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Oct 28, 2012
A thread with stories as if Gacy was never caught and active in the modern day.
It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Ace

From the outside, John Wayne Gacy lived a normal American life. Well respected within the community, an active member of the local government and owner of multiple businesses and married with a few children. However, the reality was very much different from the persona that Gacy liked to give off.

In the opportunistic dream that is middle-class America, the hard‐working, outgoing 'family man' next door who entertained local children as a party clown is not supposed to be the perpetrator of one of the worst homicidal streaks in US history.

But John Wayne Gacy was just that a master manipulator who ensured that most things in his life were simply fronts that allowed him to continue his passion of taking the lives of young men. His standing within the community meant he could bat off any allegation as pure jealousy and smear campaigns from local rivals. His businesses although successful were one of the many ways he could lure young men to their deaths and although he was now separated from his second wife the marriages had made sure his closeted homosexuality had remained hidden.

A veteran serial killer Gacy had killed around forty young men and buried them beneath the crawl space of his house. These crimes would now remain hidden as Gacy bulldozed the house and had concreted his crimes over as he developed a multi-story car park on the many graves.

Gacy had now moved states and was settling into his new house, a twenty-acre ranch with a large house that gave him lots of space to dispose of future victims’ bodies.

The hunt was on for the first victim at his new house.

Twenty-year-old Ace had it all, the Missouri native came from a respected family and was a top baseball prospect within his local community.

He had committed to sign on at Missouri State University but around the same time, he found that one of his Tik Tok videos had gone viral and overnight Ace went from a relative nobody to Tik Tok star. Offers from management companies came in and Ace was quickly left with a dilemma as he was offered a place in a social media hype house.

Ace considered what he was going to do and against his father’s wishes decided to chase the fame and fortune of social media instead of the athletic life. He accepted the place in the hype house and found himself leaving the family home and moving to another part of the country.

Ace loved the attention the social media life gave him, the freedom to do his own thing and be his own boss was a blessing. Ace created more content that went viral and found a solid friend base.

It was around this time that Ace signed up with GMM (Gacy Media Management) he wanted to make more from social media and GMM had promised to ensure he monetized his worth to the fullest extent and so far Ace was happy with what they were getting him.

However, Ace quickly discovered that the good life wasn’t always good. When you have a number of people with ego’s each trying to be the next big thing in a house there is bound to be conflict and Ace took quite a bit of flack for ‘trying to hook up with another housemates on & off-again girlfriend.

This culminated with Ace being asked to leave the house. The young man was shocked, nothing like this had ever happened before and he didn’t want to go home and be seen as a failure and receive a lecture from his father. He found himself a hostel and was determined to get himself out of this hole.

Ace now spent his time creating content and continuing to provide for his followers. GMM had been trying to get hold of Ace who avoided their calls on purpose.

Gacy was out and about just running errands and obviously window shopping. There were plenty of potential victims about but it was too public to even make a move. That was when he spotted Ace. The attractive social media hunk was walking across the car park shirtless with a black backpack, dressed in a pair of patterned pink shorts and carrying a football Ace looked hot as he cockily gestured to some other people.

“Hey, Ace. How are you doing buddy?” Gacy shouted to the young client who was on his companies books.

On hearing his name Ace stopped and lowered his glasses in the direction that the shout came from, “John good to see you.” Ace replied on recognizing Gacy.

Gacy had made his way over to Ace and explained that they had been trying to get hold of him and that he had heard about what had happened at the hype house and asked Ace what his current plans.

The young social media influencer told Gacy he had no intention of going back home and was determined to get himself back on track. Ace told Gacy that he was still producing content and currently staying in a hostel and trying to find somewhere more permanent.

It was at that moment that Gacy had a plan and suggested that Ace checked himself out of the hostel and stayed at his place for a couple of weeks, that way they could focus on trying to find something more permanent for him. Ace didn’t need to be asked twice, the hostel was a shitty place and people were always in his business, the chance to stay at Gacy’s was a welcome release and one that he quickly accepted.

The two headed to Gacy’s car and drove to the hostel so that Ace could get his things.

“Jesus John.” Ace exclaimed as the car drove through the electric gates “You didn’t say your place was so big. I’m surprised you don’t let some of your clients stay here whilst they find their feet in town.”

Gacy giggled to himself, Ace had just made a good suggestion that the killer could easily put into practice at a later date.

Ace looked around in awe at the size of the

house. He was going to enjoy staying here and after being shown to his room stepped out on the balcony and pulled off a double bicep pose.

The attractive hunk got accustomed to his new surroundings and he and Gacy discussed possible avenues for him to explore in order to get himself back out there. Ace liked the plan the duo put in place and spent the rest of the evening frolicking and messing around the pool.

Gacy sat back and watched his house guest enjoying himself. He liked the company of young men and Ace was a fine specimen.

“Hey John. Quick question.” Ace shouted as he stood in the pool “How’s my back looking, I’ve been working on it a lot.” He now faced the edge of the pool and pulled a double bicep pose as Gacy told him that his back looked good.

Ace was up long before Gacy the next morning and had a look around the house as he waited for breakfast to cook. Seeing pictures of the family man with his children made him feel more at ease although he did find the room devoted to Gacy’s alter ego Pogo the Clown a bit creepy. It was also clear that Gacy was into magic tricks. On a shelf in the room, he found a pair of handcuffs and picked up a piece of rope with a wooden hinge at the end. Ace had no idea what they could be used and continued to inspect them.

“I see you found a couple of my magic tricks,” Gacy announced as he stood in the doorway and watched Ace jump out of his skin.

“Dude you just scared the shit out of me.” Ace joked as he put the rope tourniquet down.

Gacy stepped toward him and picked up the handcuffs. “Do you want to see a magic trick?” He asked as he handed Ace the handcuffs and asked the young social media influencer to handcuff him.

Ace took the item as Gacy stood with his back to Ace and put his arms behind his back as Ace placed the handcuffs on.

“Come on dude a bit tighter than that please.” Gacy joked as Ace pulled the handcuffs together and locked them into place.

“Ok. You’re all cuffed.” Ace explained, “What’s this magic trick.”

“I’ll show you.” Gacy smiled as he turned and began to jiggle his hands around. It didn’t take Gacy long but he soon stood with the handcuffs in his hand and dangled them in front of Ace. “Ta Da.”

“How the fuck did you get out of them?” Ace asked with an astonished look on his face. “I set them tight.”

“I told you. It’s a magic trick.” Gacy smiled “It’s an easy one. Why don’t you have a go?”

Ace thought about it for a second as Gacy added “We could film you getting out of them and that would make a good Tik Tok.”

Ace didn’t need to think twice about it after that suggestion “Let’s do it.” He replied as Gacy set his phone to record and filmed Ace giving a little introduction

“Yo, your boy Ace is about to show you something special. See these handcuffs I’m gonna show you how I escape from them. Let’s go!!!” He finished as he gave the camera a playful slap and took up a position as Gacy handcuffed him.

Gacy stood back and watched as Ace now squirmed, grunted, and tensed as he tried to free himself. A few minutes passed and Ace stood and looked at Gacy. “How the fuck do you do this?” He asked as he jiggled the cuffs and tried to free himself more.

“You got this Ace.” Gacy smiled “Keep going brother.”

Ace continued unaware that Gacy put the still recording phone down and had snuck the rope tourniquet into his back pocket.

“Do you want to know the secret?” Gacy asked. But Ace was unperturbed and continued. After a few more minutes Ace stopped and looked over at Gacy. “How the fuck do you do this? I can’t do it. What’s the secret?”

An evil smile formed on Gacy’s face “The secret is you got to have the key.”

“What the hell!!” Ace exclaimed, “You tricked me.” He laughed still unaware of the danger that he was in. “Come on let me go now.” He added as he turned and gestured for Gacy to remove the handcuffs.

“I’ll let you go shortly.” Gacy said “First let me show you the rope trick.”

“Rope trick. What’s the rope trick?” A confused Ace asked but soon discovered what Gacy meant as the rope tourniquet was flung around his neck and slowly pulled tight.

Ace was helpless as Gacy now garroted him. “Please John don’t do this.” He managed to utter as the tourniquet was tightened even more. Ace frantically tried to put up a fight that would keep him alive. Gacy had however turned the tourniquet to a point where there was no return.

Gacy’s phone rang and he had been expecting a business call that he could not miss. He sat Ace down in a chair as the young man continued to slowly die.

The phone call was not the call Gacy had been expecting but he still took it nevertheless. The call had come from the offices of GMM who informed him that they could still no longer get hold of Ace and asked Gacy what he wanted to do.

“Drop him as a client. We’ve done all we can.” Gacy told his office before walking over to Ace who was in his final death throes “Looks like I’m dropping you as a client. At just the right time if you ask me.”

Ace looked up at him with one final plea etched on his helpless face but it wasn’t to come as death finally claimed him.

Gacy looked over at Ace’s body, his hands still handcuffed behind his back, the rope tourniquet wrapped tightly around his neck as his eyes stared blankly ahead. He took the phone and did a close-up video of Ace’s body before taking some photos of his latest conquest.

Gacy grabbed Ace under his arms and conveyed his latest victim’s body up to his bedroom and lay him out on the bed. He took the key and removed the handcuffs before twisting the rope tourniquet the other way to loosen and release the murderous weapon.

With them out of the way Gacy stripped Ace down to his underwear and now began to allow his hands to explore the dead hunks body. He sat on Ace’s mid-section and rubbed his hands all over the dead young man’s torso before rubbing his cheeks and kissing him on the lips.

The day was young and there was to be more fun with Ace as Gacy now lifted his victim’s legs pulled down his underwear and began to fuck his latest conquest.

Ace’s body jolted back and forth with each hard thrust that Gacy made, his eyes transfixed on Gacy the whole time. Fucking Ace was enjoyable and Gacy clenched the dead hunk’s shoulders as he fired his load deep into his conquest. Once finished he lay down and cuddled up next to the body.

Gacy had more fun the next morning before heading to a spot he had selected on his land and digging Ace’s grave.

He then headed back to the house and carried Ace’s lifeless body to the dirt grave that would be his final resting place.

Ace was laid on his back his eyes staring up at the blue sky as Gacy covered his latest victim with dirt until his grave looked like a normal piece of land.

Gacy rewatched the video of Ace’s demise jacking himself off with pleasure each time he watched it.