear sat only yards away from him. Barclay took up position behind the camera, and Sean began to strike a pose. He lifted his left arm behind his head and angled his body slightly, his right leg propped up against the rock.

Despite the chaos that had ensued earlier, Sean was in his element now. The bear was a captivating subject, and he knew that the images they were capturing would be truly unique. His eyes glinted with satisfaction as he stared into the camera, owning the moment.

Barclay was surprised at how well he had taken to photography. He found himself drawn into the shoot, constantly shifting his position to get a better angle. The whole experience was exhilarating, and he felt as though he was getting the hang of it by the time they finished.

As they wrapped up this part of the shoot, Sean felt a sense of pride wash over him. Despite the challenges they had faced, they had managed to create something truly special. He knew that the images they had captured would stand out from the standard, run-of-the-mill shots that his competitors were taking and looked forward to the rest of the shoot.

For the second part of the shoot, Sean had changed into a pair of white briefs and now sat on a few steps just yards away from a magnificent, yet dangerous tiger. Though it was a little daunting to be so close to such a creature, Sean savored the opportunity to get some unique shots.

What the observers didn't know was there were 10,000 volts of electricity separating Sean and the tiger. It was a safety measure that was set up to protect Sean from any harm should the tiger decide to attack.

Sean sat on the steps, with his right arm behind his head, looking incredibly sexy. The contrast between the crisp white brief and the vivid orange stripes on the tiger made for a striking image. The animal sat poised, its muscles rippling beneath its fur as it gazed intently at Sean.

The two of them were locked in a magnetic gaze. Sean, with his piercing green eyes, looking straight ahead, and the tiger, with its own piercing glare, studying him intently.

It was a surreal moment; Sean felt an adrenaline rush coursing through him as he stared into the eyes of one of nature's most powerful predators. He knew he was safe, but the sheer magnificent power of the creature was overwhelming.

Eventually, this part of the shoot came to an end, and Sean got up from his perch. As he walked away, he couldn't help but feel a sense of awe for the majestic beast he had shared that moment with. He knew it would be a picture that people would talk about for years to come.

For the third part of the shoot, Sean changed into a provocative purple thong that left little to the imagination. He strutted around, clearly enjoying the attention he was receiving, while Barclay got to work setting up the next shot.

Once everything was in place, Sean was seated on a ledge with his right leg laying straight out in front of him, and his left leg bent as he rested his left arm on his left knee. It was a pose of confidence and control, which was heightened by the fact that he was barely clothed.

As they started shooting, a few snakes were brought in and now crawled over Sean. His eyes locked onto the glass in front of him, and he allowed the snakes to slither freely over his body. The sensation was strange, but he was determined to get the shot.

Barclay worked quickly, adjusting the lighting and positioning canisters to focus the camera on Sean's glimmering skin. The snakes moved artfully, weaving in and out of his legs, wrapping around his arms, and tangling up in his hair.

Looking through the glass, Sean knew that he was creating a striking image that would be both seductive and fierce. The snakes added an element of danger and excitement to the shot, and he was thrilled with how everything was unfolding.

As they wrapped up the shoot, Sean near he only had a few more parts of the shoot to do.

For the next part of the shoot, Sean changed into a sleek pair of black briefs and headed over to the lion enclosure. The anticipation was thick in the air as Barclay set up, his eyes on Sean as he made his way to the fence.

For the first part of the shoot, Sean stood with his back to the fence with a lioness only a few yards away. The lioness sniffed hungrily at the hunk of fresh meat that was just out of its reach. Sean's heart was racing as he posed for the camera, but he remained still, exuding confidence and an air of easy masculinity.

As the shoot progressed, Barclay brought in some lion cubs and placed them around Sean as he provocatively sat in the chair in his black briefs and white socks. The cubs mewled and pawed at his legs, their inquisitive natures highlighting the bond between man and animal, and the harmony between predator and prey.

Sean took the shoot in his stride, his gaze steady, and his position commanding. The images captured were raw, vivid, and breathtaking.

After the intense shoot at the zoo, Sean took a break and stepped aside to take a phone call. Barclay, curious about what he was saying, eavesdropped and overheard him telling the person on the other end that the shoot had been a disaster, and that he had left the zoo a long time ago.

Barclay's mind immediately raced with a plan. With people thinking Sean had left the zoo meant he could feed some fresh meat to some lucky animals and that gave him a perfect opportunity to create something unique.

Sean's lie was an attempt to create some drama and build a surprise for his audience. Little did he know that his words would lead him to a place that he wouldn't be returning from. The epic shots they had taken were nothing compared to what Barclay was about to create, which meant ending Sean’s life.

Sean asked Barclay to get some closeup shots of a new thong his brand was about to release. Barclay agreed, and Sean soon changed into a black thong, striking different poses as Barclay took some shots from the front before turning around to capture some from the back.

Sean urged Barclay to get some epic shots as he continued posing, but little did he know that Barclay was about to make a move.

Suddenly, without any warning, Barclay swung his fist, hitting Sean right in the jaw and knocking him to the ground.

Sean struggled to get up, but before he could even speak, Barclay hit him again, this time with a brutal kick to the stomach. Sean's breath left him in a whoosh as he gasped for air, the pain searing through his body. He tried to crawl backward, but Barclay was right there, grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head back.

Sean's eyes widened in horror as he saw the knife in Barclay's hand. He tried to fight back, but it was too late. In one swift motion, Barclay slit Sean's throat, and Sean brought his hands up to try and stem the blood flow before collapsing onto the floor, lifeless. Barclay now created his own magic as he took some photos of Sean’s body.

Barclay wasted little time in dragging Sean’s lifeless tattooed body to the hyena enclosure and dragged the fresh meat into the middle before whistling and retreating as the Hyenas now slowly moved towards the fresh meat.

Bradley continued to take pictures and watched as the hyenas used their powerful jaws and teeth to rip and tear large chunks of flesh from Sean’s body. They began by eating the soft tissue around the abdomen and gained access to the insides. Then, he watched as they chowed on his muscles and pulled out his organs with some fighting what they could get. Barclay watched as a baby Hyena grabbed some of Sean’s intestines and ran off with it in its mouth. He continued to watch as the beasts crushed Sean’s bones and tore his flesh and body to pieces .

Within a few hours nothing remained of Sean apart from a blood patch and some scraps of meat and shards of bone.

The Hyenas were not picky eaters, as they consumed Sean’s entire body, including bones, hair, and the black thong he was killed in.