The Taxidermist Sequel


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Dec 16, 2020
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A Sequel to "The Taxidermist" by RC
I like "The Taxidermist" by RC so much I wrote a sequel to it. If you haven't read the original story it is in this section.
Officer Ryan Knapp slammed the rear car door. The driver that had run the stop sign was secured in the back of his cruiser behind a secure screen. Knapp then went around and sat in the driver's seat. He started the engine as the tow truck pulled away with Abe's car.

"Will I get dinner in jail, officer?" Abe asked, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse."

The officer's blood ran cold and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. His cock twitched inside its prison - a jockstrap that Knapp used to hold back his massive dick meat.

Knapp's nickname in high school was "Horse" but, nobody had called him that in years. He both hated and loved the moniker. His teammates had given the name after seeing his thick 12-inch uncut cock swinging in the showers above his huge balls.

Part of Knapp was proud of his cock. He also hated it because his mother had forced him to tuck it inside of tight briefs that were one size too small. She was horrified anytime he showed a bulge in his pants.

Despite the shame his mother had instilled in him, everyone in school referring to him as “Horse” overcharged his sense of entitlement. He took up a campaign of ruthless and relentless bullying of any nerd he deemed physically inferior.

Knapp then recognized Abe as one of the dozens of nerds he'd brutally tormented at every opportunity in high school. Thinking about having one of those fucktards helpless and handcuffed in his cruiser made Knapp's cock start to strain inside his tight jockstrap.

"Remember, Horse? Remember when you held my head down and flushed the toilet that you'd just taken a dump in? Your piss and turds swirled in the water. I swallowed half the bowel before you let me breathe again. It wasn't a fun day for me walking around smelling like your waste.”

The hunky officer thought about the hundreds of times he'd forced various nerds to lick his dirty hairy ass crack. Besides the satisfaction of humbling a nerd, Horse would go into bliss as a warm wet tongue would swipe its way across his pucker.

Knapp's cruiser was still on the side of the road waiting for traffic to clear when everything in the car shut off - the engine stopped and the entire dashboard went dark. Knapp picked up the radio to call in for backup. There was nothing on the radio, not even static.

Using the key he'd hidden in his shirt cuff, Abe had freed his hands as soon as he'd gotten in the car.

Hiding in the bushes, Abe's apprentice had activated an EMT pulse which disabled all the electronics in the police car.

"Is everything okay, Horse?"

The bully in Knapp, which he had futilely tried to suppress over the years, flared up and he bolted out of the driver's seat and stomped to the rear door and opened it to teach Abe a lesson.

A club came down on the back of Knapp's neck. Wesley, Abe's new apprentice, had hit the officer hard enough to knock him out.

When Horse woke up he was stark raving naked on a cold metal embalming table. His whole body had been denuded of hair.

Wesley was just finishing making Horse's full-body mold over which Horse's hide would later be stretched. It was the same process that Abe had used to create a body mold of Wesley last week. Abe had told Wesley it was training to show him how it was done.

Horse started to yell for help but couldn't make a sound. He tried to sit up and couldn't move. He was helpless, exposed, embarrassed, and paralyzed.

Abe came into the room and admired his handiwork.

"See, Wesley, getting even with a bully is possible. They say revenge is a dish best served cold and soon Horse will be dead cold."

Abe was not impressed with Wesley's skills. His work was sub-par and he showed little promise that he'd improve. Wesley wasn't the first apprentice Abe had needed to terminate. Not that it mattered since Wesley would soon be in a display where he'd never fuck up again.

Wesley was sporting a 3" raging erection which made an itty-bitty little tent in his scrubs. He'd been teased about his small dick for as long as he could remember. Even his pediatrician had referred to it once as a micro-penis in front of his father.

Although Horse wasn't one of Wesley's bullies, he resembled the jocks that had tormented him. Wesley was eager for revenge in whatever way he could find it and Horse would do nicely.

Abe smiled at his apprentice.

"Normally, I don't inject the silicone into the penis to make it hard forever until later. However, in this case, I want this bastard to know that I now own him - all of him."

Horse felt the embalming needle pierce the base of his cock. As the liquid silicone was forced into the tissue of his massive meat, it swelled up in a magnificent erection. Abe played with the foreskin trying to decide if it looked best covering the knob, fully retracted, or halfway down.

“Wesley, pay attention and notice that no matter how I place the foreskin, the silicone has created an erect penis that is just too big to accommodate it. I think we need to circumcise him to make the display look more realistic. It will also help create a better image of the All American Male he used to be. Get a UniCirc circumcision kit from the blue supply box on the far wall.”

“We can throw away that 20% lidocaine cream. It ruins the flavor of the foreskin and I do love a good foreskin appraiser. With this one added to the four I have vacuum sealed in a freezer bag, I have enough to stuff them with a pecan, truffle, and dungeness crab mixture. It is, and I say this with all modesty, to die for.”

Wesley started to turn green at the thought of eating the amuse-bouche Abe was planning for dinner.

Paying no attention to Wesley's discomfort, Abe continued applying the UniCirc clamp system.

Horse felt the inner ring slide over his engorged knob to fit behind the ridge of his glans. Then, Abe tugged Horse's stretched foreskin over the inner ring and pulled the skin tight. An outer ring was lined up with the inner ring.

“See how nicely the clamps line up? Now you just snap the thumb lock.”

WHAM! Horse saw a bright white light as the two rings crushed the nerves of his prepuce.

The pain was not over. With Horse still immobile from the paralytic, Abe took a scalpel and slowly, with sadistic flick after flick, cut the foreskin free of the clamps. Every stroke of the scalpel made Horse to want to jump off the table. Yet, he couldn't move at all.

“There, that solves that problem. Later, I will paint on a dark circ halo so it looks like it was done as a neonatal routine circumcision.”

Wesley dry heaved into the procedure room sink.

Abe ignored Wesley's drama – after all, Wesley would soon be part of the newest display. Of course, Abe had not bothered to ask Wesley if he wanted to live forever as one of Abe's creations.

“Wesley, help me roll him over and I'll give you a chance to show me your skills at cutting the hide from the neck to the tailbone.”

Of course, a task this important could not be left to yet another disappointment in a string of incompetent apprentices. As Wesley reached for the scalpel to begin, he felt Abe's hand on his back and the pinch of a hypodermic needle embed itself into his ass muscle.

Abe caught Wesley as he collapsed and moved him onto the other bare metal table. Tears welled up in Wesley's eyes. Nobody knew better than he the evil he was about to experience as his paralyzed body was to be skinned in preparation for its stretching over the full-body mold Abe had made of him.

As Abe used his scissors to cut off Wesley's clothes, he discovered another foreskin.

“Excellent. I didn't know you were uncut. It's so small, I think I can sell it as a clitoral hood - those go for a premium at the long pig meat market.”

Wesley couldn't believe it, he was about to die and the last thing he would hear was more taunting about his tiny pecker.

After days of work, Abe looked at his new two-person display. If Wesley had been better at taxidermy, he'd still be alive. As it was, he was more useful stuffed.

Looking lifelike, Horse was on his knees in front of the toilet with his head in the water. Wesley's foot was holding Horse's face in the bowl. The toilet would flush whenever the display light came on.

As a final insult to Horse and an enteral gift to the Wesley, Abe had switched their cocks and gonads. Proudly, for the first time, the apprentice was sporting a perfect 12 inch cock and low hangers. He was dominantly in charge of Horse.

Abe had no idea who Annabelle was. Her name was tattooed on Horse's chest inside a heart. Abe had carefully removed the tattoo from Horse and using micro stitches sewn it into Wesley's chest. Horse was to be eternally deprived of the symbols of manhood he'd most dearly loved.

Despite having been a tiny dicked wimp in life, Wesley now appeared every bit the jock bully.

The plaque in front of the display read, “ Wesley and Ryan - High School Horse Hung Bully and Victim”.


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Great story! I was hard from first word to last.